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  • Name: Darius Stavrovich ( Daria Stavrovich )
  • Date of birth: 1 February 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Velsk, Arkhangelsk oblast
  • Activity: the Russian singer, the lead singer of the group «Slot», participant of the TV show «the Voice 5»
  • Marital status: not married

    Darius Stavrovich: biography

    Darius Stavrovich was born in a small town in Arkhangelsk region called Velsk, the cultured family of a doctor and a teacher. For a long time she lived in Arzamas, where he graduated from high school.

    Darius Stavrovich
    Darius Stavrovich | VK

    The girl began to sing, just learning to pronounce the words. This is not surprising because mom Daria’s operatic voice and some time she even went on stage. To obtain meaningful piano sounds the young singer is also learned early. To 11 years Stavrovich clearly understood that nothing other than music and vocals will not be engaged. So Daria entered Nizhny Novgorod musical College.

    This was the period of formation of Stavrovich as a vocalist. She tried her hand at a few little-known musical groups of Nizhny Novgorod and obtained the necessary experience in the team.

    Creative career

    In this original singer has a great musical education. After successful graduation of Darius Stavrovich in 2006, he entered the Moscow Institute of modern art chose the faculty of academic and pop-jazz singing. In the same year the singer was invited to the Metropolitan new metal band «Slot». Beautiful and powerful voice of new singer immediately fell in love with the group members and her fans. In the «Slot» Darius Stavrovich recorded 6 albums.

    Darius Stavrovich:
    Darius Stavrovich: «Slot» | Metal-tracker.com

    She not only sings, she is a virtuoso with two instruments – piano and guitar.

    In 2012, she decided to start a solo career. Her new project is called «Nuka». The same stage name took Daria. To work together with Stavrovich volunteered with two colleagues from the former group «Slot» – «ID» and «Dudu».

    In April 2013 the debut album Nuka called «Alive». For the song «Live», «Teach» and «Fear», which was included in the album, appeared videos.

    In 2014, Darius Stavrovich was awarded as the best rock vocalist prize «Golden note».

    In may 2015 Nuka presented their fans with a second album «Pollen moonlight butterfly». As the first, it is a Russian rock underground.

    Show «The Voice-5»

    Biography Daria Stavrovich, of course, get a new bright page after participating in the popular TV show «the Voice.» The singer, who used to listen to his address is not very pleasant for the definition of «not format», decided to prove their worth and uniqueness in one of the most popular musical projects, whose audience runs into millions. And, as has already been shown in the first qualifying round of the blind auditions, was right.

    The audience and judges Stavrovich presented difficult to perform the cult classic «Zombie». Appearance Daria answered the song: the same shocking.

    The contestant made a splash. It turned all mentors. Dima Bilan couldn’t stay in the chair and under the pressure of overwhelming emotions climbed astride the judgment seat.

    He so appreciated what he saw and heard: «It was horrible, disgusting, but awesome.» With him, it seems, agreed with other mentors and a large part of the audience.

    But Darius Stavrovich still chose Grigory Leps, who remained after her songs the most unflappable. I think she came to the project with a solution, who will choose as a mentor.

    Personal life

    Creative nickname Nuka has a double meaning. Slang meaning sex without commitment. But the singer claims that everything is much simpler: exactly translated into Japanese sound of the name Dasha.

    At the moment the personal life of Darius Stavrovich is quite a closed page. As far as is known, 30-year-old singer is not married. But, according to rumors, the second half she is still there. The name Nuka is often associated with the name of the Cache. This is the stage name of the singer of the group «Slot» Igor Lobanov. But the evidence for existing novel is not.

    Nuka and Cache
    Nuka and Cache | hrest.ru

    Discography («Slot»)

    • 2007 — «2 wars»
    • 2007 — «Trinity»
    • 2009 — 4ever
    • 2011 — F5
    • 2011 — Break the Code
    • 2013 — «the Sixth»
    • 2016 — Septima

    Discography («Nuka»)

    • 2013 — «Live»
    • 2015 — «Pollen moonlight butterfly»


    Darius Stavrovich

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