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  • Name: Denis Burgazliev ( Denis Burgazliev )
  • Date of birth: 24 August 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: Russian and German film and theater actor, musician
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Denis Burgazliev: biography

    It is called the artist-intellectual. He was born in Russia, managed to play in the West in dozens of projects, but, having succeeded, got bored and in 2005 returned home. Today, this actor is already well-know domestic fans, looking forward to the next appearance on the screen.

    Denis Burgazliev was born in Moscow in August 1970. He grew up in a fairly wealthy family, where his father worked in a responsible position in the trade mission and mother was a respected lawyer. Denis claims that thanks to the parents he had everything and even more than that of peers. Father often went abroad on mission and brought the only son of beautiful things and a lot of what you guys age Denis could only dream of. But Burgazliev was not a major. Anyway, don’t feel superior to others.

    Parents made sure that the son knew English. Over time, this helped him in adult life.

    Denis Burgazliev
    Denis Burgazliev | Fan Club Denis Burgazliev

    The greatest passion of Dennis Burgazliev in school was music. Guy independently mastered the guitar, saxophone and harmonica. When his peers played ball in the yard or ran in the sports section, Denys studied music. However, it had to drop the class, but at the age of 14 Burgazlieva to take in one of the capital’s bands.

    In the school leaving certificate Muscovite estimates were mediocre. So Matthew did not «swing» at the prestigious technical universities, and immediately went to the theater. I managed to enter at once into two: the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and the theatre school named after Boris Shchukin. Chose the Moscow art theatre.


    Passion for music Denis Burgazliev not passed and the student. The actor became a soloist and the founder of the band «Heart». At the same time he managed to go to the theater stage. On the stage of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, the young actor appeared together with famous colleagues like Yury Bogatyrev, Stanislav Lyubshin, Innokenty Smoktunovsky and Alexander Kalyagin. One of the best works of this period – the play «the Bald brunette».

    In the mid-1990s, Denis Burgazliev understand what really goes nowhere. In these difficult times for the country and the cinema years, neither musical nor acting career was not developed. And Burgazliev made a decision to go to Germany, where he lived with his wife and young daughter.

    Denis Burgazliev and Gosha Kutsenko in the series
    Denis Burgazliev and Gosha Kutsenko in the series «Sniper 3» | Things-Dryukov

    After a difficult adaptation period and a 6-month course of German language Denis took whatever work he had to feed his family. But he soon found work on a speciality. On his resume, responded to one of the German agencies, Burgazlieva offered a role in a Franco-German project. The debut was successful. Roles followed one after another. It was a TV series and feature films. In addition, the actor appeared on the stage.

    In Germany, the Muscovite did not forget about the passion of music. He even managed to open his own Studio, where he invited the German musicians. Although this activity brought commercial success, but for Burgazlieva turned out to be a wonderful outlet.

    Denis Burgazliev and Maria Mashkova.
    Denis Burgazliev and Maria Mashkova. «Veronica. Runaway | Movie-Theater.Ru

    Of the most notable films in which actor starred in this period, it is necessary to recall the drama «the Last stage» and «Svetlana», the film «England!» and the Austrian Comedy «Happy August».

    It seems that Denis Burgazliev has achieved everything that you could ever dream of when traveling to a foreign country: he starred in movies, played in the theater, doing your favorite music and well earned. But he was bored. In 2005, the artist returned to Moscow. He actively removed and is quite popular in the domestic film industry. Today, his filmography includes over 50 titles feature films and TV series, among which the most popular «April», «M8», «Canned goods», «Psychic», «Roses for Elzy», «Hotel «President» and «Beagle».

    Personal life

    After returning to Russia, the private life of Denis Burgazliev changed. On the birthday of his friend and colleague Evgeny Stychkin he met a nice girl who was a ballerina. Aliya khasenova – soloist of the «Kremlin ballet». Between the two young people slipped through the proverbial spark.

    Denis Burgazliev, Aliya khasenova and Eugene Grishkovec
    Denis Burgazliev, Aliya khasenova and Evgeny Grishkovets | Things-Dryukov

    Burgazliev divorced his first wife, Marina, who still live in Germany. She is also an actress. With alia he lives in a civil marriage and plans to build a house in the suburbs.

    The father often arrives daughter Sasha. She, like my parents, creative nature. The girl has already managed to appear with his father in the TV series «Hour Volkova». Like his father, Sasha loves music and plays several instruments.


    • «Canned»
    • «April»
    • «Trassa M8»
    • «Clairvoyant»
    • «Roses for Elzy»
    • «Hotel «President»
    • «Beagle»
    • «Veronica-2»
    • «Jack Cock»
    • «The seeker»


    Denis Burgazliev

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