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  • Name: Didier Marouani ( Didier Marouani )
  • Date of birth: 14 July 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Monaco
  • Activity: musician, composer, leader of the band «Space»
  • Marital status: married

    Didier Marouani: biography

    Didier Marouani, French musician and composer, one of the first representatives of electronic music, which has become a permanent leader is very popular at the time of the group «Space». Song Didier Marouani «A Symphonic Space Dream», «Magic Fly», «Let Me Know The Wonder», «Just Blue» and many more bring pleasure already the third generation of listeners.

    Didier Marouani young
    Didier Marouani young | Facebook

    Musical talent began to manifest in the biography of Didier Marouani five years old when he began learning to play the piano and to study the theory of classical music in one of the best music studios of his native town of the Principality of Monaco. In 10 years the guy already wrote his first composition and two years later is and even makes a Studio recording of the song «l’etoile d’or» on the Day Parents.

    Didier Marouani young
    Didier Marouani young | Facebook

    A teenager Marouani leaves his native home and became a student at the Paris Conservatory and graduated among the best students. Didier was awarded second prize among classmates as pianist and first prize for musical literacy and solfeggio. At the age of 17, the young musician started as a composer to collaborate with various French pop singers are very popular in the early 70-ies. Soon he decides to come to the microphone and began a solo career as a singer.

    Songs By Didier Marouani

    The musician was a little more than 20 years old when he co-wrote with songwriter Etienne Roda-Gil created a number of compositions for his debut solo album, «Didier Marouani» and goes on a world tour together with such stars as Joe Dassin, Claude françois and johnny Hallyday. Later the young man will write other vocal records, for example, «Le Gagnant» and «Seul Dans la Ville», and will be the author of the rock Opera «Le Reve de Mai», dedicated to the decade of the French protests of 1968.

    But international fame has brought Didier joint work with Roland Romanelli and Yannick Top. The three of them founded the legendary electronic band «Space». They recorded became a hit album, «Magic Fly» and the band played musical instruments, dressed in spacesuits. Thus, the audience didn’t see what the keyboardist «space» Didier Marouani – a well-known singer. Moreover, declared the musician under the pseudonym «Ekam».

    Their second album, «Deliverance» and the third «Just Blue» continued the theme of cosmic music, but tended to be more trendy disco. On these plates, but the title tracks were a huge success such a song Didier Marouani like «Let Me Know the Wonder», «Symphony» and «Save Your Love For Me». «Just Blue» was the last joint work-Space and Didier Marouani. After the Manager failed to organize a promised speech at the Paris square near the Eiffel tower, he left the band.

    Didier returned to his solo career, but appeared not under his own name, but as a participant of the project «Paris-France-Transit» and even released a self-titled album. He then recorded «Années Laser» and won in court the right to use the name «Space» under the name of «Didier Marouani and Space», has created an unusual space Opera «Space Opera». First, the musician has planned a series of disks in that way, but as the interest in this work showed only fans of the USSR, the commercial success of the album Didier Marouani had not, and the composer abandoned this idea. By the way, the instance of «Space Opera» was brought to Soviet cosmonauts to the Mir station.

    More than a decade Marouani focused on concerts and wrote music for other artists. In addition, Didier became the first foreign artist who has performed not only in Moscow’s red square, but also gave a concert in Sevastopol closed earlier. New Didier Marouani album «Symphonic Space Dream» was released only at the beginning of the XXI century. In this work, the musician fulfilled his dream and joined the electronic music with the sound of a Symphony orchestra. The French pianist had at the time of recording to operate with more than 150 musicians of the St. Petersburg Symphony orchestra.

    Personal life

    Although the French composer calls himself a great romantic, about his adventures behind the scenes the public doesn’t know. To date, private life, Didier Marouani directly connected with the only woman his lawful wife Rima. They are practically divorced as the wife of Didier Marouani accompanies her husband on all trips.

    Didier Marouani family
    Didier Marouani with his wife Rima and his three sons | Seven days

    The musician of the group «Space» has three children. The eldest son Sebastian is a grown man who has made a career of sound engineer and deals with technical part of the project of his father. Also Marouani has two younger sons Christopher and Raphael. Thanks to Sebastian Didier is a grandfather: the eldest son his wife presented him with a granddaughter Emma. Marouani loves to come on tour in Russia, as a country, the first to conquer outer space. Musician highly respects Yuri Gagarin and even wanted to write about a musical, but is limited to one song «Gagarin, Hoorah!».

    But, unfortunately, the barrel of enthusiastic impressions about Russia in the «space» the composer added a spoon of tar. We are talking about a scandal involving plagiarism, Philip Kirkorov and Didier Marouani. The Frenchman accused the Russian star that the song «tough love» too much like his own hit «Symphonic Space Dream», which was published a few years earlier.

    Because litigation on this issue Marouani flew to Moscow, where he was arrested, and, according to his lawyer, with a number of procedural violations. After Didier was free, he personally appealed to Vladimir Putin, who is familiar with for many years, with a request to investigate the unpleasant incident. Philip in this story refers to the fact that he is only a performer of the song and is not liable for copyright infringement if those really are the place to be.


    • 1974 — Didier Marouani
    • 1977 — Magic fly
    • 1977 — Deliverance
    • 1978 — Le Reve de Mai
    • 1979 — Just blue
    • 1981 — Seul Dans la Ville
    • 1982 — Paris-France-Transit
    • 1987 — Space Opera
    • 2002 — Symphonic Space Dream
    • 2010 — From Earth to Mars


    Didier Marouani

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