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  • Name: Denis Shvedov ( Denis Shvedov )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Denis Shvedov: biography

    Denis Eduardovich Swedes — a native Muscovite. He was born in November 1981. After a few years the family Svetovych had a second child — a daughter. Shortly after her birth parents divorced. My mom had to work double shifts to feed their children. Denis most of the time spent with peers in the Moscow courts. He studied not very well, but growing up in sports, choosing Rugby.

    Denis Shvedov
    Involved in sports since childhood |

    Denis Swedes, neither in childhood nor in youth did not dream to be an artist. After high school he enrolled in a tourism University, but study went somehow. One of the Swedes, listening to the story of one of my friends about studying in acting school, I caught myself thinking that heard very interested in it. One, noticing this, introduced Denis with his father-actor. That, after looking carefully to the age of the son, and a little talk with him, advised to go to drama College.

    The guy agreed and took the documents in the Shchukin school – the other Institute of theater, he just didn’t know. On first listening heard the Swedes an unexpected verdict from the respected Commission: it was. At first he couldn’t believe it. The competition was huge. Along with him there were guys a few years he studied at the theatrical studios and attended tutoring.

    Denis Shvedov
    Photo of Denis Shvedov | Ramtha

    The Swedes got on the course Nikolay Afonin. The student studied enthusiastically, making up for gaps in knowledge and reading a lot of literature. After graduating from the Shchukin Swedes was accepted for service in the Russian academic theatre, where he works today.


    Biography of Denis Shvedov began with roles in performances of the native theater. It is surprisingly easy to transform into a variety of images, whether playing don Quixote, Martin Eden, Nanina in the play «Chekhov-GALA». Most theater-goers remember his work in the production of «Red and black», where he played the Earl of Krasnoi and Comedy performance «Purely English Ghost» (played Mr. Hiram. Otis).

    Denis Shvedov
    On the stage of Ramtha | Livejournal

    But to become recognizable and popular Denis Shvedov meant it in the cinema. The debut work in a movie actor had a small role in the film «the weakness of strong women». After this episode, the Swedes acted in a number of paintings, but as before – in the secondary roles.

    Happy in the plan of work for Denis becomes 2008. The actor was invited to play the main role in the movie «a Good friend to all». But the band has not received wide popularity.

    Denis Swedes in the movie
    In the movie «to Live» |

    Recognition came to Denis Shvedov in 2011 after appearing in the Thriller «to Live» directed by Yuri Bykov. This work brought him a large enough reward: he became a laureate of international festival «Kinorurik» in Sweden. The actor played the main role and was soon invited Bykov in another movie called «Major.» For this work the artist was showered with many awards. In Vladivostok, he received the prize of the international film festival «Pacific Meridian». Also the film was highly praised at the «Kinotavr» festival in Cannes. And in Shanghai the film received three awards at once.

    Denis Shvedov in the series
    In the series «the Collectors» | RUTV.NET

    Once again, the Swedes actor and Director Bykov was found at the site where they filmed 8-part crime film «the Collectors». Denis played the collector Sergey Khromov.

    A new wave of popularity raised Denis Shvedov up after the release Arthouse melodrama Anna Melikyan «Star». The series «the Village» and «Major» in which also appeared an actor, has made him more popular, although the artist prefers not to act in melodramas and agrees to do very rarely. The success of the detective-crime film «the Major» was so that the creators resolved to extend it for a second season. The second part was released in November 2016.

    Denis Shvedov in the series
    In the series «Major» | Sreda

    In the beginning of 2015 on the First channel broadcast the series «Method» with the participation Shvedova. But the most attention-the actor was attracted to the person after the appearance in the same year in the film «Elusive». In the film Dennis plays the villain oligarch Sergey Polyansky, who, after disposing of the machine girl, leaves her and flees the scene.

    Fans of Denis Shvedov waiting for new and interesting work. The actor starred in the film «Eternal cold» where he played together with Ivan Shakhnazarov, RAVENOL Kursovoy and Love Tolkalina. This is a fantastic project about a team of hockey players who are forced to fight the evil ancient spirits, who accidentally awakened.

    Personal life

    Personal life Denis Shvedov is laid in a laconic form: «the search». Until recently, relations with women, the artist was quite complex. As he says:

    «I and a woman is like a retard attempting to assemble a Rubik’s cube: it is unlikely that it will succeed, but the chance is always there».

    Denis Shvedov
    Likes active rest | Livejournal

    Most of the time, Denis Shvedov holds in the theater and on the set. In the rare times when you can relax, he loves to ride with friends in Bali, where he is engaged in surfing. But the Swedes admitted that the desire to have a family recently has grown strongly. He had a girlfriend. Until you decide to marry him difficult, because the habit to travel and live, not looking at anyone, holding such a responsible step. But the actor claimed that changes in his personal life is not far off.

    Denis Shvedov, and Alexander Rosovsky
    Alexandra Rozovskii | Things-Dryukov

    Indeed, changes have occurred. Civil Shvedova wife, actress Alexandra Rozovskaya, in July 2016, gave birth to his daughter. Maybe soon the actor will dare to take this important step and register the relationship. Although, it is possible that the couple did not consider the stamp in the passport something change, because they are so good together.


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    Denis Shvedov

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