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  • Name: Denis Maidanov ( Denis Maydanov )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Birth place: Balakovo, Saratov oblast, Russia
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: singer, composer, poet, actor, music producer
  • Marital status: married

    Denis Maidanov: biography

    Contemporary music performer, composer and producer Denis Maidanov was born in a small industrial town not far from Saratov. His mother and father worked at the enterprises of the city of Balakovo. The boy began to write poetry, starting with class 2. He visited various clubs and music school. Studied Denis well, but often because of the obstinacy and extremism entered into disputes with the teachers, trying not to give in. At the age of thirteen the boy tried his hand in creating the first songs. He was performing himself at Amateur concerts.

    Denis Maidan in childhood
    Denis Maidan in childhood

    Since the family needed the money, after grade 9 Denis entered the Balakovo Polytechnic College to get a profession and start soon to help my mom. Training of technical specialties was not easy for him, but Denis took an active part in the social life of the institution, thereby ensuring the loyalty of the faculty to the person. During this period he creates a small music band for which he writes songs, and also participated in performances of the KVN teams of the College.

    Activity in hometown

    After graduation, Denis some time remained in his native city, he became Director and methodologist on work with seniors at a local recreation center. Creativity took precedence in the artist, and he enrolled in the Moscow Institute of culture at the correspondence office, which ends on a speciality the Director of show programs.

    Denis Maidanov
    Denis Maidanov | Instagram

    Back in Balakovo for a while, he immediately gets a promising place in the management culture, without ceasing to write songs for his project «NV». But after a while he finally decided to move to D.C. and start from scratch. His dream came true in 2001.

    Moving to Moscow

    The first time the Maidan odd jobs, living in the apartment of his former classmate. Every day the young composer went around various studios and production companies, offering to work their hits. And good luck smiled to the insistent musician: he was noticed by producer Yuri Aizenshpis and took the song to work.

    So, first saw the light hit maidanova «Beyond the mist» performed by the popular at that time singer Sasha. She received first prize at the «Song of the year 2002» by performing this song.

    Winning streak

    From this point Denis Maidan is becoming a popular composer among the singers of the Russian stage. Almost every song becomes a hit, many pop artists consider it an honour to cooperate with Maidanova. These are pop stars, as Nikolay Baskov, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Lolita, Alexander Marshall, Marina Khlebnikov, Iosif Kobzon, Tatiana Bulanova. The composer is collaborating with the musical group: «Arrows», «White eagle», «Murzilki International».

    Denis Maidanov
    Denis Maidanov | Concertcity

    In addition, Denis Maidan becomes the author of soundtracks for several TV series: «evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman», the «Submarine», «Area», «Revenge», «Bros». In the latter film, he even played the role of musician Nikolai Siberian. He also tried his acting power in the film «Alexander garden-2», «backwater».

    Denis Maidan and Gosha Kutsenko
    Denis Maidan and Gosha Kutsenko | tvnz

    2012 was marked by maidanova shots in two of the projects: «Two stars», where he acted in tandem with Gosha Kutsenko, and the «Battle of choirs» in which the team maidanova «Victoria» became the winner. In addition, the singer from this time began his collaboration with the children’s chorus «Giant», with whom he recorded several musical compositions, «We are little stars», «why».

    Albums Denis Maidanov

    Denis Maidanov is also a successful solo performer. His discography consists of 5 albums. He began his artistic career in 2008 with the submission of the wife. And once the first book «I know you love me…» reached top of the charts. The best songs steel disc «Eternal love», «the Time – drug», «Orange sun». The song «Nothing sorry», «Bullet», «House», formed the backbone of the second album «Rented world», also become popular among fans of the artist.

    The third was a solo album, «one Flew over us» hits, «Glass love», «Schedule». Recent works by Denis there are two Assembly 2015: «the Flag of my country» and «half of my life in the way… unreleased». In the first of them he showed himself as a true patriot of the Motherland, and the second album became a kind of creative report of the singer on the eve of his 15th anniversary on stage. The Mature artist is now able to write music for myself, not just for ordering.

    Denis Maydanov is a winner of many national awards: «Golden gramophone», «song of the year», «song of the year», prize of the Russian FSB. He gives a lot of charity concerts. Together with his band «Terminal D» travels with performances in difficult regions and hotspots to support a Russian soldier.

    Hits 2016

    Recently Denis Maidanov can be seen at joint performances with other celebrities. Popular singer and composer Sergei Trofimov Denis cooperates for a long time. They together performed the song «Snegiri» is known since 2013, and the new 2016 has become the hit «Wife.»

    Another single of the past year was the song «the Crossroads of souls» by composer and Belarusian singer Angelica Agurbash. And the song «Territory of the heart» Denis successfully completed together with Lolita «Song of the year in 2016.»

    Personal life

    Artist long lived one, as all the forces and the means spent for the promotion of his work. Personal life he left for later. But once the case has reduced it with the girl who later became his wife and a friend. Natalia and her family moved from Tashkent, where he began the persecution of Russian. Working in a construction company, she dabbled in art, wrote poetry. A friend recommended her to show talented lyrics a producer. The girl turned to the production center of Dennis, and after some time he asked her for an interview.

    Denis Maidanov with family
    Denis Maidanov with family | Instagram

    At this meeting they have not turned out love at first sight, but after a while, there was a second date, after which the young men did not leave. Today Natalia maidanova is not only a homemaker. She gave birth to Denis two beautiful children: daughter and son Vlad Borislav. In addition to the duties of wife and mother, Natasha as commercial Director, has been promoting a solo career of her husband.

    Denis Maidanov with family
    Denis Maidanov with family | Instagram

    The actor has a masculine appearance: my height 179 cm and weight 71 kg, he has more than 10 years completely goes bald. How jokes the singer, he lost his hair due to the fact that he lived in his childhood near nuclear power plants. Natalia had seen many a man with hair on his youthful photo, and in her opinion, in those years, she would not pay attention to him. With his wife and children, the composer spends all his free time. Photos from family gatherings Denis puts on his page in Instagram.

    Discography Denis Maidanov

    • «I know that you love me… Everlasting love» (2009)
    • «Rented world» (2011)
    • «Flying over us…» (2014)
    • «The flag of my country» (2015)
    • «Half of my life in the way… unreleased» (2015)


    Denis Maidanov

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