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  • Name: Denis Matrosov ( Denis Matrosov )
  • Date of birth: 10 December 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Denis Matrosov: biography

    In December 1972 in Moscow, was born the future star of Russian television and cinema Denis Matrosov. After finishing school at 17, Denis appears on the TV screen. The young man was leading a program for children «a fairy tale», which enjoyed great popularity among the audience.

    Having acting experience, Dennis the first attempt comes in the theater and studying at the acting faculty. In the movie, the Sailors begins to act already in the Institute. In 1990, on the screens out the famous painting «Made in USSR» Tarakhovskaya and Shamshurina, in which a young man plays a cameo role as a photographer.

    But the meteoric career has not turned the mind of a young artist, Sailors at a very young age realized the importance of education and decides not to be limited to one University. After graduation from the Moscow art theatre in 1991, the Sailors continued training at the theatre school. Shchepkin, where he studied for another three years. Ending training, Denis is three diploma works: play «Saturday, Sunday, Monday» as Attilio, «don Gil green pants» in the role of don Pedro, and «Fear and misery of the third Reich» in the role of Traitor.

    Despite the large number of fruitful work, the interests of Denis Matrosov was not limited to acting. He is actively involved in dubbing films, cartoons and computer games. The voice actor say Donald Duck, the Tiger in the «Winnie the Pooh», Freddy fish in the game and other characters.

    Denis Matrosov: theatre

    He graduated from the theatre school, Denis joins the ranks of the Russian army Theatre, where the actor works for eight years. Starring Denis in performances that theatre is a Nestor in the «Britannica», Gustave in «the Lady with camellias», the Earl of Leicester in «Your sister and captive», and many others.

    In 2002, Denis Matrosov goes into a branch of the Mayakovsky theater. In 2003, a young man playing in an unusual project of Gerd Albrecht. The uniqueness of the project lies in the unusual performance of «Eugene Onegin» to the music by the composer Prokofiev, which was written in 1936. The most successful theatrical works of Denis Matrosov can be noted performances in performances of «God bless you, Sir!», «Feng Shui», «Tram «Desire», «Madness of love» and others.

    Denis Matrosov: TV

    After a successful start on the screen in Denis continues her career as a senior. In 1992, he works on the channel «RTR» leading program «6 acres.» 1995-second year brings him a project as the lead television festival «Body-Count» channels «NTV», «TV-6» and «HELEXPO». At the same time, Denis is working in the morning show «Mood» of the channel «TV Center» where is press review.

    But not only the TV catches his attention. Continuing the duplication of movies and cartoons since 1999 Denis starts to transmit on radio «Sport FM». A 2002 Sailors working on «RDV –radio for adults» as a DJ. In 2003, the station was renamed on the radio «Troika», and Denis is working there for another year.

    After this the actor briefly disappears from the screen and only appears in 2010, but in a new role. Sailors now becomes the leader and the party. The player comes in a pair with Irina Lo in the popular show «First channel», «fire and Ice». Denis showed himself quite well as a skater as he is able, even complex tricks.

    Denis Matrosov: movies

    After roles in the «Made in USSR» Sailors never played in the movies. The first work, followed by a bright film debut of the actor was the role of Mitya in the movie «Love on a raft,» directed by Antropov. Over time, Dennis begins increasingly to work as a movie actor. At first he played small roles, for example, the dealer in the drama «Scavenger», the sharpers in «the Stop on demand – 2», etc.

    Gradually, the roles become more and more noticeable. Memorable was the image of Vadim in the television series «Two fates». The work in this series was important in personal and business life Denis Matrosov. After that, he played in the series «People and shadows – 2» and «give me life».

    Finally, in 2005, the actor gets a role that made him a truly popular artist. Sailors plays of Anton Astakhov in the TV series «Carmelita» and captivates the audience, distracting attention from the main heroine. In 2005, Dennis gets a job in the TV series «my Love» and «the New Russian romance». The following years were no less eventful.

    In 2011, Sailors plays in the film «Profile of a Killer», where he played in an unusual role of the head of Department of profilers. The last picture Matrosova – the same Udaltsov in the second part of the famous painting «Profile of a killer 2». The release of films to be held in 2015.

    Denis Matrosov: personal life

    Personal relationships one of the major serial heroes-lovers in life are not as simple as on the screen. The first notable novel of Denis Matrosov was in a relationship with Lyudmyla Tatarovo, a famous actress of the Moscow theater. They were not officially married, but Tatarova bore actor of two sons, and then the relationship fell apart completely. Ludmila didn’t even take him to the «father», forbidding to communicate with his sons. Denis Matrosov haven’t seen them for 13 years.

    For a long time after that, Sailors remains the one and only during the filming of the series «Two fates» met his future wife Maria Kulikova. In a strange way the picture of the two complex fate and love brings the young together. The couple began to live together during filming, but the young couple married officially later.

    Denis and Mary lived a long 14 years and it seemed like the perfect couple. The couple built a house, gave birth to a son, Ivan, and both made a career. But in early 2015, the couple broke up, Denis and I were alone again. Despite the divorce certificate, Sailors still lives in the same house with Kulikova and son.

    Denis Matrosov: filmography

    • A profile of the killer
    • Zozulya
    • Hold me tight
    • The detectives — 5
    • New Russian romance
    • Carmelita
    • People and shadows – 2. Optical illusion
    • Two fates
    • Request stop — 2
    • Made in the USSR

    Denis Matrosov: photo

    Denis Matrosov Maria Kulikova

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