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  • Name: Denis Matsuev’s ( Denis Matsuev )
  • Date of birth: 11 June 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Activities: Pianist
  • Marital status: not married

    Denis Matsuev: the biography

    Denis Leonidovich Matsuev was born on 11 Jun 1975 in Siberian Irkutsk. The family of the great pianist has been associated with music for many generations. Grandpa Matsuev worked as a circus artist orchestra, where he played drums and percussion. Father Leonid Viktorovich Matsuev was a pianist and composer, composing music for theatrical productions of Irkutsk. Mother Irina Dmitrievna Homel — piano teacher.

    Since childhood, parents were Denis developed a love for music and skills in piano playing. The first lessons for the future virtuoso spent his grandmother Vera Albertovna Rammul that possessed the skills of playing several musical instruments. In Irkutsk Denis attended art school and studied in the 11 th school of a name of Mayakovsky — the oldest educational institution of the city. The first teacher of piano in my life Matsuev was Lubov Sementsova. After school, the future musician worked for a while at the Irkutsk music school, however, already at that time felt the need to continue training in the capital.

    Denis Matsuev music

    In many of his interviews Denis Matsuev with gratitude speaks of his parents, whom he considers the main reason for his success. When mom and dad went for my son at a considerable sacrifice, having moved from Irkutsk to Moscow, changing the established way of life to life in a Studio apartment — and all this in order to give Denis the opportunity to engage the best teachers of the country.

    Since 1990, starts in Moscow biography Matsuev. Here, the young pianist began studying at the Central specialized music school at the Conservatory. Tchaikovsky. A year later, Denis Matsuev becomes the winner of competition conducted by the international public charity Fund «New names». Through this organization young virtuoso gets the opportunity to visit more than forty countries, including UK, Austria, the Netherlands and France. In 1993, Denis Matsuev entered the Moscow Conservatory, where he studied at the piano Department at the renowned teachers, such as Alexei Nasedkin and Sergei Dorenski. While studying at the Conservatory, Denis becomes the soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic in 1995.

    In 1998, while studying at last year of the Conservatory, Denis Matsuev wins the XI international Tchaikovsky competition. The performance of the young pianist was seen by critics, has caused a wide response among the public, ushering in the popularity of the musician. This victory Denis Matsuev believes the greatest achievement in my life. During the competitive performance of Denis preferred the live style of the game is average-the correct manner of performance, adopted at the competitions.

    Since 2004, Denis Matsuev is the concert program of the Moscow Philharmonic own annual subscription called

  • «Soloist Denis Matsuev». A feature of these concerts was the participation of leading international and domestic orchestras while maintaining the availability of cost tickets for most listeners. Among the teams that took part in the concerts, you can call the Mariinsky theatre orchestra under Valery Gergiev, Russian national orchestra with Mikhail Pletnev, the Orchestra of soloists, headed by Vladimir Spivakov. In the same year, Denis Matsuev has signed a contract with the label «SONY BMG Music Entertainment», which is the result of a merger of two major media holdings and is one of the largest recording studios in the world. Together with the label, the musician recorded his first album «Tribute to Horowitz». The CD includes favorite performances of Vladimir Horowitz, including the concert variations on themes from classical Opera masterpieces, «Mephisto waltz» and «Hungarian Rhapsody» by Franz Liszt. In addition, Denis Matsuev is representative of pianos Yamaha. This post took a long time Sviatoslav Richter, a fan which is Denis.

    Among the achievements of the musician occupies a special place the disc «Unknown Rachmaninoff», recorded on the piano that belonged to composer personally.

    The story of this record started with the fact that after the concert in Paris Rachmaninoff’s grandson Alexander invited Denis Matsuev to perform found in the archives of the Fugue and the Suite of the great composer. Exclusive premiere by Denis got on a friendly promise to quit Smoking, this Alexander Rachmaninoff, and which he, by the way, kept.

    Also Denis Matsuev loves music marathons. To date he is the only pianist who has performed all three of the Tchaikovsky Concerto, one night. The plans of the artist to repeat such success, but this time for two nights.

    Denis Matsuev is one of those artists who, having achieved success in classical music, has reached the level when their popularity began to capture more and more listeners, which are not included in the circle of classical music lovers. In his performances the artist combines an innovative approach and rich traditions of Russian piano art.

    Denis Matsuev today is a leader of numerous charitable programs, the purpose of which is to promote classical music among young people, support young talents and conducting piano competitions. One of the objectives of the program of Denis Matsuev is to bring art to all regions of the Russian Federation.

    Continuing cooperation with the Fund «New names», Matsuev became its President.

    Denis Matsuev: personal life

    Officially Matsuev not married, however, by his own admission, his personal life is happy and is not going to enter into a formal marriage, so as not seriously to the stamp in the passport.

    Among the Hobbies of an outstanding performer can be called a Russian sauna, cider and nature — Denis Matsuev loves and frequents lake Baikal. One of the longstanding Hobbies of the pianist is football. Denis is a fan of the club «Spartak», and, by his own admission, to win the Tchaikovsky competition he was helped by the fact that he watched the broadcast of the World Championship on football instead of listening to performances of its competitors. The musician is a fan of the famous Moscow theater «Sovremennik».

    Denis Matsuev: discography

    • Tribute to Horowitz
    • Stravinsky — Firebird Suite, Shchedrin — Piano Concerto No 5, 2005
    • Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich — piano concertos, 2006
    • Unknown Rachmaninoff, 2007,
    • The Carnegie Hall Concert, 2008,
    • Collection, 2010,
    • D. Shostakovich: Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 2, R. Shchedrin: Piano Concerto No 5.
    • S. Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No 3 & Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
    • Denis Matsuev Liszt Concertos 1 & 2, Totentanz. Russian National Orchestra
    • S. Rachmaninov. Piano Concerto, G. Gershwin. Rhapsody in Blue

    Denis Matsuev: photo

    Denis Matsuev

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