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  • Name: David Lynch ( David Keith Lynch )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1946.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Missoula, United States
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, musician
  • Marital status: married

    David Lynch biography

    His directorial style is surrealism and mysticism, but without cinematic clichés. In his films felt powerful energy that grabs the audience from the first frame and not let go until the credits.

    David Lynch was born January 20, 1946. He spent his childhood in a small town in Montana. David’s father, a scientist, worked in the Ministry of agriculture. The son followed in his footsteps. Since childhood, Lynch was drawn to the unknown and mystical, especially carcasses of dead animals, which he neatly stacked in boxes and has long been considered. One of his Hobbies was preparing the compositions of dead flies. If David Lynch were a normal child, obedient, quiet, he did well in school.

    David Lynch in childhood
    David Lynch in childhood | Personality

    The family frequently moved from one city to another, following his father. David often had to change school with classmates he was not very friendly and not worried because of the frequent crossings.

    Growing up, Lynch hadn’t lost his hobby. On the contrary, frequent in the local morgue, where I watched with interest as pathologists cut up dead bodies. He even took pictures of decomposed bodies. His second passion was the stories about the afterlife. By the way, in its existence and believes now.

    David Lynch dreamed of becoming an artist, so in 1963 he enrolled in the school of art in Washington, and after 3 years he moved to the Academy of fine arts in Pennsylvania.


    The first cinematic experience David gained at the Academy. In 1967, he made the animated film «puking 6 figures» – it only lasted about 1 minute. In the same year was another experiment – avant-garde film «the Alphabet».

    David Lynch on the film
    David Lynch on the film «eraserhead» | Best Movie Directors

    Working on his first full-length film Lynch began in 1972. It was a project of «eraserhead». The shooting lasted 5 years, but after the premiere of David Lynch has become a cult Director. He was noticed and offered the cooperation of Mel Brooks. In 1980, the Studio Brooks released film «the Elephant Man», which was nominated for «Oscar», received the Grand Prix at the festival of fantastic films.

    Directorial triumph of David Lynch became a detective and mystical series «twin Peaks», which was released in 1990. In the same year his drama «Wild at heart» won the main prize at the Cannes film festival. In 1994, viewers saw the mysterious film of Lynch’s «lost Highway». Complex plot, perfect editing, mystical music – all the elements acted on the audience magically.

    After the project «lost Highway» Lynch directed «the straight story», in which there is no mystery, the plot is simple and naive. This is a story about an elderly man who travels the thousands of kilometres to his brother on the small mower. In this work the Director has proven that he is capable not only surreal projects. Unfortunately, society cool took his experiment from the master expected more.

    Naomi watts and David Lynch on the film
    Naomi watts and David Lynch on the film «Mulholland Drive» | TVC

    Soon, David Lynch returned to his beloved style. In 2000 came «Mulholland drive». This film won two awards for directing in Toronto and Cannes. In the fall of 2006 at the Venice film festival premiere of «Inland Empire» is the latest project of Lynch. He got the «Golden lion».


    Music has always held a special place in the life and films of David Lynch. According to the Director, the real beauty of the music, he opened Angelo Badalamenti, who has written songs for many projects Lynch.

    In 2000 and the Director himself seriously interested in electronic music. A year later he released his first album «BlueBob». In autumn 2010, Lynch presented the single «Good Day Today» in which the vocals are distorted with the help of computer technology. After a year, David Lynch released his first solo album called «Crazy Clown Time», and in July 2013 – his second solo album entitled «The Big Dream».

    Personal life

    First wife of Lynch was Peggy Lents, they were married in Chicago in 1967. In 1968, Peggy gave birth to a daughter Jenny. Later she became a filmmaker. The marriage was short-lived – in 1974 the couple divorced.

    Three years after the divorce, the Lynch married a second time. His wife was Mary Fisk, sister of his friend. After 5 years of marriage in 1982, they had a son Austin. And after 5 years the marriage collapsed.

    David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini
    David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini | LiveJournal

    After parting with Mary, the filmmaker met the actress Isabella Rossellini. Their affair lasted 4 years. Then he lived in a civil marriage with Mary Sweeney, who had worked with the film editor. In 1992, Mary gave birth to a son. They formalized the relationship in may 2006 and within two months after the wedding said that part.

    In early 2009, David Lynch recorded the third official marriage. This time his choice was actress Emily Stofle, whom he met on the set of «Inland Empire». Emily is younger than David for 30 years, but the age difference does not bother spouses. In 2012, she gave birth to the Director’s daughter. Girl named Lulu the Goddess in honor of the heroine of the painting «Wild at heart». Lynch and Stohl live in their own mansion in California.

    David Lynch and Emily Stofle | Woman Project

    In his spare time, Director of photography and painting. Back in the late 70s he became interested in meditation. Lynch paid a million dollars for training with master Maharishi Mahesh yogi and took it in the summer of 2002. In California, David Lynch came back «enlightened». Over the years he directed only one film, but visited 30 countries with lectures about transcendental meditation.


    • Inland Empire
    • «Lost highway»
    • «A simple story»
    • «Dune»
    • Wild at heart
    • «Country dumb»
    • «Twin Peaks: Through the fire»
    • «Mulholland Drive»
    • «Eraserhead»
    • «Grandma»


    David Lynch in his youth

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