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  • Name: Darya Belousova ( Daria Belousova )
  • Date of birth: 29 August 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Chisinau
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married Shamil Khamatov

    Darya Belousova: biography

    Darya Belousova is a Russian theater and film actress, known to domestic audiences for his roles in the TV series «Parents and children», «the Mistress of taiga», «Sweet life 2».

    Dasha was born in Chisinau, but lived with her family in Moscow. Her father Vladimir Belousov is a famous actor of theatre «Lenkom», where he played there for about 27 years. Mother Mary Ostapenko was the choreographer. A girl from an early age been behind the scenes and still quite small appeared in plays together with Alexander Abdulov, Lyudmila Porgina and family friend Victor Rakov.

    When Daria was 12 years old, suddenly her father died, and the further education of her daughter was a mother. She tried to instill in the Dasha of interest to the fine arts, medicine, chose a different direction, if only to protect the girl from the stage. But Belousov decided to go in his father’s footsteps and become an actress.

    After school he applied to several universities and pass the competition at the Higher theatre school Shchepkin, where he studied in the workshop of Viktor Korshunov. Interestingly, in the exam in the school-Studio of MKHAT Daria Belousov criticised and struck off the lists theater Director Yevgeniy Kamenkovich, with whom she later collaborated in their professional work and received rave reviews.

    After receiving an acting education Daria joined the troupe of the Moscow Sovremennik theatre and debuted in the play «the True story of Gautier, known as «the Lady with camellias» the novel by Alexander Dumas.


    Until now, Daria Belousova more than 20 roles in films and she manages to successfully combine the process of filming with the theatrical activity.

    The first appearance on the screens happened when Dasha was 7 years old. She took part in creating the film adaptation of Alexander Pushkin «the tales of Belkin: the Undertaker». In adulthood Belousov returned to the set in 2002 and played Zoya in the mini-series «Jeep», which is sometimes demonstrated on TV also called «Bride».

    In the Bank actress there are feature films such as fantastic film «In captivity of time» about the move in the past or screwball Comedy, Andrei Konchalovsky’s «gloss» on the provincial girl dream of becoming a supermodel. But the real success of Darya Belousova brought the television series.

    Especially rich out of work in 2008 and 2009. A philosophical drama «Fathers and children», the Thriller «Private detective», the melodrama «the Champ», the Thriller «the Mistress of taiga» has brought the actress not only recognition, but also its own army of fans.

    When 2015 started shooting the second season of the popular series «Sweet life», then to create a new character businesswoman Yevgenia Mishina was invited Belousov. She managed to join the already established cast and to diversify the picture of your own vision of events.

    Personal life

    In the early days of working in the theatre «Sovremennik» Darya Belousova met another aspiring actor Shamil by Khamatova, younger brother of the famous actress Chulpan Khamatova. First, young people became friends, which later developed into a romantic relationship.

    They were married in the summer of 2010, and played two weddings – one in Kazan, where the bridegroom, and the second in Moscow on Clean ponds. The second triumph was celebrated in a theatrical environment and colleagues congratulated the newlyweds with humorous skits. After the marriage Belousov did not take her husband’s name, explaining that at one stage three Pamatovych – too.

    The actress is a fan of large vehicles. She recently became the owner of his first car by going for the SUV.

    Have with Darya Belousova obligatory theatrical ritual: when she goes on stage, then touches her hand. This tradition actress does not change under any circumstances.


    • 2004 — New year is cancelled!
    • 2006 — trapped In time
    • 2008 — Fathers and sons
    • 2008 — champion
    • 2008 — provincial
    • 2009 — mistress of the taiga
    • 2009 — the Proposed circumstances
    • 2010 — The Abduction Of The Goddess
    • 2015 — Fighters. The last battle
    • 2015 — Sweet life 2


    Darina Belousova

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