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  • Name: Diana Gurtskaya ( Diana Gurckaa )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Sukhumi
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married to Pyotr Kucherenko

    Diana Gurtskaya biography

    Diana Gurtskaya Gudina was born in Sukhumi on 2 July 1978. She was the fourth child in the family of a former miner and teacher. Together with Diana in the family had grown by another two brothers and a sister.

    When she was born, the parents had no idea about her illness. Only when the baby, not find, fell off the couch, the adults became suspicious. The diagnosis was irreversible, and hopes for the appearance of the view is not allowed.

    The power of the spirit of Diana was evident from an early age, because few of physically healthy people knocked on tops of a musical Olympus. Blind Gurtskaya gave odds to all the sees of the Russian show-business, reaching success in the work and won the title of Honored artist.

    Since childhood, the future star dreamed of becoming a singer. The tremendous support she found in the face of his mum Zaira. At the age of 8 years, already being a student of the Tbilisi boarding school for the blind and visually impaired children, Diana managed to convince music educators that in spite of everything will be able to learn to play the piano.

    Debut Gurtskaya took place at the age of 10 in duet with Irma Sokhadze. Girl and Georgian singer were together on the stage of the Tbilisi Philharmonic hall. Irma noticed the young talent on one of the music competitions. In 1995 Diana wins another music competition «Yalta-Moscow-Transit» with the really good song «Tbilisi». Here was her first meeting with Igor Nikolayev, who later wrote for Diana her biggest hit single was «You’re here.»

    After moving to Moscow together with his family, Diana Gurtskaya arrives at the pop Department of the Moscow musical College named after Gnesins, which successfully graduated in 1999.

    Diana Gurtskaya: music

    After the end of «gnesinka» Diana make their first steps in the Russian show business. In 2000 released her debut album, which was recorded by the Studio «ARS». It includes songs written by Sergey Chelobanov and Igor Nikolayev. Cooperation of Diana with the musicians did not stop and subsequently she again resorted to their help. The second album of the young singer called «You know Mama» also recorded by «ARS». After that was released two albums and eight shot clips.

    The albums the work of the singer is not limited. Start touring, she often sings in duets with the masters of Russian and foreign pop stars, including Joseph Kobzon, Toto Cutugno and others.

    The life of Diana has also many other interesting projects. In 2008, she represented Georgia at the international music contest «Eurovision» in 2011 in a pair with Sergey Balashov took part in the TV show «dancing with the stars» and in 2014 became the Ambassador of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

    Gurtskaya is a recognized philanthropist. As a member of many societies concerned with social issues, it brings a lot of useful information in the world. Against this background, the singer was awarded many orders state values of both Georgia and the Russian Federation.

    Diana Gurtskaya: personal life

    In 2002 Irina Khakamada introduces Diana with a successful lawyer Peter Kucherenko. Business cooperation, which grew into friendship, and eventually turned into a beautiful love story.

    When, in response to a proposal of marriage to Diana jokingly wished «a star from the sky», Peter took her words seriously of a man in love. And the next pop soiree DJ announced the discovery by astronomers of a new star, named after Diana Gurtskaya. There is already the girl had to answer for his words and to accept the offer.

    Almost two years after the marriage, the family filled up by the long – awaited heir to the son of Constantine. The first time the child didn’t say his mother does not see, but when Kostya grew and saw, with what care are Diana, her family, understood, and expressed willingness to care for and to support the mother.

    Happy family life of Diana overshadowed the tragedy that happened to her eldest brother, Edward, in 2003. It so happened that the guy was brutally beaten by guards of law in Moscow. He was hospitalized, however, the number and severity of the injuries Edward has died. This incident did not go unnoticed by the General public, but sensible results in the case is still there.

    Diana Gurtskaya: discography

    • You are here
    • You know mom
    • Gentle
    • Nine months

    Diana Gurtskaya: photo

    Diana Gurtskaya with her son

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