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  • Name: Daria Shcherbakova ( Darya Scherbakova )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1988
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: theater and film actress, singer, songwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Daria Shcherbakova: biography

    Darya Shcherbakova is a young Russian actress who made a name for himself thanks to domestic television series «Leave to return» and «Mistress of a big city.» Besides cinema, the girl stands on the stage and shows the audience vocal in my band «Dal of Wine.»

    She was born and raised in Moscow, in the family of honored artist of Russia, Dalvina Aleksandrovich Shcherbakov, Soviet star of the movie «Live till Monday» and «the First trolley». By the way, at birth Dasha Shcherbakov was already 50 years old.

    In all likelihood, the creative talent has passed from father to daughter. A teenage girl showed his artistry and musicality. She learned to play piano, began writing his own poems and even songs. After high school, Daria Shcherbakova entered the Higher theatre school of Boris Shchukin theatre Institute, where until 2010 he studied under the leadership of Rodion Ovchinnikov, released a lot of modern movie stars.

    When Daria got a diploma a professional actress, she immediately joined the troupe of the Moscow theatre «At Nikitsky gate». But performances on the stage and filming a movie for such a creative personality like Dasha Scherbakova, was not enough. Together with her friends Dina Morozova and Claudia Tarabrina she founded the bard of folk-rock trio, who in honor of his father gave the name of «Dal of Wine.»

    In this group, the actress plays the guitar and sings songs mainly of the author’s works. Girls in their music combine folk motifs and style with modern youth arrangements.


    In the feature film Daria Scherbakova for the first time she starred in his student days. Then she appeared in two episodes of crime series «the Detectives», and has played in each of the episodes different characters. And in 2009, she got the image of Martha Sobakina in the historical film «Ivan the terrible».

    The first major attention of the audience, the actress has attracted thanks to the melodrama of «fire in the snow», a national recognition after the release of the women’s life stories about small-town girl who came to conquer Moscow, «the hostess of the big city.»

    No less dramatic, as happened with works such as «Leave to return» and «the tango butterfly», which strengthened its popularity.

    It is worth noting crime series «Moscow Greyhound», which Shcherbakova has played at once two roles – twin sisters Dasha and Tanya of Zybyny. Now the actress finishes shooting the family Comedy «the Joker», in which her partner was actor Andrew Okhotin.

    Personal life

    Following the example of his father Dalvin Shcherbakov, who all his life hid a private life from journalists and fans, Daria, too, leaves the public in the dark about their romantic relationship. Based on the information on its pages in social networks, as well as from the few interviews we can say that today the actress is not officially married.

    Few movie fans know that Daria Shcherbakov can easily be considered a polyglot: in addition to her native Russian she speaks German, English and Dutch. For the sake of expanding his acting capabilities Dasha learned how to fence with swords, rapiers and sabers, and also very confident to stay in the saddle. But the ability to play such musical instruments like piano and guitar, the girl applies in their own folk band «Dal of Wine.»


    • 2009 — Ivan The Terrible
    • 2012 — fire in the snow
    • 2012 — The Effect Beauharnais
    • 2012 — Anya
    • 2013 — Neverland
    • 2013 Mistress of the big city
    • 2014 — Moscow Greyhound
    • 2014 — to Leave, to return
    • 2015 — tango butterfly
    • 2016 — the Joker


    Darina Shcherbakov

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