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  • Name: David Fincher ( David Andrew Leo Fincher )
  • Date of birth: 28 August 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Denver, Colorado
  • Height: 184
  • Activity: film Director, music video Director
  • Marital status: married

    David Fincher: biography

    David Fincher is a famous American film Director, author of such widely known films as «the Social network» «Fight club,» «the curious case of Benjamin Button,» «the Girl with the dragon tattoo» and many others. Also Fincher has established himself as a great Director of music videos who has worked with many pop and rock stars.

    He was born in the town of Denver, located in the heart of America in the state of Colorado. But pretty soon my parents put son in California, where his father, a reporter and journalist Howard Kelly Fincher was offered a better paying job. The boy’s mother, Claire Mae Boettcher, a nurse was high class, so it was not essential, where to live and work: it was everywhere in demand.

    David was only seven years old when he became convinced in the desire to associate with the cinema. The fact that the child looked popular Western «Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid» and wanted to become a Director. A year later he confidently held in hands the camera and filmed their own short films, of course, the children’s level.

    Special education Fincher is not received. Right after school he got a job as a labourer at a film Studio and watched how exactly is the process of creating masterpieces. The second part of the epic «Star wars» «Empire strikes back» made the young man the impression that he made every effort and went into the special effects created by George Lucas. Among other things, the authorship of David are the effects in such films as «Indiana Jones and the temple of doom», «the neverending story», «return of the Jedi».


    Later, the 22-year-old specialist receives an offer to become a Director, however, commercials. David Fincher never gave up and managed to raise the ad creation process to an art form. Loud was his social clip commissioned by the American cancer society, which shows how a baby smoke in the womb. For the mid 80-ies of such effects was on the verge of fantasy. He also created a bright and bold clips for brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike and Levi’s.

    Also from the «pen» of the Director released many music videos. He directed videos for such stars as George Michael, the group «Aerosmith», Michael Jackson, sting, Justin Timberlake and many others. But the biggest success of David Fincher has made in collaboration with Madonna.

    Along with this extravagant singer they took quite a lot of clips that is possible to call mini-movies: «Bad Girl» «Oh Father», «Vogue». The last of them at the awards ceremony MTV 1990 appeared in all nine nominations, becoming the record holder for number of victories in history, and Fincher was voted best Director-music video Director of the late 20th century.


    The first film, which was directed by David Fincher, was the third part of the fantastic Saga «Alien», which was a continuation of the works of film Directors Ridley Scott and James Cameron. The picture was not very successful in commercial terms, but for Fincher entrenched feature film Director with his own vision, and are ready to defend the view in front of producers and project managers.

    The first known film of David was based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk «Fight club». Here the Director managed to prove himself as a man of ironic, is able to gently ridicule the shortcomings of society. The picture became the leader of the video store and was among the iconic films required for viewing.

    Later, Fincher shot the Thriller «the panic Room», detective «zodiac» and a biopic about the Creator of Facebook mark Zuckerberg «Social network». This film was awarded an Oscar, Golden globe and other prestigious awards.

    The last three of the Director’s work has consistently received the highest scores. It was a detective story «the girl with the dragon tattoo», a political series «house of cards» and the Thriller «Vanished». At the moment David Fincher focused work on a new television series about real serial killers «Hunter mind», which plans to broadcast in early 2017.

    Personal life

    David Fincher was first married in 1990, in the Wake of his success in the music segment. His wife was the model and photographer Dona, Fiorentino. This Union gave the world the girl Felix Imogen Fincher, but lasted only 5 years. Later, the former wife of Fincher married the famous actor Gary Oldman, but he was able to be together about the same length of time.

    The Director soon found happiness with producer sian Chaffin, whom he met during a collaboration on his film «Fight club.» Sian now promotes all pictures of her husband.

    David Fincher has repeatedly recognized that someone else’s opinion for it has almost no value, and he always does what he thinks is right and necessary.


    • 1992 — Alien 3
    • 1997 — the Game
    • 1999 — Fight club
    • 2002 — panic Room
    • 2007 — zodiac
    • 2008 — the curious case of Benjamin Button
    • 2010 — the Social network
    • 2011 — the Girl with the dragon tattoo
    • 2013 — house of cards
    • 2014 — Disappeared


    David Fincher

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