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  • Name: Denis Parshin ( Denis Parshyn )
  • Date of birth: 27 March 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Pripyat, Ukraine
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor, Director, musician, songwriter
  • Marital status:

    Denis Parshin: the biography

    Denis Parshin — the Belarusian theater and cinema actor, recently made his debut as a theater Director. He also writes music and writes songs that sound like concerts and performances. Denis was born on 27 March 1980 in the Ukrainian town of Pripyat, located in the Kiev region. Six years later the city was completely desolate because of the terrible Chernobyl accident.

    Childhood Parshin was held in Belarus, in the city of Molodechno of Minsk region, where he moved together with his parents. He studied the boy in a prestigious high school, and in parallel attended the theater-Studio «the Test», directed by Tatiana babey. Classes in the drama Department convinced Denis to devote her life to the stage.

    Denis Parshin
    Denis Parshin | Mediaprof ART

    After high school he went to Minsk and became a student of the directing Department of the Belarusian state University of culture, from which he graduated in 2003. Immediately after this talented young man joined the Republican theatre of Belarusian drama. Moreover, Denis Parshin takes the stage not only as actor, but also gives concerts of original songs and is the musical accompaniment for the performances, for example, his compositions are heard in productions of «the White angel with black wings» and «Capital Eraund».

    And in 2015 this talented man made his debut as the Director of the play «Grandfather», staged the play by Vyacheslav Panin «So I did». Denis tried in this production to emphasize the urgent social problems of veterans, as well as show the notorious relationship of «fathers and children» — a lack of understanding between people of different generations.


    In the film Denis Parshin made his debut in 2003. He first starred in small roles in such films as «Kamenskaya», «the dream Factory», «Brest fortress», «Ponaehali tut». But after the actor played the role of Martin Vines in the historical drama «Talash», he began to offer more interesting scenarios.

    Denis Parshin and Darya Baranova in movie
    Denis Parshin and Darya Baranova in the film «Mom, I’m getting married» | the Cinema

    He participated in the creation of the melodrama «In the garden, in the garden,» romantic stories «the Wharf Love and Hope», the Comedy «Strawberry heaven» military ribbon «Hello from «Katyusha», which is a remake of the old film «a special Detachment». But the major work of the actor today is family history, «Mom, I’m getting married» women’s tragedy «Hate» and the sincere melodrama «the House of dolls».

    Personal life

    On the private side of life Denis Parshin, unfortunately, the public knows nothing. Actor, Director and musician devotes the public in the vicissitudes of personal romantic relationships, so you can’t even say with certainty – married a Belarusian artist, whether he has children, or is it every second of his time completely devoted work.


    • 2011 — Come in large numbers here
    • 2011 — Talash
    • 2012 — In the garden, in the garden
    • 2013 Berth Love and Hope
    • 2013 — greetings from Katyusha
    • 2014 — Mom, I’m getting married
    • 2015 — the Alchemist. Elixir Faust
    • 2016 — the House of dolls
    • 2016 — Urban Rhapsody
    • 2016 — Hate


    Denis Parshin

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