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  • Name: David Duchovny ( David Duchovny )
  • Date of birth: 7 August 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 184
  • Activity: American actor, screenwriter, producer, Director, writer and musician
  • Marital status: Divorced

    David Duchovny: biography

    David Duchovny is one of the popular Hollywood actors who has received world popularity thanks to the role of special agent Fox Mulder in the TV series «Secret materials» and writer Hank Moody in the comic-erotic series «Californication». The actor’s professionalism allowed the actor to become the owner of two Golden globes as best dramatic and Comedy actor. In 2016, David was awarded a star on the Hollywood «walk of fame».

    David Duchovny was born in new York on 7 Aug 1960 in a large and poor families. His mother, Margaret Duchovny was Scottish, she worked as a teacher in a normal school, then as David’s father, Amram Duchovny, was a Jew of Russian origin, was a journalist and in his time wrote several books, including the autobiographical novel. David’s parents divorced 11 years after his birth, he has a brother Daniel and sister Lori.

    Childhood of the future Hollywood star was no different from normal children, a boy really grew up slightly withdrawn and uncommunicative. But extraordinary mind of David revealed to him the way to a prestigious school in new York, where he studied with John Kennedy, Jr., with whom the actor and currently maintains friendly relations.

    After high school, David Duchovny successfully enrolled in Princeton University at the faculty of education, money for training which was earned independently as a lifeguard, bartender or truck products. Later David received a master’s degree in literature in England at the University of Yale and was going to defend his thesis for the doctoral degree in philosophy. And yet some of the events of his life forced him to change that decision that happened later.

    While working on his dissertation, the future actor signed up for acting classes, resulting in a theatrical play became a kind of hobby, which subsequently completely changed the biography of David Duchovny.


    For the first time on television Duchovny appeared in 1987, starring in short the beer is Löwenbräu. At this time he decided to stop working on the dissertation and fully turned its attention to stagecraft. The attractive and unusual appearance, and a furious desire to become an actor, David was able to get into the world of cinema.

    Just a year after the debut in the movie «Business woman», it drew the attention of Director David Lynch has made an interesting offer to play a transvestite in the mystical series «twin Peaks», from which an aspiring actor, of course, refused.

    After a cameo role in «twin Peaks» rising Hollywood star, received an invitation to the shooting of the series «red Shoe Diaries», where she played the abandoned lover. This is considered the initial stage in the career of the actor.

    The popularity came to David in 1993 with the beginning of the filming of the series «Secret Materials». This picture became a hit on television, after which the name Spiritual was firmly associated in people with agent Mulder, who is paired with Dana Scully, a role which was played by Gillian Anderson.

    In 2007 he began shooting the television series «Californication» or «Californian», where Duchovny plays a major role of the writer who experiences personal and creative crisis. Hollywood actor for all seasons was completely given to the work in this series, which for seven years on the air gained cult status. In 2014, viewers saw 7 the final season of «Californication», but the rest of the film, the actor has failed.

    In the summer of 2015 David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are working on a new season of «Secret materials», the premiere of which took place on 24 January 2016. The new season of the series «Secret materials» consists of six episodes.

    Famous actors, Directors, and employees of the survey sites who worked with David Duchovny, note that the job site he’s acting openly, rarely provokes a debate and it’s always laid out to achieve a great result.

    Personal life

    Personal life David Duchovny has always actively discussed in the media. Actor for a long time could not find a permanent life partner, as it was not satisfied with a monogamous relationship. Has a beautiful appearance. the actor never suffered from lack of female attention, he had Affairs with actress Perry Reeves and Winona Ryder, which did not last long.

    In 1997, the global star still found the one with whom I wanted to do with my life. He married actress Tea Leoni, who bore him a daughter Madeleine West (1999). and a son, Kyd Miller (2002). After 11 years of marriage, the actors decided to leave, after which the actor has officially admitted that suffers from hypersexuality. After the treatment at a private clinic, the actor has again decided to reunite with his family and in 2009 the couple began to live together. However, in 2011 the family Duchovny appeared again the differences that destroyed their marriage. In 2014, the couple officially divorced.

    Lately the press is full of rumors about the novel with a partner Duchovny on «Secret materials» Gillian Anderson. There is a perception that agents Scully and Mulder not only meet, but secretly issued a marriage. The actors refuse to comment on their relationship.


    • «Twin Peaks»
    • Beethoven
    • «Chaplin»
    • «Californication»
    • The x-files
    • «The lone gunmen»
    • «Red Shoe Diaries»
    • «Millennium»
    • «Sex in the city»
    • «Aquarius»
    • «Come back to me»
    • «Ecstasy»
    • «Ruby»


  • David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

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