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  • Name: Diana Pozharskaya ( Diana Pozharskaya )
  • Date of birth: 3 February 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Diana Pozharskaya: biography

    Pozharskaya Diana is a young Russian actress of theater and cinema, which in a loud voice declared itself only in 2016. The most striking work is the sitcom «Hotel Eleon» and the melodrama «It was only a joke» in which a girl for the first time in his career appeared on the screen in the image of the heroine.

    Diana was born 3 February 1992 in Volgograd. Not to say that the girl from the cradle dream of a career artist. The fact that five years of life Pozharskoe firmly and permanently entered the sport. Even in preschool she was in the dance Studio and up to 19 years every free second was dedicated to ballroom dancing. It had everything: intense training, lots of competitions and competitions.

    At school, Diana studied well, was horoshisty. But it should be noted that, despite all the efforts on her part, no science and could not dislodge from her soul ballroom dancing. Apparently, the sport is second nature to the actress, because even at school her favourite subject was physical education.

    Dancing Pozharskaya up to a high enough result, was able to pass the standards for the title of Candidate master of sports. But at the age of 19 the girl realized that you need to choose some other path. Long reflection on the situation, Diana is sent to enroll in College theater capital. She got Lucky at the Russian state Institute of cinematography. There she studied until the summer of 2016 in the workshop of people’s artist Alexander Yakovlevich Mikhailov.


    Learning from last year VGIK, Diana Pozharskaya started acting in movies. The first released film with her participation was the Comedy series «the Anxious, or the Love of evil», the script for which was written by famous Russian comedian Simon Slepakov.

    Then the actress participated together with Konstantin Kryukov, Valerie F. in the creation of the series «Eternal vacation,» a criminal Comedy «Victor act», starring Shine Paul Priluchny and fantasy paintings «Mystical game». There is colleagues Diana became Sergey Burunov and Kirill Kozakov.

    In an intimate melodrama «It was only a joke» Pozharskoe first gets the main role of a provincial girl Katya, who came to conquer Moscow, but faced with the meanness of classmates who for fun cripple her life.

    Also the young actress was invited to the new comic series «Hotel Eleon» which is a continuation of a very popular TV series «Kitchen». Along with Pozharskoe on the movie work as already a favorite with fans of the series actors Gregory siyatvinda, Elena Ksenofontova, Sergey Lavygin and beginners — Milos Begovic and Ekaterina Vilkova.

    Personal life

    About the secret life of Diana Pozharskaya absolutely nothing tells. Apparently, at this stage, the girl is completely focused on developing an acting career and was well on its way to the target, with self-development every second. And romance, perhaps, Diana.


    • 2015 — Horny, or Love evil
    • 2016 — permanent vacation
    • 2016 — Victor act
    • 2016 — It was only a joke
    • 2016 — mysterious game
    • 2016 — Hotel Eleon


    Diana Pozharskaya

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