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  • Name: Daria Tibertina ( Dariya Tsiberkina )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Feodosia
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Daria Tibertina: biography

    Daria Tibertina — Russian theater and film actress, best known to viewers thanks to the bright roles in the television series «Sea devils. Smerch». She was born in the Crimea, in the warm city of Feodosia. But even in the relatively tender age my parents put Daria and her sister in Saint Petersburg. Now the actress admits that fell in love with Northern capital at first sight.

    Parents were trying to maximize the opportunities of a big city, so I drove daughter at all available circles and sections. Dasha was engaged in music and dancing, and sports, and children’s theatre productions. Actually, it is quite early came to the idea to make the stage his profession, so after finishing school he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts, where he studied in the workshop of Yuri Mikhailovich Krasovsky.

    After graduating from high school, Daria Cyberkino went to conquer Moscow, but after passing the audition in all known theatres, I realized that in fact, the troupe is full and artistic Directors do not accept any participant of the auditions. She came back to his native St. Petersburg and was able to enter in the cast of the famous Theater of Lensovet.

    In the first performance «Divorce on-female» the young actress entrusted to play the main character. Then there were many small and large roles. And Cyberkino can be seen in the children’s performance «the Kid and Carlson», in the classic play «the Seagull», and in the musical «Cabaret», that is, the actress is quite diverse and easy to get used to completely different role.


    Debut on the screen to Daria CyberKing was the drama of «Morphine» based on the stories of Mikhail Bulgakov. The role of women was not key, but allowed to obtain the necessary experience and understand the specifics of the cinema. Then came the Thriller «wanted,» adventure detective «flying squad,» the crime drama «Golden trap», romance, «Just love you».

    Also Daria has repeatedly acted in film adaptations of Russian classics, for example, in «Anna Karenina» she played a schoolgirl, and «Crime and punishment» has created the image of a girl from a poor quarter.

    But the real fame came to the actress in 2013, when she appeared in the role of an employee of the special police detachment Eugenia Murashova in the adventure Thriller «Sea devils. Smerch». In this picture she had to withdraw with Gulyaev Anton and Oleg Chernov. The film was wildly popular, causing shooting continued. Now released three seasons of the picture, plus the TV series «Sea devils. Tornado. Of fate», where the plot takes place parallel to the main event.

    Of the last works of the actress there can be historical action «Wife» of the Kievan Rus ‘ and crime Thriller «Ultimatum».

    Personal life

    My husband and Daria Cyberkino met at the birthday celebration of Director Alexei Kozlov. Her husband was a composer Maxim Koshevarov, specializing in writing music for movies, including those where plays Daria. For example, Maxim wrote the soundtracks for action movie «Sea devils. Smerch» and the historical drama «One you love».

    Free time, which the actress in recent years is not so much, Daria Cyberkino prefer passive. It may be a few hours fun to read books or take a walk with the dog. Daria also tries to write stories and mini-plays and dreams of one day to create a quality script for the movie.


    • 2008 — Morphine
    • 2008 — wanted
    • 2008 — Anna Karenina
    • 2009 — One love you
    • 2010 — Golden trap
    • 2011 — Clock of love
    • 2012 — I abolish death
    • 2013-2015 — the Sea devils. Tornado
    • 2015 — Ultimatum
    • 2015 — Wife


    Darina Cyberkino

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