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  • Name: Denis Paramonov ( Denis Paramonov )
  • Date of birth: 7 may 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Togliatti, Russia
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Denis Paramonov: biography

    About him say that he was «born under a lucky star». Young, promising, bright, charismatic and beloved by the audience – this is Denis Paramonov.

    The actor was born 7 may 1995 in Tolyatti. His mother Olga says he grew calm and cheerful child. Since childhood, Denis enjoys music, sings well. And he is very sociable, easily find common language with people of any age. Parents see son’s potential and decided to develop it. They recorded Dennis in the Studio «Small moon», and then he worked in the children’s theatre Irina Feofanova.

    Filmmakers noticed a talented guy with 11 years Denis Paramonov was offered the role in the movie. First, all proposals were considered by the parents, and Paramonov, Jr. already gave the final answer. Mother and father never told son to do anything against desire.

    After school, Denis moved to Moscow and entered the Moscow theatre school of Oleg Tabakov. In his student years he has worked closely with the theater-Studio of his teacher and master.


    The audience of the theatre-Studio of Oleg Tabakov happy to watch the game, a young talented actor. Critics say that he is perfectly able of reincarnation, it is interesting on the stage.

    Lack of experience did not prevent him to play in several productions at the same time. Denis Paramonov involved in the productions of «Eldest son», «Wolves and sheep», «the Marriage of Belugina».


    His film debut was in 2006 in the TV series «Law & order: operative investigations unit». Eleven-year-old boy appeared in the episode «Solomonic solution». The following year he was invited to the role of Pavel Loginov in the detective film «Love on a knife edge».

    A triumph for the teenager was in 2008, when the screens out Comedy «Love-carrots-2», where he played a major role Gleb Golubev. The boy was lucky to play with the professionals — Christina Orbakajte and Gosha Kutsenko. The hardest thing for him was to learn from adult habits and gestures, to forget the frame about your age and into adulthood. Critics recognized that Dennis did it.

    In 2009 Paramonov has played a Jewish boy Aaron Haskin the military drama of Victor tcheprasova «rainbow». The year 2010 was marked by several works. Denis played Eddie in the TV series «the Kremlin cadets», then there was the role of the son of crime boss Ivan in «the Teacher in law». The Director of the last picture of Alexander Mokhov immediately offered the role of Dennis – he believed that the teenager will be the image of a bully. Parents of the actor bribed the professionalism and charm of the moss, and they agreed on the son’s part in the crime drama. To Denis Paramonov, «Master in law» gave a chance to try themselves in new roles, as always to be a good boy is boring. The guy did not object when the role had to trim my hair.

    In 2010, his filmography has another iconic role of the boy Miles in the film Vitaly Vorobyov «Will remember». This military drama is not even remotely reminiscent of Hollywood war films — it has no superheroes, but there is honesty, pain and poignancy. In 2011, «I’ll remember» received the prize of the International festival in America as the best film of the year.

    Now Denis Paramonov continues to appear. He’s busy in the Russian version of the TV series «Red bracelets». The plot teen drama set in a hospital where there is no holidays, football, beach, schools. There life flows to a different rhythm, which is hard to get used to, because every day children with cancer have to fight for life.

    Personal life

    Denis Paramonov not married, does he have a girl – also a big issue. At the time there were rumors that the guy is Dating Alina, Bulynko, who played his sister in the Comedy «Love-carrots-2». But the partners in the set did not comment on this information.


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    Denis Paramonov

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