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  • Name: Demi Moore ( Demetria Gene Harmon )
  • Date of birth: 11 November 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Roswell, United States
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: American actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Demi Moore: biography

    Demetria gene Harmon, better known to us as demi Moore was born in November 1962 in the town of Roswell, in the us state of new Mexico. The future Hollywood star was a very difficult childhood. Even before her birth family left her father Charles Harmon. He soon went to jail, and my mother Virginia king married a second time. Her husband was Dan Heins, advertising Manager, who abused alcohol and was an avid card player. Memories of childhood for demi Moore’s drunken fights at home, and frequent moves (the actress said that the family changed at least 40 cities). Mother demi has repeatedly come to the police station. She got arrested for drunk driving and domestic scandals.

    Married Virginia king and Dan Gainza had son Morgan, half brother demi. After that, the family life becomes unbearable. Demi often runs away from home. At 16 she left school and got a job in a modeling Agency. At 17 she married a rock musician, who was 12 years older than. The purpose of rapid marriage was the desire to get rid of care and the constant tantrums of the mother. Freddy Moore demi soon divorced, leaving himself from this marriage, only a sonorous surname.

    In a modeling Agency demi Moore met with Nastassja Kinski, who advised the girl to try herself as an actress. According to another version, in the film industry demi got thanks to his mother, who had connections on the TV. Supposedly mom to see about the first role for his daughter in the TV series «General Hospital». This film begins with a cinematic biography of demi Moore.

    Say before storming Hollywood, the future artist had plastic surgery of the nose and correct congenital strabismus.


    After finishing the filming of the series demi Moore starred in several films where he played a minor role. The most famous of the first paintings Demetria is a tape «blame it on Rio» and «about what happened last night…».

    In 1985, a young Director Dzh. Schumacher invited the actress to star in his project «St. Elmo’s fire». But he set a strict condition: to stop using drugs, to which demi Moore is addicted lately. To the role in the film Schumacher was very prestigious. Demi underwent a course of rehabilitation and, according, has done away with drugs and alcohol.

    A year later, the actress starred in the film «Wisdom» where appeared as the girlfriend of the protagonist – gangster, wannabe Robin hood.

    After a break connected with the birth of his daughter, demi Moore returned to the set. In 1990, she, along with Patrick Swayze appeared in the famous movie «Ghost», playing the sculptor Molly. The film became a bestseller and brought the huge box office its creators. Although Demetrius appeared in a minor role, but the audience noticed her and remembered.

    But the real glory was waiting for demi Moore in front, and on the way to it, the artist is not particularly neglected the ways of their achievement. Demi was one of the first stars that appeared to luster on the big terms of pregnancy. In the magazine «Vanity Fair» she introduced her readers a photo session where you were totally naked. Then Moore was on the 7th month of pregnancy. Since the shocking and scandalous was used by the actress to attract attention. In 1992, she again starred for the gloss in the Nude, but this time used the male jacket and hat.

    In 1993 demi Moore starred in the film «Indecent proposal». She appeared as the married lady with the permission of the husband enters into a relationship with a billionaire. The actress received an award from the MTV Movie Awards». However, not for professionalism, and for the most beautiful screen kiss.

    No less provocative was and the subsequent role. In the movie «Disclosure», which was released in 1994, demi Moore played an emancipated career woman, the woman for whom cynicism, business acumen and money to completely replace morality. In the movie «the scarlet letter» demi continued to shock viewers. She appeared as the young temptress of a priest. For this he was punished and ordered to death to wear the label – a scarlet letter that symbolized the shame and sinfulness.

    After these pictures, the actress becomes a symbol of feminism. Demi Moore really appreciates your talent. For example, for participation in the film «Striptease», she demanded $ 12 million. None of the stars prior to 1996 were not invited. The artist approached the work in this picture thoroughly: she did some plastic surgeries. With her usual love of the outrageous, demi did not hide the surgery and even advertised their new image. In the film it really looks updated and attractive, that has not prevented critics «reward» her the title of «worst actress 1996».

    However, the failure did not shake the self-esteem of demi Moore. Actress and more was demanded by the Directors. She was offered the role of a strong and emancipated heroines who know how to defend their interests is not worse than the stronger sex. This is well illustrated in the famous film «Soldier Jane», where demi Moore played the girl-soldier special forces. In this picture the actress shaved off her hair.

    Soon career of demi Moore, one of the most expensive Hollywood stars, is on the decline. To remind myself the actress managed in 2003. She appeared in the film «Charlie’s Angels: full throttle», playing a «bad angel.» 41-year-old demi showed her fans a great figure, appearing in a skimpy bikini. Artist again before filming visited the table of plastic surgeon. After a vicious angel demi Moore played a capricious diva-alcoholic in the film «Bobby».

    In 2004, rolling out two more films, well-received by the audience and critics. This movie «Without blemish» and «Who are You, Mr. Brooks?». The spirit of feminism in these projects, as in all the previous with the participation of Hollywood divas, is present.

    In the early 1990s, demi Moore founded his own company «Moving Pictures». Beginning under producer Moore was out of the picture «Now and before» and «if walls could talk», which caused mixed reviews from critics.

    Of the last projects in which there are demi Moore, it can be noted the film «the Joneses» and «Just a great feeling.»

    Personal life

    2 years after her divorce from rock musician Freddy Moore the actress was married to Bruce Willis. The couple had been married for 13 years. They had three daughters named Rumer Glenn, Scout Larue and Tallow Belle. The youngest daughter was born in 1994.

    5 years after her divorce from Bruce Willis in 2005, demi Moore got married for the third time. Her husband is actor Ashton Kutcher. First, a considerable age difference (Kutcher is 16 years younger than Moore) did not affect the relationship of the couple. Demi even changed her last name to Kutcher. But in 2011 the marriage started to crumble. Demi has officially stated that it breaks the relationship with Ashton. The reason for the gap becomes the random relationship of the actor with the 22-year-old girl for Sarah Lil, who without hesitation told reporters about the details carried out with Kutcher the night.

    In 2012, Kutcher filed for divorce. Demi Moore is very painful to pass through this break. Officially the divorce was finalized in November 2013.


    • The seventh sign
    • Ghost
    • Indecent proposal
    • GI Jane
    • Striptease
    • Charlie’s angels: full throttle
    • If the walls could talk
    • Bobby


    Demi Moore

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