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  • Name: Dave Franco ( David John Franco )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, Director, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Dave Franco: a biography

    David John Franco, better known as Dave Franco is an American actor, writer, Director and producer. The most famous films with his participation are «the Illusion of deception», «Warm bodies», «the Double life of Charlie St. cloud».

    Dave was born in the Californian town of Palo Alto. His father Douglas Eugene had his own business in Silicon Valley, and mother, Betsy Lee has published his poetry and prose. For art were related and both grandmothers actor: one owned an art gallery «Gate» and the other wrote books for teenagers. In the family, except David was raised by his two older brothers, Tom and James Franco, both became Hollywood stars.

    Growing up in a creative environment, Franco, and he loved art. But at the insistence of the parents went to the University of South Carolina, a diploma which allowed him to be a teacher of English language and literature. However, studying in the second year, the young man began to visit the student theatre and later Manager his brother encouraged him to try his hand at cinema.


    The debut of Dave Franco was held in 2006 in the famous family show «Seventh heaven». Then there was a small appearance on the screen in such projects as «University», «Spoiled», «Clinic».

    Well the actor played in the Comedy «Argparse», the melodrama «After sex,» the horror film «shortcut». It is worth noting the biographical drama about the first politics-gay «Harvey milk», where Dave was the first to cooperate with big brother. It was on the one hand a great experience, and the other Franco Jr. finally realized that he needed to be out from under the wing of James, and to go his own way.

    It comes from their General agent and accepts the invitation of the producer of the mystical drama «the Double life of Charlie St. cloud». It was his first success, followed by work in the teen horror film «fright Night», the Comedy horror film «Rotten meat», a parody of the action movie «Macho and nerdy».

    At the same time, Dave Franco begins to write scripts and make short films as a Director. To the masses they are unknown, because the young man only gaining experience, but such work he has already gained more than a dozen.

    But her acting career Franco Jr. did not stop. Black Comedy «Warm bodies» made public once again to talk about Dave how about a good artist, and Thriller «the Illusion of deception» brought him in the category of real stars. Finally, a comparison with the brother disappeared, and the actor was able to finally relax. In 2016 released the sequel to this film, and already planned the next part of the «Illusions».

    After this success, Dave Franco decided to choose only the most prominent Directors. On this principle he agreed to participate in the Comedy «Neighbors. On the trail of war» adventure fiction «Other space», the painting-the welter of «in Between» and the Thriller «Nerve».

    Personal life

    Previously, Dave Franco had some serious star novels, of which the most famous were romantic relationship with canadian actress, Shena Grimes, the star of the series «Teenagers from street Degrassi» and the American singer and actress Dianna Agron, which viewers know the musical «the Choir».

    In may 2012, the actor started Dating another actress, Alison brie. This time, it seems, the feelings of Frank Jr. so deep that he is willing to part with bachelorhood. At least in August 2015, the couple announced their engagement. However, the wedding date has not yet said.


    • 2007 — After sex
    • 2008 — Short way
    • 2010 — the Double life of Charlie St. cloud
    • 2011 — fright Night
    • 2011 — Rotten meat
    • 2012 — the macho and the nerd
    • 2013 — Warm bodies
    • 2013 — the Illusion of deception
    • 2014 — Neighbors. On the warpath
    • 2015 — Between times
    • 2016 — the Nerve


    Dave Franco

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