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  • Name: Darya Poverennova ( Darya Poverennova )
  • Date of birth: 15 June 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Darya Poverennova : biography

    Poverennova, Darya Vladimirovna was born in Moscow on 15 June 1972. Her father Vladimir Poverennov was the translator of the publishing house «Progress». The mother of actress all her life she worked at the Taganka Theatre, and beloved grandmother of the future actress — Hope Tyszkiewicz was a former dancer in the troupe of the Opera and ballet theatre of Kiev. Interestingly, the grandfather of the Dashi was the legendary Soviet actor Sergey Lukyanov, whom the audience knows for his roles in the films «Kuban Cossacks», «Big family», «Rumyantsev Case» and others. All relatives on the maternal side of Ukraine.

    Darya Poverennova was told that when her grandmother was young, and my mother very young, his grandfather left the family and went to a well-known actress Clara Luchko, fell in love with in the film. For grandma it was a severe blow and injury for life. She never married and was raised by mom alone. Dasha’s parents broke up, too. After a divorce, the girl lived with her mother. In childhood, Darya Poverennova spent a lot of time behind the scenes, where it took mother.

    The future artist studied at the school, where he intensively studied the English language. Parents wanted to Daria became a translator as a dad. But in 1989, when she received a certificate, she decided to enroll in drama school named Shchukin. But this attempt failed. Thanks to a good knowledge of English Poverennova year worked as a translator for the famous film Director Alexander Mitta. At that time he was working on the international project «Lost in Siberia».

    In 1990, Darya Poverennova became a student of Theatrical school of a name of Schukin (studied on the course. . Ivanova).

    Movies and theatre

    A cinematic biography of Darya Poverennova began in 1992. At a time when she was a student in the second year, she was lucky to debut in the erotic picture of Zalman king’s «red Shoe Diaries».

    In 1994, after graduating from College, Poverennova was able to successfully audition from Director Andrei Goncharov. He took her to the Theatre. Mayakovsky, where she soon became one of the leading Actresses. Darya Poverennova played in the play «Children Vanyushina», «Three sisters», «Dangerous corner», «the brothers Karamazov» and others.

    In the same year Poverennova made his debut in the national cinema: she got a small role in the film Alexander Black «I love you». It was an adaptation of the story of Victoria Tokareva’s «Nothing special». In the same 1994, the actress starred in the film «Summer of love» and short film «Venetian mirror». For those in the creative biography of the artist, there was a break until the end of the 1990s.

    The long-awaited turning point in the career of the actress happened in 2000-m to year with the release of the series «Bourgeois’s birthday». In this film Dasha played Faith and what is called, woke up famous. After the «birthday of Bourgeois» in Poverennova had no shortage of offers for new roles.

    Most popular actress brought criminal detective «Game,»and was also released in 2016, the sequel to «the Game. Revenge», starring roles in which performed Prokhor Dubravin and Paul Bartak.

    Personal life

    In 1991 Poverennova was the wife of the actor and Director Alexander Zhigalkin. The couple met at «the Pike» where Zhigalkin also studied. In August 1992, the couple have a daughter, Pauline. But in 2001, a rift: the couple broke up because of the novel Grief with a colleague in the film «the birthday Bourgeois» Valery Nikolaev.

    Roman Nikolaev and Poverennova was short-lived: in 2003, after two years of living together, Daria and Valery divorced. The actress is very upset by the breakup, for a long time plunged into a deep depression. As she admits, was a considerable time in a deep depression, could not appear in public and to work.

    But the beauty Darya Poverennova have always enjoyed the attention of handsome men. A couple of years on the shooting of the serial film «the angel» Daria had a love affair with artist and colleague on the set of Anatoly Rudenko. Grief is not yet fully cooled down after a tragic romance with Nikolayev, did not believe in long lasting and true feelings for the young actor. Rudenko was younger than her by ten years. And presentiments had not deceived her. When all were talking about the wedding and Poverennova Rudenko, Anatoly fell in love with a young actress Elena Dudin. The couple broke up.

    Today’s personal life Daria Poverennova devoted only daughter Polina. Sometimes the artist can see together with well-known men, but she claims that is not going to build a serious relationship with anyone – too dearly paid for past credulity.


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    Darya Poverennova

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