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  • Name: Darya Klishina ( Darya Klishina )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1991
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Tver
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian long jumper.
  • Marital status: not married

    Darya Klishina : the biography

    Russian athlete and beauty (of 2010 according to the results of the Runet she was named the sexiest athlete in the country) Darya Igorevna Klishina born in Tver in January 1991. The girl grew up and was raised in a sports family, where parents in his youth, and his youth gave various sports, a lot of time and effort. The father in the past was a professional jumper, and the mother is a Sprinter.

    My parents decided that girls are more suited to choreography. But as it turned out, for serious gains Dasha was not enough flexibility and stretching.

    As for sports, it is 5 years old Darya Klishina became interested in volleyball. First, she carefully watched his father, who played with friends, but soon the girl wanted to try to do the same to skillfully handle the ball. Dasha took a volleyball to the children’s section.

    But in 12 years Klishina changed the sport focusing on athletics. The fact that the young athlete often sent on city relays, where she represented her school. There she was, and said the capital’s coach Olga Shemigon.

    After a year of Darya Klishina received the invitation of school of the Olympic reserve, he moved from Tver to Moscow.


    Sports biography of Darya Kishineu began immediately after moving to the capital. First serious test was the world Cup in the Qatari capital Doha, which was held indoors in 2010. Then 19-year-old athlete from Tver has managed to take 5th place, jumping a distance of 6 m 62 cm.

    But a year later, in July 2011, Darya Klishina managed to get the 2nd result. It happened in the Czech Ostrava, which hosted the youth continental championship. Then the diver managed to reach the record of the European Championships in the youth category. The length of its jump was 7 m 5 cm.

    The first gold she won in 2013 at the Universiade in Kazan. In the same year she moved to the USA where he lives and trains in our time. Her personal trainer is an outstanding athlete Loren Seagrave.

    Under the leadership of Seagrave in 2014 for jumper turned out to be even more successful and breakthrough. In mid-may Klishina took 5-th place on the stage of the Diamond League, and at the end of the month she got 2nd place on prefontaineclassic. But the main thing — the first athlete has achieved leadership in the championship of Russia, and then took 3rd place at the European Championship.

    In July 2016, Daria Klishina the only Russian athletes allowed to participate at the Olympics in Brazil. Recall that in June came the so-called «doping scandal», and at the all-Russia Federation of track and field athletes have imposed disqualification. Thus, the IAAF declined from 68-year Russian applications 67. The exception was made only for Kishineu, which were trained in America. The athlete has agreed to act under a neutral flag and warmly thanked the officials of the IAAF for allowing me to participate in the Olympic Games.

    Many Koreans regarded the act of Kishineu as a betrayal of their country. Athlete in his defense said that during the last 3 years lives and trains in the United States. Therefore, it is not right to scold her for treason.

    In the final of the 2016 Olympics in long jump Darya Klishina won the 9th place.

    Personal life

    The growth of Darya Kishineu 180 cm Slim beauty has long attracted attention for its striking model looks, earning the title of one of the most sexual sportswomen of Russia. Candid shots of Dasha has long decorate the men’s glossy magazines, and fans carefully watching her every move.

    Personal life Daria Kishineu, as one would expect, attracts attention of sports fans and not only them. It is known that the assets of the blond jumper number is not a single novel. Of those that are known – an affair with ice hockey player Evgeny Malkin. But it is noteworthy that the couple never confirmed the existence of a romantic relationship.

    Not long ago, the Malkin broke out a romance with another beauty – TV presenter Anna Masterovoy.

    Fans of Kishineu it is known that the thigh athletes has a tattoo of a Lily. She claims that for her, this flower is a symbol of purity, innocence and prosperity.


    Darya Klishina

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