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  • Name: Dasha Astafieva ( Daria Astafieva )
  • Date of birth: 4 August 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Cover, Dnipropetrovsk oblast
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: model, singer, TV presenter, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Dasha Astafieva biography

    Daria Astafieva is a Ukrainian model, singer of the band «NikitA», the television presenter and actress. First popularity came to her after Dasha appeared on the cover of a jubilee issue of men’s magazine «Playboy».

    She was born in Dnipropetrovsk region, in a small town Cover, which then still was called Ordzhonikidze. The girl’s parents were working people – my father worked on the railroad, and my mother was an employee of the hothouse. The family grew the younger brother of Dasha, Eugene.

    Daria in childhood was a versatile child went to the craft circle, she drew beautifully and danced for many years was engaged in sports acrobatics. But at school she had problems Astafieva did not study very hard, surviving on from threes to fours. In addition, the girl had a complicated relationship with peers due to the fact that she had a slender figure, and her face was often traces of allergic rash.

    After receiving the matriculation Dasha Astafieva entered the directing Department of the Dnepropetrovsk College of culture, where revealed at once in several areas. First, the lessons of vocal arts brought a girl to the casting of Ukrainian «factory of stars», and secondly, she has blossomed as a woman, that did not go unnoticed by representatives of modeling agencies.


    At the age of 16 Dasha Astafyeva participated in the beauty contest «Miss Dnepropetrovsk», which brought useful contacts. One of my colleagues advised the girl to a professional model portfolio. Daria went to the photographer and, in addition to the standard photo, took a few pictures in the style of «Nude».

    Through these photographs she was able to interest the editors of the Ukrainian edition «Playboy» and became the playmate of the month in April 2006, and in 2007 was named playmate of the year. The photo shoot of the young Ukrainian models reprinted in 15 foreign journals, and interest allowed Dasha to be among the six most striking beauties of the world, which was in jubilee magazine, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of «Playboy».


    In parallel with his career as a model Darya Astafeva started to break in the musical Olympus. First, she successfully passed the casting of the reality show «star Factory» and even got to the final, while the prize she has not got. And then the singer together with Yulia Kavtaradze formed the Duo «NikitA».

    In 2009 the group released their debut album «the Machine» and was a contender for a trip to the international contest «Eurovision». A very wide resonance was received by a video for the song «Rope» in the first place due to the assignment of a «18+». Also enjoyed the success of hits such as «Bite», «Queen» and «Soldier».

    In 2014, the world saw a new album «the Owner», recorded in a different composition. To Dasha Kavtaradze Julia is joined by Anastasia Kumeyko, and Yuliya and then Brichkovskaya. The most outstanding songs from this album was «Avocado», «Chemistry» and «Do». The last song of the band today have new singles «Breathe» and «ROPES».

    Movies and TV

    But the model and the music business, talented Dasha Astafieva is not limited. She worked as a presenter of the entertainment program «Cinema», then led the weather forecast on the TV channel «M1». Also, she was the author of your own erotic headings in the printed edition of the «BLIC».

    Besides, Daria was always interested in cinema. In 2005 she first appeared in an episode of the American sitcom «the Neighbor» and then starred in the Ukrainian and Russian projects. The major works of the actress are considered to be the melodrama «Lovers in Kiev», the adventure Comedy «the Island of luck» is a humorous and romantic story «Valentine’s Night».

    Personal life

    First love Dasha Astafyeva was a boy from school, and it was she who acted as the catalyst and engine of their relationship. The young people were together for about seven years, but then their life interests and priorities become very different and the couple broke up.

    When Daria took the leading position among the models of Playboy magazine, began to talk about her affair with 82-year-old founder of this edition of Hugh Hefner. But, despite the fact that the billionaire really showed to Ukrainian beauty some attention, the relationship between them wasn’t any, except working and friendly.

    Later Astafiev many times seen in the company of Ukrainian businessman Ivan Tarsina who is actively involved in charity, helping disadvantaged children. But today the heart of the spectacular and attractive model, singer, actress and TV presenter is free for new love.


    • 2009 — Machine
    • 2014 — Master
    • 2015 — Vodopadom
    • 2015 — Breathe
    • 2016 — ROPES


    • 2005 — the Neighbor
    • 2011 — chiropractor
    • 2011 — Lovers in Kiev
    • 2011 — Witch
    • 2013 — What men are doing!
    • 2013 — Island of luck
    • 2016 — Occupation
    • 2016 — Valentine’s Night


    Dasha Astafieva

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