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  • Name: David Cameron ( David William Donald Cameron )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Height: 186
  • Activity: British politician, Prime Minister, leader of the Conservative party
  • Marital status: Married

    David Cameron: biography

    David Cameron is the youngest Prime Minister of great Britain from 1812, has a modern, but fairly informal approach to politics. He reached the political stage in the composition of the Conservative party, winning recognition from voters with the promise to change the old-fashioned policy of the United Kingdom, which was dominated by mainly labor views. For the post of Prime Minister Cameron was not in the best of Britain – the budget deficit forced him to enter the country in the austerity regime, which caused outrage among the population who saw in the policy of the head of the government support only elites, not ordinary citizens.

    Born David William Donald Cameron 9 October 1966 in the British capital in a noble and wealthy family. His parents, Ian Donald Cameron and Mary Fleur mount, was the aristocratic roots among the descendants of the present Prime Minister of Britain king William IV, known to the British parliamentarians, conservatives, financiers and bankers. He was the third of four children in a family in which education was based on love, support, and rigor.

    In 7 years, the future politician began to attend the most prestigious school in the Kingdom of Waterdown in Winkfield in which the previously studied children of Elizabeth II. School David Cameron were not allocated special achievements, as was the «middle» student-horoshistom. But then it began to Wake up interest to the General conservatism, and set the direction of career policy.

    After graduating from preparatory school Cameron according to family tradition, enrolled at Eton College, and then graduated from the University of Oxford. At Oxford he distinguished himself as the best student, and having passed excellent examinations on politics, Economics and philosophy, received the diploma of the first degree. After the University of the future British Prime Minister was going to do journalism or banking, but fate had decided otherwise – he got a job in the research Department of the Conservative party, and that was a good beginning of a successful political career.


    The first three years in politics David Cameron is engaged in the development of strategy for the Conservative party and preparing speeches of the then incumbent British Prime Minister John major. He showed himself to be industrious and proactive employee, for which he received his first promotion and was appointed head of the political Department of the party.

    In 1992, Cameron was appointed adviser to the Chancellor of the exchequer of great Britain to Norman Lamont, and a year later became a special adviser to the interior Minister Michael Howard. That time, the political activities of the future Prime Minister of Britain was marked by «black Wednesday,» when London was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European monetary system, has been a disaster for the economy. Being able to hold the party’s trust, Cameron decided for some time to retire from politics and to gain professional experience abroad.

    Then he got a job in a London broadcaster Carlton Communications, which has received the position of Director of communication relations. In close Association with journalists, the politician worked for 7 years, then decided to leave the company to participate in the parliamentary elections. The first three attempts to get Cameron to the House of Commons was a failure, but in 2001 he managed to achieve his goal and to get into Parliament.

    In the House of Commons, he received a prominent position for a young member of Parliament and became the Chairman of the special Committee on internal Affairs. In 2005 he was elected Chairman of the Conservative party and as the leader of the opposition entered into a Secret Royal Council of great Britain, and also became the shadow Minister of education in the country. The next 5 years, the politician who calls himself a «eurosceptic», actively showed his antiglobalists stance against the expansion of EU integration, against the ban on hunting and anti-terrorism laws against the exclusion of hereditary peers from the house of lords, and for the granting of rights of sexual minorities and for the war in Iraq.

    During this period, David Cameron has become a popular British politician that allowed him to win the strong support of voters and overthrow the labour party that was in power in the UK. In 2010, after the resignation of the head of government and leader of the labour party Gordon brown, Cameron received an offer from the Queen to form a coalition government and became the youngest Prime Minister of Britain over the last 200 years.

    The Prime Minister of great Britain

    The rise of Cameron to the political summit coincided with a sharp budget deficit of the country. So he had to spend a number of radical and tough reforms, namely, to raise taxes, cut social benefits, increase tuition fees in universities and to freeze public sector wages. It caused in Britain, the first in the last few decades a national strike. However, he managed to reduce the budget deficit to a minimum and to withdraw the United Kingdom from the economic crisis to a stable state.

    As Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron continues to adhere to conservative principles. He advocates freedom of business, has a strict immigration policy that supports traditional family structures. Thus it was with him in Britain, a law was passed to legalize same-sex marriage in the Kingdom. He also continues to fight for independence from the European Union and requires to reconsider the policy of the EU by giving national governments more leeway in their countries.

    At the expense of David Cameron: a law to toughen rules of granting people in need of social housing, reform of free medicine for all residents of the UK, the equality act, the question of succession. He is also a member of the broad charitable activities in the country, which donates money to rehabilitate drug addicts and expensive treatment of children.

    Personal life

    Personal life of David Cameron, unlike many political leaders of other European countries, never hid from the public. He married in 1996, aristocrat Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield. Stepfather of Samantha was part of the government structure of the British Prime Minister John major, in whose reign he began his political career Cameron. In the family of the Prime Minister of great Britain born four children, the eldest of whom died in 2009 from epilepsy.

    In free from the politics of the time, the British leader committed to the family and Hobbies, namely, horse riding, football, hunting, tennis and cooking. He also enjoys art and loves rock music. Even before his election as Prime Minister of great Britain he was widely known cyclist in the territory of their country, so as to work in Parliament went on a two-wheeled «friend» that he even kidnapped a few times.

    In 2015, the society broke out loud mediastinal, which provoked the book «Call me Davey» written by ‘ childhood friend Cameron Michael Ashcroft. In the so-called avtobiografii Prime Minister of the United Kingdom contains a number of interesting facts from the biography «wild youth» policy. The student friend of the British Prime Minister told Cameron in Oxford was in the prestigious community of «piers Gaveston», for the entry in which he had to go through a specific rite of passage.

    The episode with the pig, which in society policy are to blame for the «sex with dead animals», was loudly discussed in the Network, as Cameron had not discussed just lazy, and «Pig Cameron», was the star of the majority of microblogging. Also the author of the article claims that in his youth, David Cameron had used soft drugs, what the politician did not even bother to refute publicly, saying that he had a normal «University experience».


    David Cameron

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