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  • Name: Darya Zhukova ( Darya Zhukova )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: designer, entrepreneur
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Roman Abramovich

    Daria Zhukova biography

    Daria Zhukova born 8 June 1981 in Moscow. Mother Daria-Zhukova Elena, a microbiologist by training, and father Alexander Rudkin was the founder of the largest in Odessa, the company on transportation of oil and oil products «Sintez oil». After the wedding, Alexander Rudkin took his wife’s surname.

    Daria remembers her childhood years spent in Moscow, was a happy time. The city at that time was much safer and Dasha, as a young kid, he loved alone to cross the Moscow metro from one end to the other. When my parents divorced, mom took the girl to the United States of America, where Zhukov attended school Pacific Hills.

    During his stay in the United States mother and daughter changed a lot of cities. They lived in Los Angeles, Houston and Santa Barbara. The edition «the Guardian» wrote that during the first years of life in America Daria Zhukova attended a Jewish school, maybe that’s why of all the religions close to her Judaism.

    After school, Daria Zhukova continued his education at the medical faculty at the University of Santa Barbara, where, after four years of study receive the degree pre-medical. With additional education she chooses, the faculty of Slavic studies. In 1997, at the invitation of the father Zhukov moved to London, where he studied at the Institute of naturopathy specializing in «homeopath».

    Daria Zhukova: career

    Together with her friend Christina Tang Daria is the founder of the fashion brand’s «Kova&T». A distinctive feature of clothes from Daria Zhukova is to focus on a simple cut, no catchy logos and the use of natural fabrics. Today the clothing brand «Kova&T» presents more than 80 stores around the world. A remarkable event in social life of Moscow was the opening of their flagship store in 2007. The event was attended by the producer Alexander Weinstein, the Deputy Sergei Kapkov, as well as a variety of characters of Moscow high life.

    In the same year, Daria Zhukova, with his wife of Oleg Deripaska Polina participates in the creation of the website dedicated to the life of celebrities spletnik.ru.

    In 2008 the building of the monument of the Soviet avant-garde «bakhmetevsky bus garage», built in the first half of the XX century by the architect to Catherine II, and intended for the storage of British buses, Daria Zhukova opens center for contemporary art «Garage«. The main objective of the centre «Garage» — support of artists of Russia, exhibition of contemporary art, the organization of foreign exhibitions of Russian artists with the purpose of popularization of national culture. The sponsor of the project was Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, who among other things bought at the fair «Art Basel» the statue by the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s worth 14 million dollars and gave it to the Garage as the first piece.

    In 2009, Daria Zhukova invited to head the editorial Board of the British magazine «POP» dedicated to fashion. Despite the absence at that time of editorial expertise, the choice fell on it due to the wide popularity of girls in secular circles. Predecessor Daria Zhukova, the post of editor-in-chief shortly before it went to another journal, taking with them the majority of the workforce. After a year of Daria Zhukova, is leaving the magazine «POP», which then very warmly. In November 2010 she launched her own project dedicated to contemporary art.

    Daria Zhukova: love life

    In 2004 at the opening of a jewelry store Stephen Webster in England Daria Zhukova appeared in the company of tennis player, winner of the Davis Cup Marat Safin. Present at the event, members of the press hastened to declare about them as a promising young pair.

    In 2005, Zhukov meets with oligarch Roman Abramovich. For one, it happened in February, after the match Chelsea – Barcelona in London. According to another version, their acquaintance took place during a party organized by the father of Dasha. Later, the couple was spotted at different social events. Two years later Roman Abramovich divorced his wife.

    Zhukova and Abramovich are not married officially. Thus on the basis of the joint documents of income Daria recognized as the official wife of Abram. In 2009, in the press appeared rumors about the breakup of their relationship, but after a while Daria and Roman were spotted together at the opening of the exhibition. And in December of the same year the couple had a boy, named Aaron Alexander Abramovich. Cpustat four years of lovers have a daughter Leah.

    Daria Zhukova photo

    Darina Zhukova

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