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  • Name: Diana ( Diana Kulachenko )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus
  • Activity: musician, poet, singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Diana: a biography

    Diana Arbenina – the musician and singer, she writes poems and lyrics. She is primarily known as the leader of group «Night snipers». He is also a laureate of the award «Triumph» (2004) for achievements in the field of art and literature, has published a number of books and collections of poetry.

    Diana Arbenina was born in July 1974 in the town of Valozhyn (Minsk region). Her mother Galina Fedchenko and father Sergei, Kulachenko worked in journalism, so the family traveled across the country in one place for long without stopping. In early childhood, the future star had to live in Chukotka and the Kolyma, in Magadan, where she graduated from high school and entered the faculty of foreign languages pedagogical Institute. From 1994 – 1998 he studied at the philological faculty in St. Petersburg state University

    Biography Arbenina initial began in 1991 when she wrote the song «Longing», «Border» and «Evening in Crimea». At that time, the singer acted only as a fan – participated in various student events and competitions.

    Diana Arbenina, «Night snipers»

    In August 1993 was born the group «Night snipers», which originally existed as an acoustic Duo

  • Svetlana Surganova and Diana Arbenina. From 1994 to 1996 they performed in various clubs in St. Petersburg, took part in the festival «Indian summer», the musical show «Russian modern» and the competition «All Petersburg». In the summer of 1998 his first album –»
  • A drop of tar in a barrel of honey». Their songs take the format of «Russian chanson», «nostalgia», «Modern», «Radio Baltika» and «Europe Plus». Also, the Duo is actively touring with concerts in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Omsk, Vyborg, Gelendzhik.

    In late 1998, «Night snipers» decide to try yourself in electric sound: starts training program with

  • Alik by Potapkina drums and
  • Goga Kopylov on bass guitar. Now they are different look at his old songs and create new on a different level. In August 1999, the album»
  • Sophomoric», which included Studio and homemade compositions of the group, recorded from 1989 to 1995.

    In the summer of 2000 «Night snipers» recorded electric album «Frontier». By November, their song «31-I spring» is on the top of the «Chart dozen» («Nashe radio»).

    Two years later, in the fall, completed work on an electric album «

  • Tsunami». In December 2002, the group parted with Svetlana Surganova, who decided to start a solo career. «The situation is long overdue. Each has its own way, and time will put everything in its place», — said Diana, commenting on changes in the composition of the team. It remains the only soloist of «Night snipers».

    Working in electric sound, the band experimented with acoustics. In 2003 the discography of the band «Night snipers» enriched acoustic album «

  • Trigonometry», written after the eponymous concert at the Gorky Moscow art Theater. Acoustic concerts at the Moscow art Theater became a tradition for the band members when they’re going back to basics, play programs with exclusive episodes. In the winter of 2005 began a new Chapter in the life of «Night snipers» group, and a Japanese musician, Kazufumi Miyazawa played two shows called «Shimauta» in Moscow. In April of that year they are the same program performed at home Miyazawa. Composition «
  • Cat», recorded Kazufumi Miyazawa and Diana Arbenina, became a hit in Japan. She took part in the «Odd warrior» — project group «
  • Bi-2″. She sang the song «Slow star» together with the Left b-2, the song «because Of me» and «white clothes» Shura Bi-2. In 2007-2008, Diana became a member
  • show «Two stars»: her partner was actor Eugene Dyatlov. The pair took second place on the project and got the prize in the form of two gold stars from Alla Pugacheva. In 2011, the soloist of «Night snipers» took the place of coach in the Ukrainian musical contest «the Voice» («Voice»). Her ward Ivan Ganser won in the project. In the second season, Diana has also acted as a celebrity coach, and again won the participant from his team — Pavlo Tabakov.

    During all this time, «Night snipers» has released several albums («Simauta», «Koshika», «South pole», «Kandahar», «4», etc) and several times changed its composition. Today, members of the popular Russian rock band Diana Arbenina (songs, vocals, guitar), Dmitry Gorelov (drums), Denis Zhdanov (piano) and Dmitry Maksimov (bass guitar).

    Diana: personal life

    Private life of Diana has always been kept hidden from the public eye was a mystery. About the companions of life popular rock stars were not known until recently. This fact was the reason for spreading rumors about her homosexual.

    Diana was married, but the marriage was fictitious and was signed to receive registration in Saint-Petersburg. Her husband

  • Konstantin Arbenin, despite the rapid divorce, gave the singer her name, which she still wears. Winter 2010 in one of the American clinics Diana gave birth to twins – a daughter Martha and a boy Artem. As the leader of «Night snipers» never mentioned the father of the children, carefully protected their privacy from the press and spent most of my pregnancy in the United States, there was speculation that she resorted to artificial insemination.

    Once she has decided on a Frank admission, immediately dispel all the rumors that relate to their own orientation and appearance of children. Mar and Tom was conceived in a natural way — their father was a businessman, whom she met during a trip to America. Despite the fact that the couple broke up before the babies are born, they spend a lot of time together.

    Diana: author’s compilations and books

    • «Rubbish»
    • «The goal»
    • «Lullaby in sniper»
    • «Catastrophic»
    • «The deserter of a dream»
    • «Stalker»
    • «Autodafe»
    • «Sprinter»

    Diana: discography

    • «Sophomoric»
    • «Frontier»
    • «Tsunami»
    • «Trigonometry»
    • «SMS»
    • «Simauta»
    • «Koshika»
    • «Bonnie&Clyde»
    • «The last cartridge»
    • «Kandahar»
    • «4»
    • «Boy on the ball»

    Diana Arbenina: filmography

    • «Radio day»
    • «Moscow history»

    Diana: a photo


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