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  • Name: Denis Klyaver ( Denis Klyaver )
  • Date of birth: 6 April 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: singer, composer, actor
  • Marital status: married to Irina Fedotova

    Denis Klyaver: biography

    20 December 1994, the audience first saw the new an unknown «Tea for two». It was the debut performance of Denis Klyaver and Stas Kostyushkin on the big stage, which was a success. The duet lasted for many years and gave the country folk hits. By the way, if for Stas to perform on stage was easy, before that he played in the theater, for Denis, their debut was a real challenge. As recognized by the singer himself, until 1994, he acted except on the school stage.

    Denis Klyaver was born in 1975 in Leningrad to a musical family. The father of the famous humorist, singer, one of the authors and actors of popular entertainment «Gorodok»

  • Ilya Oleynikov. The boy’s mother was also a creative person, young Irina singing, but in her profession, she a chemical engineer. From an early age Denis was interested in music, he went to the local music school (piano class). A boy of twelve years began to compose music. Therefore, the question of where to study was not. Denis entered the Leningrad musical College named after Mussorgsky, for a class of the pipe, where he graduated from the three courses. In the army, the future artist to the big stage, was involved in a military orchestra. After military service, the guy continues training at the Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov (class of pipe), which ends in 1996.

    Denis Klyaver: «Tea for two»

    In 1994, Denis Klyaver became a member of the popular group «Tea together». The group’s debut took place at the Leningrad Palace of youth at the opening of the new radio station «Europe plus». The first producer group was Igor Kuryokhin, through which soon the guys released their debut album, «I will not forget.» In the group of Denis was not only a performer but also a composer. Your successful debut guys are not just secured at the various music competitions: «the Big Apple of new York» and also «First course name St. Reznikova» — a contest in which the Klyaver was able to show his talent as a composer and received a bronze award for the song «I will go.»

    In 1996, the group first went to a big tour in the country, thanks to the support of Mikhail Shufutinsky. Earned money they decided to invest in the development of his work and took the first video. But a significant success of the video brought.

    A great breakthrough in creativity and first popularity came to the group through the famous singer Laima Vaikule, who noticed the talented performers contest «Yalta-Moscow-transit». The pop diva invited a young Duo in their long tour, the guys traveled across the country with her for two years. As Denis admits, that the scientist taught them how to create a colorful show with a small budget. After gaining experience and becoming very popular in 1999 of «Tea for two» organizes its first big solo concert. It is noteworthy that the author of the arrangements for all the compositions was Denis Klyaver.

    Two years of active work (1998 to 2000) the Duo released three albums: «Traveler», «non-Native», «for your Sake». Many songs have become popular hits, and has long occupied the first places in the radio charts. In 2001, the artists have created a brand new show with various special effects and called it»Movie». With it they traveled all over Russia and neighboring countries. This summer, «Tea for two» was pleased with his vast army of fans of the new hit «Laskovaya Moya», which in 2002 received the highest Russian music award «Golden gramophone».

    During the existence of the group have released many successful albums: «I’m Sorry», «White dress,» Morning tea» and many others. Their songs, one after another became national hits. While the guys had an agreement: Stas Kostyushkin writes the lyrics, and Denis Klyaver — a longtime songwriter and arranger. In addition, since 2008, they began producing, the Duo has collaborated with such performers as Zara, Jasmine and Tatiana Bulanova.

    Despite the production and creative success of the group «Tea for two», since 2011, the team started to have problems. In the press from time to time appeared the information about the collapse of the Duo. The klyaver and Kostyushkin has repeatedly denied this information and in 2012 even released a new successful album, but it did not save the team. The group broke up, each member decided to pursue a career as a solo artist. Former colleagues do not hide that now they have a strained relationship, they are clearly not friends and good friends. After all, the reason for the collapse of the group is not only the desire to start a solo career, but also different views on the creative process.

    Denis Klyaver: solo career

    Denis Klyaver began working on his solo project in 2011. During this time he managed to shoot some clips: «Not like», «You’re», «Your hands.» In 2013 released his first solo album called «Not like everyone else». According to the Klyaver, his work is more like the group than a solo project Kostyushkina.

    In addition to his musical career, the singer tried to devote time to other professional spheres, such as television and film. Dennis participated in several popular television projects of the First channel «Circus with stars» where he performed with Stas Kostyushkin, as well as «Two stars», where his partner was the actress Valeria Lanskaya.

    In the movie, the artist performed some interesting, albeit episodic roles: policeman «Thai voyage stepanich» and «the Spanish voyage of stepanych». The main role in the film was performed by the father of the singer Ilya Oleynikov. In addition, Dennis was seen in the TV series «My fair nanny» entertainment show «Big difference» and «Factory». In 2005 he played the robber in the musical «Ali Baba and the forty thieves».

    Denis Klyaver: personal life

    Singer and musician was married three times. His first wife was the actress of ballet shufutinski

  • Elena Shestakova, children the couple never had. The second darling of Klyaver was a dancer who worked at the Laima Vaikule ballet. With
  • Julia Klyaver singer officially lived for eight years, but the rift in the family occurred much earlier. Second wife agreed to divorce within three years. In 2001 the couple was born Timothy. Third wife of Denis lives married since 2010. The lovers hid their relationship for four years. Happy couple and even work together on the prosperity of joint business.
  • Irina Fedotova designs designer outfits for the dogs, and Dennis engaged in advertising and commercial issues. Previously, Irina worked in a Bank, but he later decided to open their own business. In September 2013, the couple had a son, whom the lovers decided to call Daniel. In addition, Denis took her daughter Irina from his first marriage to Anastasia as his own. Note that in 2010 there was a high-profile event in the world of Russian show business. After five years of silence Denis Klyaver has officially admitted the paternity of the Dipole Evelyn, the daughter of famous singer Eva Polna. Recall that for a long time the singer concealed information about the girl’s father.

    Denis Klyaver: discography

    • I will not forget
    • For you
    • Companion
    • Non-native
    • My affectionate
    • Ten thousand words about love
    • Sorry
    • Evening tea
    • Morning tea
    • White dress
    • You’re not like all

    Denis Klyaver: photo

    Denis Klyaver with Eva Polna

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