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  • Name: Shashina Darya ( Darya Shashina )
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: the soloist of group «Silver»
  • Marital status: not married

    Daria Shashina: biography

    Daria Shashina, known to fans of the domestic pop music as one of the soloists of the group «Silver», was born in September 1990 in Nizhny Novgorod. In the family, which grew Dasha, the music sounded constantly. Grandma Darya Casinoi worked as an accompanist at the local Conservatory. This school graduated and dad, Egor Shashin. He soon became an arranger and composer. Dasha’s mother, Alexandra Kovtareva, was a violinist. At the time she finished musical College. So a good ear for music and a great voice got Daria inherited from two generations of relatives.

    When Dasha is 2 years old, the family welcomed another girl, Tatiana. And after 5 years, parents divorced. Daria and Tanya remained with her mother.

    Dasha, as her parents, graduated from music school. She studied under two classes: piano and violin.

    After some time, Alexander Kovtareva married a second time. Her husband was an Englishman David Chatterton. A UK citizen has worked in Nizhny Novgorod under the contract. The family went to England. There Daria Shashina lived for some time.

    According to some reports, the marriage of Alexandra David Chatterton did not last long. The woman returned to Russia. Now she lives in Moscow.

    As for Dasha, the girl after returning home he entered the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory named after Mikhail Glinka, where remembered well her grandmother and father. But here Shashina studied for 4 courses and passing the 2-year training in a special program of local Institute of foreign languages, in 2012 he moved to the USA. The girl had long dreamed to get home beloved jazz.

    In America, Daria continued her studies in vocal and language courses. To earn a living, the young singer worked as a model and sang in one of the restaurants in Brighton beach.

    Group «Silver»

    Dasha Shashina, was not going to return to Russia. But one day, accidentally learned about the announced casting for the new soloist of group «Silver», a fan which the girl was, she came to Moscow. Daria wanted to try their hand and become part of the popular group. Fortune smiled on the singer: she successfully auditioned and was accepted into the project by its producer Maxim Fadeev. A girl had replaced went the soloist Anastasia Karpova.

    In a team where there was Olga Seryabkina and Elena Temnikova, Daria Shashina began to speak in October 2013. Today, she starred in 6 videos, «Silver» and participated in the creation of a new album called «925».

    Together with Dasha trio recorded several hits, including «I won’t give up» «don’t hurt», «Kiss» and «Confused». Shashina participated in the recording of the clips on the track.


    At the end of March 2016 became aware of the fact that Daria Shashina go. The reason the singer called herself: serious problems with health. This woman informed fans on their pages in social networks.

    All who have closely watched the career of Dasha and her performances, not so long ago noticed that the singer recovered and began to move less on stage.

    All became clear when Shashina told about his illness. It turns out that the soloist about six months ago, started to hurt my knee. Over time the pain increased, moving became increasingly difficult. When Daria turned to the experts, she heard a disappointing diagnosis of congenital hip dysplasia. Because of the huge loads that the singer felt the last time the disease started to progress. In early March, disaster struck: my right knee has torn meniscus.

    Daria Shashina reported that doctors have advised her not to move and to do the surgery. Dasha not only can not go on stage, but even to climb the stairs she was forbidden. She waits for a response from one of clinics of Israel where, on the advice of max Fadeev she sent the MRI.

    As it became known, soon the «Silver» will act in a reduced composition.

    Personal life

    Private life of Daria Casinoi everyone’s mind. Because of the huge employment in recent years, Dasha no one wound up novels all the time she worked. Touring, filming, rehearsing the activities «eat» activities and were not allowed to be distracted by something else.

    It is known that she communicate with his own father. He also moved to the capital and as an arranger and composer he works with such stars like Philip Kirkorov, Irina Allegrova and Stas Mikhailov.

    In 2011, Daria starred in the video for «She» written on the song of Egor Shashina.


    Darina Shashina

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