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  • Name: David Eyre ( David Ayer )
  • Date of birth: 18 January 1968
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Champaign, Illinois, USA
  • Height: 189
  • Activity: American film Director, screenwriter, actor
  • Marital status: married

    David Eyre : biography

    Famous Hollywood writer and Director David Eyre (right David Ayer, but most of it sounds like air) born in the U.S. state of Illinois in January 1968. The first years of the life of the son family spent in Champaign. But then Aery moved to Bloomington, and thence to the suburbs of Washington Bethesda (Maryland).

    After high school, David Eyre moved to Los Angeles. Here he had a cousin whose kid stopped. David dreamed of becoming submariners, so when he turned 18, enlisted in the Navy. On a nuclear submarine, the future star of the dream factory was engaged in sonar.

    Later life experiences useful to David in the film, the work which began immediately after the service.


    «Sea» phase of life has great impact on the further work of the Director and screenwriter. The first scenario Eyre was written under the impression from the service on a nuclear submarine, and lives in Los Angeles.

    Star cinematic biography of David Eyre began action painting «tough times» in which the main characters played by famous Hollywood actors Christian bale and Eva Longoria. This film is not only about military service, but also about drama based on a key character from the drug. The storyline of the film tells about Titanic attempts of the hero to return to normal life.

    Drama crime become the main cinematic genres, which often speaks David Eyre.

    Popularity came to the Air after the release of the hit «Training day». Here David acted as writer and co-producer of the film. The protagonist of this action-Packed film was played the incomparable Denzel Washington. He «Training day» brought «Oscar» as the best actor.

    Soon in the same as writer and co-producer – David Eyre acted in the acclaimed Thriller «U-571», which starred Matthew McConaughey and Harvey Keitel. This project was a great success, although incomparable with the first hit. But from that moment the glory of the writer stuck to the Air. He owns the scripts for such a wonderful and loved by millions of viewers projects like «fast and furious» in which the main character played by VIN Diesel, «SWAT: SWAT city of angels» with Colin Farrell and «Dark Blue», where the image of a key character got the incomparable Kurt Russell.

    International recognition and a real, resounding fame came to the Director and writer after the release of the rating of the drama series «Patrol», which focuses on the harsh realities of the Los Angeles cops. It is noteworthy that most of the onscreen events Director taken from life and personal experience, so the series looks at one go.

    From the latest movies, scripts, and directing which include air, you can highlight some of the most striking and rating. First of all, this action-Packed picture «street Kings,» «Sabotage» and «Rage». In the latest tape got a small role himself and David, even though in the credits it is not specified.

    The new film, which today completes the filmography of the air, this is a Thriller with elements of fantasy «suicide Squad», which premiered in Moscow in early August 2016. Critics predict high ratings of the project. Eyre was invited to play the main character Desota himself will Smith. The presence in the painting of such Hollywood stars as named by Smith, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie, and excellent production of a Hollywood master of fighters ensures that the film will be a best seller of the season and will receive a generous cash charges.

    Personal life

    If on exciting projects Hollywood Director and screenwriter known to all, the personal life of David air tightly closed from prying eyes. It is known that he has long been married to actress Mary Eyre (Ayer) and the marriage happy. But this is all the information on private life of a couple exhausted.


    • «Tough times»
    • «Training day»
    • «U-571»
    • «S. W. A. T. SWAT city of angels»
    • «Fast and furious»
    • «Patrol»
    • «Street kings»
    • «Sabotage»
    • «Fury»
    • «Suicide squad»


    David Eyre

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