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  • Name: Diane Lane ( Diane Lane )
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1965
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Diane lane: biography

    Diane lane — American actress, who became world famous at a Mature age thanks to the drama «Unfaithful», although to this point has already had a few dozen roles.

    She was born in new York, in the family of a teacher of acting, Burton Eugene lane and his wife Colleen Lee Farrington, which performed in Nightclubs as a singer and dancer and also appeared as centerfolds for men’s magazine «Playboy» under the pseudonym Colleen Price.

    Less than a month after the birth of her daughter Burton and Colleen broke up. First, Diane lived with her mother in Mexico, and his father with the help of lawyers tried to get the girl under his wing. He did it only 5 years later, lane returned to new York.

    From an early age the girl knew not only that this theatrical atmosphere, but what do you mean acting work. In six years Diana first came on the scene in one of the performances of his grandmother, actress Eleanor Scott. In 13 years, lane first came to the set and played in a movie with a big movie star Laurence Olivier.

    Two years later, the young actress decides to show her independence, escapes from her father and flies to Los Angeles. Later, Diane admits that it was a stupid thing to do in her life. At age 16 she returned home, recovered at the school, but soon was gone again. It turned out that this time she was kidnapped by mother and taken to Georgia, where at that time was the home of Colleen Farrington. The father again went to court and again won it, and Diane lane after this many years refused to communicate with mother, but later they reconciled.


    The first picture of 13-year-old Diane Dane was romance «a Little romance», which was followed by a number of child roles in television series and movies that have had no success. But the adult characters were given the actress much better, particularly stood out among his early works picture directed by Francis Ford Coppola «Rogue» and «Rumble fish».

    In subsequent years, Diane lane has participated mainly in the ambitious but low-budget projects. Successful films began to appear in the late 90-ies. For example, you can mention the romance «walking on the moon», the action-Thriller «the Perfect storm» and the Thriller «the Glass house». At the beginning of the new century she, along with Keanu Reeves created the sports drama «Hard ball», and in 2002 the actress has finally fallen glory.

    Psychological drama «Unfaithful,» in which lane plays a woman, changes the wife, got a huge success with audiences and excellent reviews from film critics. In addition, Diane and her partner Richard Gere was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden globe, and became the owners of a number of other awards. The same Duo again made a splash thanks to the drama «Nights in Rodanthe».

    Later, the actress starred with John Kusaka in the romantic Comedy «the Love to dogs is obligatory», with John Malkovich in the historical film «champion» and with Mickey Rourke in the crime Thriller «the Killer». The latest actress linked to comic book adaptations. In a colorful action «man of steel» and «Batman V Superman: dawn of justice,» she turns to the image of Martha Kent, the mother of a Superhero.

    Personal life

    During the filming of gangster drama «the cotton Club Diane lane met actor Christopher Lambert. They dated for a few months and then broke up. But two years later life brought them on the set, and Lambert again started to take care of lane. In 1988, they were married officially. The wedding took place in the romantic town of Santa Fe. In 1993 was born the daughter of the actress, Eleanor Jasmine Lambert, but less than a year her parents divorced.

    Second husband of Diane lane again became the actor, the star of the film «to Old men here not a place» Josh Brolin. They were married in the summer of 2004 after a year-long relationship. This family has existed for almost 10 years, despite the fact that the actors constantly accompanied scandals. At the end of 2013 ended in divorce, and Diane lane was again a free woman.


    • 2000 — the Perfect storm
    • 2001 — Heavy ball
    • 2002 — Unfaithful
    • 2003 — Under the Tuscan sun
    • 2005 — fierce people
    • 2005 — the Love of dogs mandatory
    • 2008 — untraceable
    • 2008 — Nights in Rodanthe
    • 2010 — champion
    • 2016 — Batman V Superman: dawn of justice


    Diane Lane

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