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  • Name: Daria Sagalova ( Darya Sagalova )
  • Date of birth: 14 December 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Podolsk
  • Activities: actress, choreographer, presenter
  • Marital status: married to Konstantin Maslennikov

    Daria Sagalova: biography

    Many TV viewers know actress Daria Sagalova on the role Sveta Bukina from TV series «Happy together». But in reality, a talented artist is the complete opposite of her character: she knows several languages, graduated from high school with a silver medal and it is not characterized by levity.

    The girl was born in one of maternity hospitals in city Podolsk 14 Dec 1984. Daria was getting exceptionally good grades in school and early childhood proved to be a talented and active. In six years Sagalova seriously fond of dancing and became engaged in choreographic Studio «Fantasy». The girl seriously walked to the classroom and soon got into the first team, with whom he went to speak at numerous festivals.

    After one of the performances she was approached by the Director of the theater Oleg Bogatin and offered to try to play on stage. Like many girls, young artist in dreams often imagined herself a Princess, and to abandon the role of Cinderella just couldn’t. She came in for her audition and some time even rehearsing together with a theatrical troupe. But the show decided to cancel and talented actress was offered a small role in the crowd, and then a Central role in the production of «the Nutcracker». In 2003 she made her theatrical debut in the image of Marie.

    Daria Sagalova: choreography

    Despite a fairly successful start as an actress of the theatre after high school, Daria decided to make a bid to the dance and entered the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. The girl approved to work in the State theatre of film actor.

    University Sagalova graduated with honors in 2009 and opened my own dance Studio, which is called very simply — «Dance School Darya Sagalovoj». In disciples, the artist has prepared children who want to improve their skills. In addition to the standard programs in their plasticity and dances Daria teaches the basics of acting and ways of conveying emotion in dance, that add her unique learning style.

    Since 2013, the artist develops another popular profession, a leading television programs. Her debut show «Five responses» on TV channel «NTV», and in 2014 joined the program «I’m right» and «Culinary star».

    Daria Sagalova movies

    The actress began to offer movie roles from the very first years of study. In 2005 Daria debuted in four films. She got a small and inconspicuous role, which just became the Foundation for her future achievements. On the set Sagalova learned how to behave in front of the camera and store the necessary experience.

    Thanks to its memorable appearance and superior dance skills Daria had a supporting role Umki, dancers in the style of «go-go» in the youth series «Club».

    In 2006 started preparations for the shooting of the Russian adaptation of the TV series «Married… with children», which in Russia is called «

  • Happy together». The plot of the couple of the main characters was a girl, naive and incredibly attractive student who embodied all the stereotypes about blondes. The casting agents began their search several times and invited Darya to audition. But at that time she worked in theater and studied at the University, she constantly was not time to come to the Studio. On a casting she came almost in the last day and was just amazed the entire crew one hundred percent hit in the image. But the actress character Sveta Bukina liked immediately: the producers of the show took a long time to persuade the actress to play this role. Daria scared pretty tight shooting schedule and the number of series, however, Timur Weinstein managed to find a girl with a common language and come to compromise.

    The image of the silly blonde brought Darya’s popularity in the vastness of his native country. It began to learn on the streets and create fan clubs, which gathered under its banner the many fans of Sagalovoy. It got to the point that fans in her native Podolsky suggested the administration to rename a street in honor of their idol. But, of course, the greatest love won Darya from the male part of the audience, who after her shots in the men’s magazine «Maxim», not one voice has called her a sex symbol of Russia.

    However, with the popularity of the image Bukina was a downside: the audience and many filmmakers didn’t take more than a talented actress in other roles. She was only offered similar roles, or otherwise duplicating the way Svetlana is already remembered by the audience of the sitcom.

    To dispel the prevailing image around her, Daria Sagalova takes part in the filming of the drama television series «she-Wolf» and the movie «Never forget!». In the second picture, the actress appeared before the audience in the role of unscrupulous and selfish heroine Marina, who is not afraid to use forbidden techniques to their advantage.

    In 2011, the actress returned to television, appearing first in the series «hot pursuit» and the fantasy film «the Secret city», filmed on the eponymous series of books by Vadim Panov.

    Daria Sagalova: personal life

    For a long time well-known actress chose to hide her personal life from the eyes of journalists. But in 2011 it became known that Sagalova married to your lover

  • Konstantin Maslennikov, which has long met. The wedding took place in «Crocus city Mall», and among the invited guests was a famous host and best friend Sagalovoy Anfisa Chekhova. After some time in the couple’s first daughter Elizabeth, and four years later, July 31, 2015, Dasha Sagalova gave birth to a second daughter.

    Daria Sagalova: filmography

    • Dreaming is not bad
    • Club
    • Happy together
    • Wolf
    • I will never forget you
    • Hot on the trail
    • The perfect marriage
    • The secret city

    Daria Sagalova: photo

    Darina Sagalova

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