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  • Name: David Callev ( David Tsallaev )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Vladikavkaz
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actor, producer, Director and captain of KVN team «Pyramid»
  • Marital status: married

    David Callev : biography

    David Callev was born in October 1982 in the South of Russia, in Vladikavkaz. He is Ossetian by nationality. Congenital sparkling sense of humour and zest for life brought David to play in the Club of cheerful and resourceful. To play in the WHC he was still in high school. The activity is so captivated the boy that after graduating from secondary school David Callev continued to write jokes and act as the actor of KVN in the Gorsky agrarian University, where he studied at the faculty of energy.


    Biography of David Calleva started in the national team of North Ossetia-Alania, which was called «Pyramid» and was formed by the merger of two other teams of Vladikavkaz in 2004. Shortly after Callev was elected captain of the «Pyramid», the team began to take his first notable success.

    In 2006, the «Pyramid» headed by David, was successfully launched in the Premier League and won the Small kivin in Light. Viewers remember this bright team, which first played in black-and-green jerseys, which was changed to a pink shirt. Their jokes and humorous rooms, most of which came up with captain David Callev, distinguished by a wide range of topics: from the social to the multi-cultural.

    It is noteworthy that players are not «tied» his sense of humor to his native region, as did other regional teams. The KVN team from Vladikavkaz often pleasing to the eye of the viewer a complex costumed scenes that involved the whole team.

    Next 2007 David Calleva headed by the «Pyramid» was more successful. «Pyramid» reached the final, though lost by one point to rivals. In 2008, the team again reached the finals, but the second «silver» so knocked players out of the rut that they have decided to discontinue their participation in the regular season. In early 2010, «Pyramid», followed by the applause of the audience, symbolically left the stage at the festival in Sochi.


    2 years before the team ceased participating in games in a creative career of David Calleva started a new page. He tried his hand as a creative producer of the new comic project called «Comedy Woman». The debut was very successful and in 2008, Callev participated in the emergence of another successful project – «ProjectorParisHilton».

    In 2010, David Callev recognizable person in the domestic show-business. It often appears as a participant in the Comedy show «Comedy battle». And David is known as the editor of the League of KVN «Rise» Director of show programs «Nezlobin and Gudkov».

    Personal life

    In his spare time David Callev maintains its physical shape, doing sports. He preferred Greco-Roman wrestling. It is known that a side effect from these sessions, turned out to be a broken left ear.

    Personal life of David Calleva is the beloved wife Madina Jioeva. With the Ossetian beauty comedian dated for a few years. Their wedding was marked by widely and on a large scale: it was attended by about 1,000 people. Among them are many famous people from team players «Pyramids» in its entirety to the participants of «Comedy Woman» and other projects, which is producing David Callev. The wedding ceremony was held in accordance with the Ossetian traditions in the homeland celebrate in Vladikavkaz.


    David Callev

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