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  • Name: Denis Rozhkov ( Denis Rozhkov )
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor and TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Denis Rozhkov: biography

    Actor Denis Rozhkov was born 3 July 1976 in Moscow. Denis’s parents were divorced very early, so the boy grew up without parental care. But the family was still the man who replaced Denis native father, he became a grandfather on my mother’s side.

    Even in school, Dennis decided that he would become an actor and participated in all performances and evenings. Once at a poetry reading at the theater-Studio «Mirror» at the Center children and youth creativity, which is located in the Northern Tushino, Denis noticed Natalia Ganich, was the head of the Center. So began the creative activity of Denis Rozhkova. In the Studio he met Paul Mike («Bee» from the cult TV series «Brigade»), which subsequently played on the small stage of the Studio.

    Denis Rozhkov
    Denis Rozhkov |

    In 1993, Rozhkov graduated from high school and applied almost in all Metropolitan College theater, hoping to arrive in GITIS, but the first time failed to do. The guy was engaged on preparatory courses in the School-Studio of MKHAT, where at the final show Rozhkova noticed the legendary actor Oleg Tabakov.

    The following year Denis entered the Moscow art theatre, where he studied in the Studio of Oleg Tabakov, graduated in 1998. Soon Dennis began to take part in many non-profit projects, and later working in the Russian realistic theatre.


    After graduating from the School-Studio of MKHAT, Denis Rozhkov began to take part in different theatre projects. The young actor played on the stage of the «Debut-centre» at the Central house of the actor in the play «the truth». Also participated in performances on the stage of Russian realist theatre. Here Rozhkov remembered by the audience the roles of Lensky in «Eugene Onegin» and Alyosha in «the Brothers Karamazov», but complete satisfaction from the work the actor did not receive any creative or material.

    Denis Rozhkov in the play
    Denis Rozhkov in the play «Grooms» | Zanoza

    Roles were few, for a modest payment had to constantly look for additional earnings. It was typical of the actors «so close to Santa’s» morning performances and corporate parties. In addition, Denis Rozhkov worked in television as a correspondent, at one time seriously interested in video editing – they even wanted to make it my main profession. From January to July 2011 on NTV Denis Rozhkov led the program «Culinary duel», and before that was a co-host of teleliteracy «Russian Lotto».

    All this time the actor wanted to be a serious work in the movie, but the Directors did not hurry with the proposals. Since 2003, Rozhkov plays in episodic scenes. The game of the second plan was clearly not to the liking of ambitious Rozhkova.

    Denis Rozhkov in the show
    Denis Rozhkov in the show «Culinary duel» | Fan Party

    Film debut was the role of digger in the TV series «Blind», in 2003 – the same episodic role of a gangster named Lemon in the TV series «Next». According to Dennis, after 10 years of actual downtime, he began to think about having to quit her acting career. And if not for the role of Denis Antoshina, perhaps horns and changed jobs.

    Denis constantly got the most significant role. He always felt that the last work will not be for him something significant. Productions were few, pay was not high. This situation did not give full Denis to unleash your acting talent, but gradually the situation is getting better.

    Denis Rozhkov in the series
    Denis Rozhkov in the TV series «Capercaillie» |

    In 2008 the turning point in his professional acting career. In the TV series «Capercaillie» Rozhkov plays the role of Denis Antoshina, inspectors of traffic police. Rozhkova can be attributed to the actors, who have long waited for its moment of glory. For the time of professional activity was not successful breakthrough, but a brilliant performance in the film «Capercaillie» for Denis opens new opportunities.

    In a large project gathered a very good team. All participants of the shooting were able to implement the plan, executing their roles at a high level. Directors and producers always wanted to bring to life new stories that would further draw the viewer’s attention. The staff was all the time busy, because the series was getting more popular among the Russian audience.

    Denis Rozhkov
    Denis Rozhkov |

    Horns in one interview admitted that he has a difficult relationship with actress Mary Boltnev, who played Anastasia in the TV series «Capercaillie». During the filming they had a high level of understanding, but still for a common goal, the actors managed to find a compromise on specific tasks.

    Shooting the film «Capercaillie» steel for Denis Rozhkova most important in the professional career. He was always in the working process, behind him there were 22 days of shooting in a month. The result often saw the actor Maxim Averin than his wife. In addition, Denis has managed to play in antrepriznyh performances in the Old theatre. He constantly lived in two cities torn between his native Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the future the series will bring Rozhkov wide popularity.

    Denis Rozhkov and Mary Boltneva
    Denis Rozhkov and Mary Boltneva |

    In an interview, the actor admitted:

    «I’m what is called, woke up famous, it is actually ten years it stood idle. During this time, tried a lot of things. On the TV worked. And was a correspondent and people were selected to participate in the reality show «Hunger-2″. Installation worked, I really liked it. Even thought to make it my profession, but suddenly offered the role of Antoshina. From a professional perspective, the series taught me a lot. Hard for two years to keep the character. Consider it his achievement. Popularity is nice, but I hope stardom will not suffer. Although sometimes slips».

    On the stage of the Old theater horns was busy in several productions: «day of the hamster, or Russian happiness», «In mountains my heart», «Tea ceremony». The artist himself believes that his creative activity was quite successful.

    Denis in his interviews has repeatedly stated that it has already played many police roles, but they were not all the same. According to him, a profession are completely different people who live a completely different life.

    Denis Rozhkov
    Denis Rozhkov | Kragor

    In 2011, the horns appear in some other roles, played the role of a fighter pilot in 6-serial military film «strange wings» tells about the events of the 41st year.

    In 2012, Denis takes part in the filming of TV series «Strange district». This film Rozhkov plays the role of a police captain Andrei Frolov. Gradually a new television series is becoming increasingly popular, and the Directors decide to shoot a sequel.

    Personal life

    Personal life Denis Rozhkova interested thousands of his fans who appeared after the series «Capercaillie». Denis is a faithful husband and an exemplary father. With his wife Irene he met in the theater, where the hit distribution after graduation, falling in love with the girl at first sight.

    Denis Rozhkov with his wife and son
    Denis Rozhkov with his wife and son | See All

    Irina worked as a makeup artist. Young people started to live together. For a long time the pair was removed the wrong corners, huddled with my parents. On their homes, owing to the prolonged absence of a certain level of demand for the profession, the horns gained only after 12 years of marriage. Actor am very grateful to my mate that it was for many years the only breadwinner in the family, suffered his inaction, in no way rebuked, and believed in him.

    Despite the great importance of the profession in the fate of the actor, Denis Rozhkov asserts that in his life the principal place is the family. Irina and Denis always wanted to have children. In 1999, the Carob was born the son of Ivan.


    • 2003 – Next 3
    • 2004 – Blind
    • 2005 – My fair nanny
    • 2007 – Silent witness
    • 2008 – Adult games
    • 2008 – Grouse
    • 2009 – the Silent witness – 3
    • 2009 – Grouse-2
    • 2010 – the Grouse-3
    • 2011 – strange wings
    • 2012 – Strange area


    Denis Rozhkov

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