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  • Name: Denis Dorokhov ( Denis Dorokhov )
  • Date of birth: 4 may 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Astrakhan
  • Activity: comedian, kvnschik, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Denis Dorokhov: biography

    Denis Dorokhov is a Russian actor, comedian, player of KVN «national Team kamyzyakskogo edge». In addition to participating in the club of merry and resourceful known by shooting in the TV sketch show «Once in Russia»

    Denis was born and grew up in Astrakhan. The original appearance and innate wit allowed him to make people laugh as a teenager. But in school, he never went on stage, limited to the drawings of classmates and jokes friendly company.

    At the end of the school Dorokhov became a student of the International law Institute under the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation and received a quality legal education, gets a job in the Astrakhan branch of «Gazprom». But after some time, Dennis realized that the dip in the economic and legal nuances – this is not what he expected from life.

    The young man leaves and gets a taxi service hometown, where he continued to work even for some time after professional debut in the WHC. In recognition of the artist taxi passengers often knew the driver well-known humorist and was surprised by this combination of professions.


    The Club comedians Denis Dorokhov was in 2002 almost by accident. An invitation to attend the rehearsal came from a friend, then the lawyer-the taxi driver turned into an entertainer. The first command Dorokhova was called «the 42nd in the list» and in the official League of KVN was not involved, but a lot of performed in the urban concert halls, thanks to Denis Dorokhov in 2004, he received recognition and a diploma for the «king of Astrakhan KVN». Since then, the career humorist for him went up the hill.

    Then Dorokhov was a member of the Team of Astrakhan», which in 2009, after the Sochi festival has formed a new team, «national Team kamyzyakskogo edge». A year later the team reached the finals in the First League of KVN, and in 2012 managed to reach the semifinals in the Premier League, and all previous stages of the team scored the maximum possible points.

    On the progress of the team grew. The following season, «national Team kamyzyakskogo edge» became the silver prize-winner of the Highest League of KVN final, and the winner ahead of team Dorokhova just 0.2 points, and also won the Cup of the Mayor of Moscow. In 2014, «Kamezaki» as they are called fans and supporters who did not participate, and, returning to the Club for next season, unconditionally become the Champions.

    Interestingly, on stage, Denis Dorokhov always appears with a mustache drawn, although in real life he wears a beard. The first time the actor has appeared in this form, when the scene depicted the mayor of Arkhangelsk, as well as this room was a huge success, Dorokhov made an artificial mustache a required part of the scenic image.


    In 2014, TNT has launched a new humorous show «Once in Russia», which was created by production company «Comedy Club Production». The authors focused on Semyon Slepakov and Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov who was invited to show the best stand-up comedians of recent years. Next to Denis Dorokhov in «Once in Russia» there are such stars of KVN, as Olga Bartunkova, Azamat Musagaliev, Alexander pasenchuk.a. the teacher and many others.

    The intent of the writers of the new show is a theatrical Comedy production, combined with the filming. On stage, the project participants compete for small sketches, which are removed and shown in the form of drama. Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov sure that the transfer has a very important social function, because the audience is not only entertained, but sees from the problems of the country, you need to speak publicly.

    Denis Dorokhov affected by the project in the first place because the artists are free to do such performances, what they like, without regard to the accepted limits of what is permitted.

    Personal life

    Denis Dorokhov huge number of fans. But he is the type of men for which there is only one beloved woman. The location of his wife Elvira Denis was made a very long time. Before getting married, young people have met for 7 years. Now the family has a son Artem.

    Denis Dorokhov, expressed in many industries, would like to have a professional acting and seriously thinking about the possibility to enroll in one of the Moscow theatrical high schools.


    Denis Dorokhov

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