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  • Name: Denis Glushakov ( Denis Glushakov )
  • Date of birth: 27 January 1987.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Millerovo, Rostov oblast
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: married

    Denis Glushakov of Russia: biography

    Denis Glushakov — a famous Russian football player, captain of the team «Spartak», member of the national Team of Russia on football. Plays the position of midfielder. Denis Glushakov was born January 27, 1987 in Millerovo, Rostov region.

    Childhood and adolescence

    Glushakova parents divorced when the boy was only a year old. Denis lived in a rather poor family, in a private house in winter and from childhood was accustomed to chop wood to keep the heat in the house. Raising the boy was engaged in the mother, and the father’s role was played by the uncle of Denis, an outstanding Soviet football player Valery Glushakov. At the time, he played for Spartak Moscow and played in the national team of the USSR. Although well-known guy, and helped the family, from a young age, Denis started to work: drove the bags to the mill, collecting scrap metal, carrying coal.

    Denis Glushakov in childhood
    Baby photo

    Little Dennis was trying to emulate his uncle and, of course, was fond of football. Valery, seeing the talent and the desire of his nephew, brought him to Moscow, where the boy continued his studies at the sports school of CSKA. In 1999, Denis Glushakova invited Amateur in the Moscow club «Nika», where he played until 2005, until I finally received an invitation from «Locomotive».


    He was promised a place in the reserves, what Glushakov immediately said Yes. Over the next two years he regularly played for the reserves «railroad», and in 2007 he was loaned to the club «Zvezda», which regularly out on the field and scored a magnificent 8 goals. After returning to Lokomotiv in 2008, he played in the match against «Dynamo», and in the game against FK «Moscow» scored his first goal for Lokomotiv in the Russian Premier League. Then Glushakova recognized as the best player of the match and my coach officially moved him to the first team. In 2011 the player extended his contract with the club for 4.5 years. At the same time, Glushakov was awarded the title of «Player of the year.»

    Denis Glushakov
    During the game | Football club «Lokomotiv»

    Since 2011, Denis Glushakova started regularly invited to play for the Russian national team as a midfielder. His first goal for the national team, he scored in the match against Andorra. At Euro 2012, Glushakov appeared on the field in the match against Greece, in which Russia lost with a score 0:1 and couldn’t pass the group stage.

    In June 2013, Denis Glushakov signed a contract with Moscow «Spartak», which debuted in a match against «Wings of Soviets.» The transfer of the player has caused much controversy and even led to the consideration in sports arbitration court in Lausanne. The first goal for his new team, he scored in the match against Zenit, setting the final winning score 4:2.

    Denis Glushakov of Russia and team Russia
    In training with the national team of Russia | Rusfootball

    In 2016, the year Denis Glushakov became the captain of «Spartacus» after the vote of players and coaches. In the same year, fans recognized him as the author of the most beautiful goals. Annual salary Glushakov from Spartak Moscow amounted to 2 million euros. Denis is regularly ranked in various tops of the largest salaries of Russian players from the sports magazines and websites.

    Despite a turbulent career, an unofficial victory and recognition of the fans of trophies and titles from Glushakova yet. This gave rise in the circles of fans joke about the fact that the player has an empty cupboard, which he wants to get cups and medals. Denis was very surprised by this rumor, because he never expressed such desires. Of course, the captain of «Spartacus» is ready to deal in order to lead his team to the championship, but no sideboard.

    World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016

    A few months before the world Cup Denis Glushakov has received a very serious injury, so his participation at the world Cup in Brazil has long been in question. However, the footballer was able to restore the form and to occupy a place in the starting lineup against South Korea, where in the second half he was replaced by Igor Denisov.

    Denis Glushakov for Euro 2016
    Euro 2016 | Sport as is

    As you know, the match ended in a draw with the score 1:1. The team had a game with Belgium on June 22, where Glushakov has been yellow-carded.

    In 2016, the year the footballer took part in seven qualifying matches of the European Championship and joined the team during the tournament, Euro 2016 in France. During the first match against England, Glushakov was released only in the 80th minute to replace. After the appearance of Dennis the Russian team equalized the score and finished the match with a draw (1:1). The second match – up with Slovakia, the players lose, despite the fact that Glushakov was also released in the end of the match and even scored a goal with his head.

    Personal life

    Denis Glushakov married and very happily married. The future spouses Dennis and Daria knew each other from childhood, as we lived in neighbouring streets in the city of Millerovo. Growing up, young people began to communicate closer than before and, in the end, loved each other and decided to start a family.

    The Wedding Of Denis Glushakov
    The wedding of footballer

    Playing lush and loud wedding, the husband and wife moved to Moscow. Soon the bride appeared charming daughter Valeria, and at the end of 2016, the year a family had a second child, another daughter. Glushakova build the house on the New Riga for dramatically grown family. Now the player honestly admits that he dreams about son.

    Denis Glushakov s home
    With his wife and daughter Valeria | the Nation

    Denis with his wife Daria regularly visit home town near Rostov, and recently with the participation of pairs in Millerovo was built football stadium. The player has built the stadium with his own money and, in addition, created a children’s football team and continues to develop and maintain.

    The press opposed this act Glushakova scandal with Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin, where journalists are caught in an expensive club after losing at Euro 16. Fans were angered by the fact that the football team is not enough that do not monitor their health and athletic form, but even after defeat and disgrace in the championship afford and have the means to relax as the majority of their fans not only afford, but can’t imagine. Sporty in circles once again hovered the question of versaplate Russian players.

    Denis Glushakov s entourage
    With his wife Daria | Allsport-News

    Himself Denis doesn’t want fame at the expense of colleagues and claims that the guys were just unlucky to bump into the paparazzi. He is confident that after the season the players have a right to relax, and quoted Capello, who did not zapreshal his players to relax in bars. Pictures surreptitiously, the player does not like and once even threw the camera one of the reporters, but always willing to sit and answer questions, if the journalists will come in the open.

    Denis Glushakov, according to many, not «zazvezdilsya». He is willing to communicate with fellow countrymen in Millerovo, happy gift-portrait from Irkutsk is actively engaged in instagram and Twitter. For the will to victory, devotion, closeness to the people and, of course, a brilliant game, the fans are particularly fond of Glushakova. Recently, on the Internet viral video spread interview with fans, where one of the fans, no doubt, predicts the team to victory in one of the matches, arguing that Glushakov is the funeral (the funeral of the enemy). Ambiguous nickname almost stuck behind the players, and that, although denies it all together, he began to chat with his fans from the video and was even invited to their matches.


    Denis Glushakov

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