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  • Name: Denis Cucoana ( Denis Kukoyaka )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, writer, video blogger, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Denis Kukoja: biography

    Denis Cokoja – a young Russian actor, starred in a humorous television series «Real boys», «chop» and «Civil marriage». Among the many Internet users it is known as searching Yu-tuberculosis, one of the participants sitcom «I love» and its other branches.

    Denis was born and raised in Moscow, but sometimes there is unverified and no one has confirmed information that the guy is a native of Petrozavodsk. After school the young man entered the Moscow social pedagogical Institute of Moscow state University and graduated from the faculty of pedagogy and psychology.

    To work in the specialty Kukoja did not, as in his student years, together with friends Alexander, Suliko and Kirill Trifonov has created its own humorous Internet project «Show.» When this program, according to the organizers, exhausted, they made a new «like», and then «share with friends».

    In addition to the development in the field of Comedy, Denis regularly tries himself in the musical field. He’s under the alias Deni Deni recorded quite a few songs in a style close to rapping. Best known for his hits songs «Take me», «an Arab girl» and «Like». Recently Kukoja friends organized a musical group «Bread» and released the song «My rap» and several other songs.


    Movie first Denis Kukoja got as a writer. He was with the team from «That Show» wrote a plot for a film serial in the genre of social Comedy «Police work», where he debuted as an actor.

    The picture did not go unnoticed by professionals, and Denis invited for the role of sales assistant Alika in the 5th season is very ironic the rating of the series «Real boys.»

    Again took up the pen Denis in 2015, when he helped to write the script of the series «the chop.» The actor himself took part in a small cameo role, and the protagonists were such stars, as Sergey Stepin, Gennady Maslennikov, Sergei Tereshchenko.

    And in 2016 Denis first appears on screen as a main character. He, along with actress Agatha muceniece playing a loving couple in the new Comedy «Civil marriage». The whole point of their relationship lies in the fact that young people can no longer prolong the honeymoon period, their love has grown, but before the wedding they are still morally is not reached.

    Personal life

    Actor Denis Kukoja for some time happily married to Elena Panarina. His wife also has his own video blog, although education is a medic.

    They met at a party, started Dating, and two years later began to lead the life together and realized that destined for each other.

    In his youth Denis Kukoja perfectly ridden a skateboard, but now all his time is an interesting creative work.


    • 2012 — Police work
    • 2013 — Real boys
    • 2015-2016 — chop
    • 2016 — Civil marriage


    Denis Kukoja

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