Denis Nikiforov

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  • Name: Denis Nikiforov ( Denis Nikiforov )
  • Date of birth: 2 August 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Denis Nikiforov: biography

    A large number of fans of the Russian cinema know Denis Nikiforov. He became famous to a wider audience thanks to the title role of a blind boxer in the film «shadow Boxing». After working on this project to Nikiforov was considered a success. After a few years the actor has become one of the Central characters in the Russian film industry. Today, Denis is in the status of a real star, so to talk about past achievements and interesting life will be relevant.

    The future actor was born in Moscow on 2 August 1977. The ability of the actor appeared in early years, when little was performed on stage, being ten years old. At the beginning of the creative way the boy was playing in the children’s performances, and then appeared on the scene of a serious play.

    When Denis had finished school, he has already had considerable experience of performances on the big stage. It should be noted that Nikiforov was very fond of the theatre, so the question «what do you want to become?» adults are asking all graduates, quickly lost relevance to him.

    Among a large number of universities in Moscow Nikiforov selected for admission Mat. Your exams the guy Aced it. It is in the Theater, a young man could become the object of attention of a large number of teachers, one of which was Oleg Tabakov.

    The young Muscovite had played the roles of different characters in the scene of the Bolshoi theatre. One of the most popular scenes for Nikiforova was the production of «Psycho», the actor received the award «the Moscow debut» for the best secondary male role.

    In 1998, Nikiforov was able to finish drama school. After obtaining the diploma of the Moscow art Theater, he became a member of the troupe Tabakov. In the next few years, Denis dabbled in many performances of this theater. The most successful performances for the actor, became «Running,» «Biloxi Blues» and «Passions for Bumbarash».

    In the theatrical activities Nikiforov also took part in projects «Not all cat Shrovetide» and «At the bottom». The first boy got the prize of the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets».


    As for the cinema, then the actor became famous not so fast. Debut filming a movie in Nikiforova was held in 1992. It was irregular, and sometimes had to not perform a major role. One of the impressive works of the actor, which wasn’t much, was the work in the project «Sinful love». The film was presented to the public in 1997, after the release of the tape Nikiforov for five years again roamed the roles of the second plan.

    In 2002, Denis has played Dronina Eugene, a student in the Comedy film «Theatre Academy». After the execution of this role, guy is lucky to become a real star on Russian television. Denis could put over the views of popular producers.

    When it was 2004, Nikiforov has received the opportunity to try yourself in the role of a young boxer in the film «shadow Boxing». After a trial, Dennis was approved for the lead role, and the film was able to become the leader of the film in 2004 in Russia.

    In the 2000s, Nikiforov has already become a full-fledged star. Every year, he starred in all new and new projects. Among them — the adventure series «Death to spies», the romantic movie «Love undercover» tape «Vcenturiya» family film «In search of the enchanted treasure» and a new work «shadow Boxing 2: Revenge».

    The second part of the famous painting «shadow Boxing» was released in early 2011. The film was realized in 3D format. It should be noted that the role of Artyom Kolchin for many years was for Nikiforova crucial.

    Starting in 2012 and to this day, the actor starred in many films. Among the last pictures of actor worth noting: «22 minutes», «Eight first dates» and, of course, the TV series «Junior».

    In 2016, the screens out the adventure Comedy «the Lessons of survival» about the plane crash on a desert island, the pilot of which was Nikiforov. The film also starred Ilya Kostyukov, Ekaterina Volkova, Alexander Samoilenko and others.

    Personal life

    Of course, the charismatic actor c spectacular appearance members of the press regularly attributed novels with socialites, and colleagues on the set. Some time Nikiforov met with singer Maksim, the pair even lived together for a while.

    In 2008, Denis Nikiforov met model Irina Temrezova, and after 5 months after meeting the girl received a proposal of marriage. Now the actor is an exemplary family man, a loving husband and father. It grows two twins: son Alexander and daughter Veronica who was born in the summer of 2013.


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    Denis Nikiforov

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