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  • Name: Demi Im ( Dami Im )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: South Korea
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, participant of «Eurovision 2016»
  • Marital status: married

    Demi Im: biography

    Demi Im Australian singer of Korean descent. Frequently performs his own compositions, as he is also the author of texts and music of songs. They will be the Ambassador of Australia to «Eurovision 2016» with the song «Sound of Silence». She already has experience in large-scale projects: in 2013, it won the Australian version of the famous talent show «X-factor».

    The singer was born in South Korea, where he spent the first years of life. Her mother, Hye Yoon Lee is a former Opera singer and music teacher. Father Dong Il They engaged in trade. With 5 years she studied piano under the teacher’s guidance, but the vocals mastered almost independently. As demi says, she recorded own your favorite songs, and then compared with the original, so finding errors in singing.

    When demi Im 9 years old, she and her mother and younger brother Kenny immigrated to Australia. My father remained in Korea to earn money and to financially help the family. Now, when their daughter became known, parents of the year live at home, and some in a new country. 2 years after arrival in Australia They managed to enter the prestigious music school at the Conservatory. She was a finalist in the youth competition «Young pianist», which was organized by the company «Yamaha». Also demi has won at competition of pianists of Queensland, which awarded a scholarship, Nora Baird.

    His musical education continued with the girl in College, Daisy Hill, and then at the University of Queensland, graduating with honors, becoming a bachelor of music. Later, she managed to obtain the degree of master of arts. The first time after high school demi They worked as a music teacher at the school, and taught piano privately.

    TV show

    In 2013, demi They successfully auditioned for the fifth season of «the X factor» in Australia thanks to the soulful playing of «Hero» from repertoire of Mariah Carey. The singer fell into the category of «Girls under 25 years», where her mentor was Danny Minogue. They passed three rounds, but after changes in the rules of the project, she had to leave the show. But the star demi They are not rolled. One of the participants of the project could not continue performing, so the judges invited the Korean singer to return, which she gladly did.

    Among the numerous performances of the young singer the greatest resonance was caused by the song «Bridge over Troubled Water» the band «Simon & Garfunkel», after which the members of the jury cried and hit «And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,» which became the final point in the show. By the way, after I made the last chords of this song, all the judges applauded demi They are not just standing, but standing on the judging table.

    Despite the fact that at the start of the project They were not a mistress, she was able to turn the tide and win the title of the winner of the fifth season.


    In South Korea little singer in a Christian choir, singing songs in the style of gospel music. In 2010, she released the charity’s debut album, «Dream», and a year later recorded seven Christmas hymns, which were published under the title «Snow & Carol». Latest Amateur record was «Intimacy» in 2012, which consisted of 5 tracks.

    After winning the «X-factor» demi They have already released quite expected by the fans disc «Dami Im», which included the single «Alive» which has already become a No. 1 hit in Australia. The album is also very quickly reached the top spot in the national chart. The next Studio work, the singer’s «Heart Beats» there were two new super-hit «Super Love» and «Gladiator» that he was in the top ten.

    In early March 2016, it was announced that demi will be given the honour to represent Australia in Stockholm, where in may was the annual music festival «Eurovision 2016». The singer presented to the audience his song «Sound of Silence». Immediately after the release of this information Korean singer closed in the Studio and a month later released another album «Classic Carpenters», which is a collection of cover versions of famous American Duo «The Carpenters».

    According to the results of voting on «Eurovision 2016» demi They took second place, losing to Jamal, with the victory of Sergey Lazarev.

    Personal life

    In the Christian Church demi he met with retired military named Noah Kim and in 2012, she married him. The wedding took place in Seoul, but living young people in Australia, in the suburb of Logan city.

    Demi does a lot of charity. She is an Ambassador for children’s Fund «Compassion Australia» and helps the pharmaceutical company «You Beauty» that specializiruetsya on the goods for women. In addition, the singer in 2014 became the face of fashion brand «Alannah Hill».


    • 2010 – Dream
    • 2011 – Snow & Carol
    • 2012 – Intimacy
    • 2013 – Dami Im
    • 2014 – Heart Beats
    • 2016 – Classic Carpenters


    Demi Them

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