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  • Name: Diane Malison ( Anna Volkova )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1993
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: model
  • Marital status: not married

    Diane Malison : biography

    Anna Volkova, or model Diane Malison, widely known in the Internet subculture. Her name lately has become increasingly common.

    Anna was born in St. Petersburg in January 1993. Why the girl on the nationality question answers «Ukrainian» is not entirely clear. Most likely the Ukrainians are her parents. But they have no information, as Volkov decided that for the good and tranquility of the native outsiders know about them is not necessary.

    About the childhood and early youth Anna we only know that she changed 3 schools. Studied not bad, although the stars from the sky is not enough. In school, he loved literature, especially the classics.

    After secondary school he enrolled in Spbsut. The girl chose the specialty Manager-economist, deciding that the diploma of higher education she will ever need.


    External data Diane Malison – this is a pseudonym she took for a career – took her to work in modeling business. The perfect settings of the beautiful 87/58/88 with the growth of 169 cm and weight 45 kg – she has managed to reach certain heights. Diana says that never did any plastic surgery. Plump lips, 3 breast size was given to her by nature.

    Biography of Diana, Malison as a model began at age 18. The first portfolio done with a professional photographer in 2011, brought her success. The girl regularly invited to shoot the famous Russian Agency. But, Malison is not bound by the contract with any of them.

    Most often photos of the model makes one of the best photographers of the country Alexander Mavrin, familiar to many models Mavrin. His work he performs in fashionable today style SWAG.

    Diana, Malison can be seen in the most unexpected images. But she calls your favorite genres are glamour, nature, portrait and life style. It is no secret that she often nudity, not seeing anything wrong with that. She believes that beauty of body is also a kind of art that can not be hidden from the people.

    Malison can be seen in the advertising companies, «Black Star by TIMATI» and «Rive Gauche». And another girl is shot in light porn.

    Lately, Diana has mastered another profession – she is a DJ. As an example known in this field Sasha grey. Say, DJ Diana Melison becoming known. She manages to gather full houses in some popular Metropolitan clubs.

    On the body of Diana, Malison there are several stylish tattoo which she is proud. First tattoo in the shape of a star appeared on her wrist at the age of 17.

    In Runet model and actress is becoming more popular. On its pages in social networks thousands of subscribers with whom Malison shares different information, creative plans and new pictures.

    Personal life

    It is not surprising that the personal life of Diana, Malison like any other outrageous beauties, has long been of interest to many of her fans. It is known that the girl had 8-month affair with the famous rapper KreeD, in the world of Egor by Bulatkina. But KreeD cheat on Diana with another girl, singer Nyusha, by the way, has considerable similarity with Malison.

    Except for the novel and Bulatkina Diana, Malison, if you believe the rumors, was romantically involved with actor Stas Shmeleva and searching singer Roma Acorn. But the model itself does not confirm this information. Perhaps the rumors of the affair with Roma appeared after the photo shoot two young men.


    Diane Malison

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