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  • Name: Diane ( Diane Ahmetgaliev )
  • Date of birth: 24 October 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: dancer, participant of the TV show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Dayan: biography

    Diane Ahmetgaliev or just Dayan – one of the brightest participants of the 3rd season of the popular TV show «Dancing on TNT». During the first performances he formed a huge fan-group that believes in the great potential of your favorite and closely watching its progress on the project.

    Diane Ahmetgalieva
    Diane Ahmetgaliev | VK

    Diane was born in the Republic of Mari El, city Yoshkar-Ola in October 1996. In addition to his family growing up, two younger brothers, for which Diane is an authority and idol.

    Mother quite early recognized in his son the talent to dance. The son was very plastic and artistic boy. He literally «lit up» when he heard the music. To direct the energy of Dayana in a beneficial way, mom enrolled him in a dance club. Talented dancer there immediately noticed and promoted up the career ladder: Ahmetgalieva away in a fairly well-known in the Republic children’s ensemble of variety dance called «Smile».

    First victory | VK

    Here Diane «grew by leaps and bounds. The team was very strong. All participants have been prepared and were real «universal soldiers»: the boys and girls «Smile» – masters of almost all dance styles.

    The ensemble demonstrated such success that he received the honorary right to perform at the Sochi winter Olympics in 2014. For Diana it was a real «release», although before performances in Sochi, it is often played solo. The young dancer stood out even against very strong guys of his team.

    Diane | VK

    Growing up, Ahmetgaliev increasingly fond of informal dance styles – hip-hop and Denholm. In the end, he settled on jazz-funk, which reached considerable heights. At various competitions and festivals he is increasingly getting prizes.

    The progress of one of the best students carefully watched the leader of the ensemble Jeanne Shutyleva. When Diane had finished 9th grade, she advised him not to waste time and enroll in the Republican College of culture and arts choreography Department. The last guy did. At home he was supported by relatives.

    Soon Diane has received a speciality of the choreographer and decided not to stop there.


    Your hand, young choreographer decided to try on the popular TV show «Dancing on TNT» in 2015. But, probably, speech before a huge audience and famous mentors, is a really serious test. Some uncertainty of the contestant of the Mari El Republic, the mentors and the audience noticed, because Diana managed to reach the Top 50. He dropped out of the project after the group dance.

    Diane | VK

    But give up halfway to victory the guy was not going to. In 2016, he again came to the project. And, it seems, this time the dancer had prepared thoroughly.

    Diane «Dancing on TNT-3» considers the Olympic height, take that – a matter of honor. He claims to be back on the show made him ambitious desire to prove to everyone that he’s an interesting, hardworking and talented. The competitor was in command Miguel.

    Project | VK

    Each dance Diane is a bright and exciting show, a real performance in which he becomes an actor. Dancer is so plastic and expressive that the audience without words understand what he is trying to convey to them.

    Especially big success was a dance number that introduced Diane and Barbara Shilenina. Fire and incredibly sensitive, it left no one indifferent, especially Sergey Svetlakov. After all, the dance was performed to the music of the soundtrack of his movie «Bridegroom». The room was staged by the talented choreographer Alexei Karpenko.

    Diane I barbarian
    Diane and Barbara | Rutube.ru

    The audience and anyone who watches speeches promising dancer from Yoshkar-Ola, it is obvious that Diane has all chances to reach the final. It seems that he is completely confident in this. The contestant admitted that his desire to get into the Top 4, which he said on the casting, does not mean that he is going to stay on this line.

    Personal life

    Today, Diane’s personal life is his family, mom and brothers. And even friends from the band «Smile», which with thrill and excitement watching every exit countryman on the stage.

    Diane's mom
    Mom | VK

    When the competitor has reached new heights and was in the Top 33, first he called my mother, who is worried for his son more than all his fans and friends.


    Diane (Diane Ahmetgalieva)

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