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photo Demis Karipidis

  • Name: Demis Karipidis ( Demis In The Caribbean )
  • Date of birth: 4 December 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: the resident «Comedy club»
  • Marital status: married to wringing Caribou

    Demis Karipidis: biography

    Popular resident comic show «Comedy club» Demis Karipidis (real name is Demis in the Caribbean) was born in the Georgian capital Tbilisi on 4 December 1982.

    After the collapse of the USSR Karimovich family moved to Greece, to Thessaloniki, where the Demis up to the seventh class studied in the Greek school. It is now hard to believe, but the Caribou do not speak Russian. The family then moved to Sunny Noumea, where the boy, who is well aware of the Pontic language, and could speak modern Greek, I had to move quickly in Russian and catch up classmates. It wasn’t easy but he managed.

    After school in the Caribbean took the documents to the University of tourism in Sochi. In high school he taught English and Spanish. Sometimes Demis jokes that wants to learn more and Scythian-Sarmatian, protocolsi, Hun and Aramaic – «and suddenly need».

    Demis Karipidis: KVN

    KVN Demis started to play at the University. The team had the name «Rousseau tourists». But in the big KVN Karipidis came in 2004 with the teams «Krasnodar Avenue» and «TANK» (Bryukhovetskiy agricultural College). Both teams Karipidis was creativity. «BUCK» he was able to get in the big League. But the champion of the Higher League Karipidis was with the team in Krasnodar Krai. It happened in 2010.

    Demis Karipidis: «Comedy club»

    After KVN Demis Karipidis began performing in the comic TV show «Comedy club», after becoming a resident, together with Garik Martirosyan , Garik «Bulldog» Kharlamov , Timur «the Chestnut» Batrutdinov , Paul «Snowball» Will , Alexandr «A» Revva and others. Many jokes of Demis fans of the «Comedy club» tell each other, and they are what is called «live my life». Connoisseurs of humor invariably pay tribute to the undeniable charisma of Karipidis. By the way, the lyrics of humorous miniatures, and his performances Demis Karipidis himself writes. In addition to «Comedy club Karipidis participated in the filming of «Comedy woman». In «Our Russia», the comedian played a policeman, with whom all the time argues the hero of Mikhail Galustyan – incomparable guard Alexander Rodionovich Bearded man.

    Tried the comedian in the movie. Debuted in a small role in the movie «Real boys.» In 2011, the creative biography of Demis Karipidis replenished role in the sitcom «Univer. New Dorm» where the actor played a relative of Michael. And in 2013, Demis appeared in the form of serzhik in the film «the Sea. Mountains. Keramzit».

    Demis Karipidis: personal life

    Personal life of Demis Karipidis, the last bachelor «Comedy club», was behind lock and key exactly as long as it was possible to hide. The name of the beloved humorist of his fans have only learned in the summer of 2013 during the anniversary of the festival «Week high of humor» in honor of the decade «Comedy club».

    It happened in Jurmala Dzintari the audience. After the jokes about marriage and weddings Demis Karipidis suddenly became very serious and made a proposal to his girlfriend that was sitting in the hall. «Yes,» Pelagia was drowned in the ovation hall gave a standing ovation to the bride and groom.

    Demis and Pelagia married in may of 2014, and the celebration was arranged a week in one of the hotels of Gelendzhik. Among the guests journalists noticed Timur Batrutdinova, Dmitry Lucek-Sorokin, Le Havre, Zurab Matua and Mikhail Galustyan.

    Pelagia and Demis are very reluctant to advertise personal life. The wife of the showman does not like publicity and managed to hide the pregnancy. Daughter Sophia was born in may 2015.

    Demis Karipidis: photo

    Demis Karipidis

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