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  • Name: Denis Beresnev ( Denis Beresnev )
  • Date of birth: 7 August 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Denis Beresnev : biography

    The future actor Denis Y. Beresnev was born in August 1985 in a military family. It happened in Czechoslovakia, which at that time served the head of the family. Shortly after the birth of Denis Beresnev moved to the far East. Here were the first childhood of the boy.

    In kindergarten, Denis first appeared creativity: he willingly participated in children’s performances. Played and at home, in front of the TV. When the adults sat down for watching a movie or concert, Denis picked up a toy guitar and using the fact that the audience finally came together, gave their «concerts». Thus, according to his mother, the son is very worried that the audience wanted to see other performers.

    In school, Denis Beresnev went to St. Petersburg, where for 7 years he served the father. Here the boy continued to grow creatively: he enrolled in drama school.

    But the time for all your classes Dennis lacked. He played basketball in school of the Olympic reserve.

    Then military service of the father again called the family on the road. With great reluctance Denis Beresnev moved to Ulyanovsk. Peter remained friends and many Hobbies. But in the new town of Dennis has finally matured and became more serious. In any case, so says his mother. If Peter son tried to misbehave and the parents have repeatedly called to the school in Ulyanovsk, he seriously took up the study.

    In a new place, Denis Beresnev showed the ability to music and writing poetry. He even managed to bring your group, in which singing and own songs.

    After school, Beresnev went to higher education. Strangely enough, it was not associated neither with music nor with interest in the theatre. Denis chose a speciality «psychology» and «publishing». Went to both schools but decided to focus on publishing. And in his spare time the student was what really attracted him: attended drama.

    After the 2nd course Denis Beresnev finally realized that he needs. He went to Moscow and filed documents once in 4 theatre of the University. Luck at the Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin. Here Beresnev and studying for several years in the course of Viktor Korshunov.


    Biography of Denis Beresnev began in his student years in «Chips». He first debuted in small roles, which he gave to the productions of the Maly theatre. He played in productions of «Days of Turbin,» «the Barber of Seville» and «School for scandal».

    But in 2008, after graduation, the young actor was admitted to the troupe of the Moscow Drama theatre «Sphere». Here Beresnev began to appear in more serious, and with time and key roles. In 2010, theatergoers saw it in the show «student of the Lyceum,» where he played Alexander Pushkin.

    In 2013, Beresnev plays another key role of Peter Trofimov in «the Cherry orchard». Critics noted the increased skill of the actor. To confirm this he managed played a major role in the «Common history» and «Rascasse», performances that put on stage «Sphere» in recent years.


    Film debut of Dennis Beresneva took place when he studied at the Shchukin school. It was then he was offered to audition for one of the heroes of the series «the Kremlin cadets» Dmitry Krasilnikov.

    The image of Mr Denis were to be used very easily. After all, he grew up in a family of the officer and remembered their childhood and youth years spent in the garrisons. He was constantly surrounded by people with a military bearing and form. Cadet Krasilnikov performed by Beresneva was very charismatic. Beautiful, intellectually developed young man with good manners, excellence and a native Muscovite.

    Army of fans of the young actor after the release of the series on the screens has increased several times. Hero Beresneva Krasilnikov was not inferior in its popular hero, played by Alexander Golovin. With every next series this popularity only grew. Around artists-«cadets» has started a real hysteria when they appeared in public. That’s when Denis Beresnev realized that such a burden of glory: the fans were on duty at the entrance of the house, filled with flowers and declarations of love, was very popular wherever he appeared.

    But as a star, Denis did not happen. He understood that the wave will subside. Tom managed to play in between work in «the Kremlin cadets» in the film «children of the white goddess».

    When finished shooting in the acclaimed series, Beresnev appeared in another serial of the tape – «police Comrades». This is a film about the employees of Moore. Image of Valery Zimin, created by the actor, was bright enough.

    Denis Beresnev starred in several projects, but none of them came close to popularity of the TV series «the Kremlin cadets».

    Not long ago, the actor remembered his second passion – music, and resumed performances in a rock band created in the years of his life in Ulyanovsk. The team is called «Faust».

    Personal life

    Family and relationships in it for the young actor and musician are of great importance. The choice of the companion Denis is suitable with all seriousness. Before his eyes always remain parents, they respect each other and mutual understanding. Therefore, the personal life of Denis Beresnev develops gradually. Victory for wins, he’s not interested.

    The artist himself is extremely reluctant to talk about personal things. Not so long ago he broke up with his girlfriend, so his heart is still free.

    Denis Beresnev carefully avoids public events and parties. He prefers to spend time in a chair with a good book than to spin in the spotlight and the flashbulbs at the next festival. Occasionally appearing at such events, it is frankly bored, and feels «at ease». Beresnev claims that he is a man of closed, and with the publicity he has to put up only due to the nature of their profession.


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    Denis Beresnev

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