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  • Name: Darya Melnikova ( Melnikova Darya )
  • Date of birth: 9 February 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk, Russia
  • Activities: theater and film Actress
  • Marital status: married Arthur Smoljaninov

    Daria Melnikova: biography

    Daria Melnikova, a popular Russian theater and film actress, known to most viewers on the family sitcom «Daddy’s girls». Her character, an athlete Zhenya Vasnetsova, its unique charm has managed to win the hearts of fans of the series.

    She was born in Omsk. Her grandfather is a famous Soviet actor Mikhail Kokshenov. Saying that genes are passed through generations, and in the case of Dasha Melnikova, it is so. At three the little girl started dancing in the children’s choreographic ensemble «Zhemchuzhinka» that specialized in such types of dance as hip hop, jazz and modern jazz.

    Daria Melnikova in childhood
    Daria Melnikova in childhood

    Five parents gave the girl to the ballet, and in seven Darina went to art school on the overall aesthetic Department. These parents are not limited to: Melnikova studied at the music school the piano, and for a year attended drama.


    Actor biography Darya Melnikova started by accident in 2006 during the festival of visual arts at the camp «Eaglet» talented girl during a performance of «Pearls» said the Director, Yuri Morozov. He was struck by its charm and immediately invited Dasha to play the main role in a children’s movie called «Cinderella 4×4. It all starts with desire». The painting itself was released on wide screens in two years.

    «Cinderella» was a huge success, and young played the leading role at the seventeenth film festival «Kinoshock-2008» won the prize for the best female child actor. Also acting talent Melnikova said the jury already familiar to the girl festival of visual arts, was awarded her prize for best actress in a children’s film. This recognition could not affect the plans for Dasha, a young actress seriously thinking about pursuing a career in the movies.

    Daria Melnikova in the series
    Daria Melnikov in the TV series «Daddy’s girls»

    In 2007, comedian Oleg Akulich, partner Melnikova on the set, I recommend Daria to audition for a role in a new comic series

  • «Daddy’s girls». The actress has successfully passed competitive selection and got the role of a third «daddy’s daughter», the charming Eugene Vasnecova — girls athletic and straightforward. This sitcom was a turning point in the biography of Dasha Melnikova: the series has gained immense popularity among viewers of all ages and sexes. The intense work schedule the girl managed to learn many of the subtleties of acting directly on the set. Her character quickly became the idol of teenagers 11-18 years of age; says the actress, she was never this popular with the opposite sex in everyday life.
    Darya Melnikova on the set
    Darya Melnikova on the set

    Since shooting «Daddy’s daughters» lasted for six years, during this time, Darya Melnikova managed to work in parallel on other films. The projects were quite diverse, among them — action-crime TV series «Rules of theft», romantic melodrama «such is life», serial adventure film «Heart of captain Nemov» and even the military film about the heroism of the young engineers «the Rowan waltz», in which Melnikov played the Love Bird.

    Daria also was preparing to play the famous Alice Seleznev in the new movie «Alice’s adventures. The captives of three planets», however, launched in 2008, shooting was stopped. In this film from the works of science fiction writer Kir Bulychev partners Melnikova on the set were actors Yevgeny Redko and Michael politseymako. On wide screens, the picture was published only four years later.

    Darina Melnikova at a time
    Darya Melnikova now

    For regular shooting Melnikov did not forget about studying. Together with the family she moved from Omsk to the capital. The early success hasn’t gone to his head, and in 2009, she entered the Higher theater school Shchepkin. At the Institute, her teachers were such theatrical luminaries as Vladimir Beilis and Vitaly Ivanov. By the way, to join the actress was only the second time, and she was a budget place.

    As recognized itself Melnikova, from the numerous shots she became more talented and has received only thanks to the support of senior colleagues, who helped her with advice and encouragement in difficult moments.

    Daria Melnikova in a film
    Daria Melnikova in the movie «Steel butterfly»

    After finishing the Schepkin school Melnikova played in the troupe of the Moscow theater Yermolova. At the moment, staged two performances with the actress: «Zoyka’s apartment» based on the works of Bulgakov, where Dasha plays Manusco, and modern production of «the Gentiles.»

    After 2010 Dasha Melnikova tuned to work in serious projects. In 2012 there was the first major breakthrough in her acting. The actress starred in the title role of the drama Director Renata Davletyarova called the «Steel butterfly», which was closed by a well-known film festival «Kinotavr».

    The film received a rating of 18+ for scenes of violence and sex scenes. Intimate footage from the film quickly gained popularity online. Daria herself is sure that the movie all together and the dirt and filth, which accused this movie’s detractors, was absolutely necessary to reveal the story of her heroine.

    The picture tells the story of the urchin who, to avoid punishment for their own crimes, is forced to come to terms with the police and become a bait for the maniac, such a plot it is impossible to show without the grim details.

    Daria Melnikova photo shoot
    Photosession Of Daria Melnikova

    Difficult role of a desperate guttersnipe Wiki Chumakov, known as «the Plague» has opened up new horizons actress dramatic roles. She was even awarded the «Advance» from the «Hollywood Reporter» as «Most promising actress».

    Also, the actress works closely with the world of show business and actively acted in music videos of singers Andrey Kovalev, Andrei «Batta» Batychko and Close. So, the last clip Batta «…» is a full song duet with the artist.

    Darina Melnikova
    Daria Melnikova

    In addition, «daddy’s girl» is the face of the famous French company l’oreal. Melnikov took part in shooting a commercial cosmetic line l’oréal Paris Pure Zone. And in 2015, Daria starred in an advertising photo shoot for clothing brand Viki. The photos attracted mass attention: in some scenes, the actress was Topless.

    The artist is not deprived and literary talent: she runs a blog and is planning to release an autobiographical book under the intriguing title «Pictures to attract attention».

    Personal life

    Daria was attributed an affair with actor Alexander Golovin, after shooting in the film «Cinderella of 4×4» and the TV series «that’s life». They played lovers on screen and in everyday life talked a lot. The young actors had a lot in common, but the Dasha confessed to the press that with Alexander they are only friends and she is to him rather a sense of kinship.

    Darya Melnikova and Alexander Golovin
    Darya Melnikova and Alexander Golovin

    In August 2013, the actress Dasha Melnikova sensational for fans of married to popular Russian actor Artur Smolyaninov. Arthur and Dasha were familiar for a long time, but the romance between them began only after co-starring in the TV series «hetaeras major Sokolov». Daria taught a joint with her boyfriend photos on instagram, but the couple rarely appeared in the light, and fans find it difficult to understand how serious this relationship.

    Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov
    Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov

    The wedding took place secretly, in order not to create unnecessary noise in the press. The General public learned about what Melnikov and Smoljaninov got married, only because the only picture left by the actress in the official group in social networks.

    By the way, Daria changed her name and became the passport Smolyaninova. A year and a half it became known that the actress is pregnant, but Daria continued to play in the theatre, even in the later stages, and returned there shortly after birth.

    Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov
    Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov son

    October 27, 2015 a young family has a son. Coincidentally, that my son and husband Daria’s birthdays fall on the same number. The child was born at home, but it had no effect on his health, height and weight of the baby were also in the normal range.

    Celebrity couple often appears with his son on various social and charity events.


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    Darina Melnikova

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