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  • Name: Denis Vasiliev ( Denis Vasilev )
  • Date of birth: 12 may 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Family: married Irina Taranik

    Denis Vasiliev: biography

    Denis Vasiliev was born in may 1987 in Moscow. Although his family were not artists, Dennis grew up in a creative boy. However, he first focused football. To seriously address this popular among the guys sport started at age 8. But 12 started acting biography Denis Vasiliev.

    Cute guy once said the assistant stage Manager and invited to a small role in one of the youth performances. Thus began the career of a young Muscovite in the theater of Vyacheslav Spesivtsev.

    Time for two serious Hobbies of the boy was not. Denis gave preference to the theatre and not lost. Play he liked more. The roles that were offered Vasilyev, became more and more. In high school the young actor played Romeo.

    When Denis Vasiliev graduated from secondary school, he had no doubt where to go. Of course, in drama school. At that time behind the guy was a solid Luggage – dozen roles in productions. Denis chose the famous schepkinskom school, where received the first time. He was on course to a well-known mentor Victor Korshunova.


    After graduating in 2009, Schepkin drama school, Denis Vasiliev entered the service in the Theatre named St. Mayakovsky. His track record was already two awards: the first prize of the 13th competition of student works on art and the word of the festival «Golden leaf». The last award he received for his work in the production of «Summer and smoke» where he played John Buchanan.

    Unlike many younger colleagues, Denis Vasilyevich did not have to start with tiny roles. He was immediately entrusted with serious work in performances. In 2010, the artist participates in performances of the theater company «Our theatre».

    A cinematic biography of Denis Vasiliev started when he was in the «Pike». His first movie was the melodrama «Flowers for the snow Queen,» in which he got the role of the groom is one of the main characters. At that time, Denis was 19 years old.

    A year later, in 2007, the young actor has played in another Thriller – «nostalgia for the future». At this time, Vasiliev was offered a major role. He played a soulful young man in love with a disabled girl.

    Before graduation on account of Vasiliev was already three works in the movies. In addition to the above films, he appeared in the film «Two love stories». This is also a romance.

    Most often Denis Vasiliev can be seen in the series. Since 2010, he starred in the film «Shooting mountain» and «Once in Rostov». Another stellar role he got in melodramatic series «my Only sin» Karineh Foliants. This project was released in 2012 and was broadcast on «the First channel». Denis Vasiliev played nice and positive young man, principled, holistic, and live by conscience. His tragedy is that he fell in love with the woman that it was impossible to fall in love: a young wife of his father. The role has brought the artist his first fame.

    2013 gave the actor two significant role. In the series «Serious relationship», he played the young trickster and adventurer Gleb, and in the Ukrainian project «Ambulance» Denis appeared in the form of a young physician. «Ambulance» is a version of the popular American project «ER».

    In 2014, the audience saw the artist already in the image of the police. The series «Resort police» on the work of the special unit, which provided order on the Black sea coast.

    Today in the creative assets of Denis Vasilyeva has played dozens of roles. Many he can be proud of. But the latest project – the picture of Nikita Mikhalkov «sunstroke» is a special cause for pride Vasiliev. He first played in a great movie. This experience is invaluable, as V. lucky to work under the guidance of such eminent Director. Denis appeared in this film in the role of student.

    Personal life

    About his life outside of the theater and the set artist is trying to say too much. He is convinced that spectators should only be interested in the work of the artist, his role and skills. And that’s all that concerns the private sphere, it is necessary to make «the brackets».

    With his future wife, actress Irina Taranik Dennis met in high school theater. Irene also graduated from the «Sliver.» She, like Dennis, studied at Korshunova. Now Irina works in Taranik Ramtha, but sometimes together with her husband is in the performances.

    After a long romance and a thorough validation of the feelings of Irina and Dennis have legalized their relationship. It happened in the summer of 2014. And in October of the following year the couple had a daughter.


    • «Flowers for the Snow Queen»
    • «Daddy’s girls»
    • «To do a gainer»
    • Sheriff
    • «Two lives of Colonel Rybkina»
    • Golubka
    • «My only sin»
    • «The poor relatives»
    • «Sunstroke»
    • «Ambulance»


    Denis Vasiliev

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