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  • Name: Daria Dontsova ( Agrippina Dontsova )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: Writer, presenter, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married with Alexander Dontsov

    Darya Dontsova: biography

    Darya Dontsova (born Agrippina Vasilyeva) was born in Moscow in 1952 in an artistic family. The birth of a girl called Agrippina the honor of her grandmother. At the time of the birth of a daughter the parents have not been officially painted, because the father was still in the previous marriage. The parents of Agrippina formalized their relationship only in 1959. Arkady Vasilyev, was a writer, and mother Tamara worked in the Mosconcert Director.

    In the school years Agrippina did not differ much success. She studied foreign languages, science she was given. The girl classmates treated cool. First, the Vasiliev family lived in the barracks. When it was disbanded, Agrippina the grandmother had a year to live without parents, because the room provided by the family, was very small. Only in 1957 Vasilyev has received a new spacious apartment in a new building near the station «Airport». Parents concerned about the development of Agrippina and decided to send her to music school, but it turned out that the girl is completely devoid of the ability to music.

    Even from preschool age, Agrippina was the propensity for languages. The future writer was two nannies French and German. In Russian, they hardly spoke, so she had to learn foreign languages, especially given her German. In 1964, as a schoolgirl, Agrippina had visited Germany with his father – there’s a local publisher was about to publish a work of his authorship. From Germany the girl had brought a lot of books in German, mostly the classics investigators.

    Darya Dontsova: books

    Having humanitarian tendencies, the girl enrolled at MSU faculty of journalism. After graduating from University, Vasilieva for two years he worked at the Syrian Consulate of the USSR as a translator of French. After returning from Syria, Vasiliev seven years he worked as a journalist in the print edition of the «Fatherland» and «Evening Moscow».

    The first story was written in 1984, but the magazine «Youth» literary samples girls no one interested. However, Vasiliev was not discouraged and tried his hand at another genre.

    In 1999 appeared the first detective «Steep naslednichki» under the pseudonym Darya Dontsova. The heroine was Dasha Vasilyeva, which by chance took private investigation. This cheerful and interesting book Dontsov wrote, lying in the hospital in the Oncology Department. When Daria had finished the treatment, the print was already finished five works. The first detective was perceived by readers of «cheers», everyone wanted to continue, and it certainly was. Producing books Dontsova is engaged in publishing house «EKSMO», to date, Daria has written about a hundred detectives, whose total circulation is more than 230 million copies. Each new novel is an indispensable bestseller.

    In Russia Dontsova is considered one of the most published writers. One novel she wrote about a month. In the Russian Guinness Book of records, the writer recorded as the most prolific author because she was able to write more than a hundred works in just 10 years. Novels Dontsova read not only in Russia or former USSR countries, but in China as well as in Western Europe. Books Darya are considered to be a cure for depression, in each work is felt eternal optimism of the writer. Many fans of her work believe that the autograph Dontsova brings good luck.

    It should be noted that the writer not only works in the detective genre. She is also the author of the book «cookbook idlers», where a simple manuals presented the best available recipes for beginners Housewives. Also Dontsov wrote the book «notes of a mad optimist» autobiographical nature. But, of course, the popularity and prosperity of Daria brought her detectives. Their motives were filmed serials, where the main characters are Dasha Vasileva, Ivan Podushkin, evlampiya Romanova and viola.

    In 2012, writer was released autobiographical book , «I really want to live. My personal experience». In this work, Dontsova shares his experience of victory over the terrible disease — cancer. Darya Dontsova became ill with breast cancer in 1998. She was in the hospital already in the fourth stage of the disease and had three surgeries. Hope for a full recovery is almost not there, but Doncova did not panic and were able to overcome a terrible disease. She is an optimist, and being in the hospital, she began to write ironical detectives to escape from reality. And brave woman was able to not only avoid depression but also to heal completely. In 2008 Dontsova was chosen as Ambassador of the Charity program «Together against breast cancer» organized by the company «Avon».

    Darya Dontsova — the triple owner of the award «writer of the year», twice received the award for «bestseller of the year» from the newspaper «Book review», and is a laureate of the contest «book of the year». In 2003, the literary star square of Strastnoy Boulevard in Moscow there was the star of the series. In 2005, the writer received the Order of Peter the Great of the First degree with a ribbon for merit in the field of literature and personal contribution.

    Darya Dontsova: personal life

    Today Dontsova married, this is her third marriage. Chosen writer’s name is Alexander, it, Daria is the daughter of Mary and the son Arkady, who gave his mother a grandson of Nikita.

    All fans of the writer know her Hobbies include Pets. Special weakness Dontsova an interest in the pug, making these little cuties a part of their image. In the house Darya lives four pug and cat British breed and the turtle.

    Darya Dontsova: bibliography

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    Darya Dontsova: photo

    Darya Dontsova

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