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  • Name: Diana Chipizubov ( Diana Chipizubova )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk
  • Activities: participant of the TV project «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Diana Chipizubov: biography

    Brunette Diana Chipizubov familiar to TV viewers first and foremost as a member of the popular reality show «Dom-2», which enjoys great success among the Russian audience.

    Diana was born 20 June 1990 in Krasnoyarsk. The girl tells very little about his life before the famous project, preferring to create and add interesting details of his biography during the filming.

    With her words knows she got good and quality education at the medical University of his native city and for a time worked as an emergency physician, saving the lives of ordinary citizens.

    Diana Chipizubov: «The House-2»

    June 7, 2014 Diana made her debut on the project «Dom-2». In the show she was brought in another member, Alexander Zadoinov who met a girl in Yaroslavl, and declared that she is his ideal woman. But the very next day, the guy regretted his words, because Chipizubov was not so simple. Two days later, the girl voluntarily left the project, without waiting for a vote among the participants.

    Again on the project, shocking the brunette appeared a year later, on 26 June 2015. Like last time, her participation was accompanied by a huge number of rumors and gossip. Claimed that Diana came back to the project solely for the sake of shocking Wenceslaus Wegrzanowski practicing white magician, who soon succumbed to the charms of girls. But the details of the life Chipizubov not over a few days it became known that she must pay a debt of five hundred thousand rubles, and also quite a decent amount of small fines for administrative offenses.

    She is a participant of «House-2» claims that he was only a guarantor loan that the borrower was unable to pay, and, according to the law, now the debt belongs to her.

    Diana Chipizubov: disease

    August 6, 2015 at the site of the project «Dom-2» Chipizubov felt a slight malaise and right during the filming of lost consciousness. In time the appeared in time brigade «ambulance» hospitalized the girl and pretty quickly made the diagnosis: vertebral-basilar insufficiency, a disease associated with blood circulation in the brain.

    Fortunately for Diana, surgery doctors helped to avoid complications, and now she prescribe long-term treatment, which puts into question the further participation of girls in the project.

    Diana Chipizubov: personal life

    Private life of Diana full of rumors and speculation. The girl claims that prior to participation in the project «Dom-2» was married. Her lover was an ordinary guy from Chechnya, with whom she lived for several years in his homeland. Despite the strict traditions and customs of the country, the relationship between the spouses was given a crack, and they were forced to leave.

    In 2014 Chipizubov was seen in the relations with Zagajnovym, which led her to the project. But the show destroyed their relationship.

    In 2015, the girl took up with Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky, which became famous on the project your jealousy and suspicion. Their romance developed rapidly and rapidly, accompanied by quarrels and attempts at parting. .

    Diana Chipizubov: photo

    Diana Chipizubov

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