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  • Name: Daria Egorova ( Darya Egorova )
  • Date of birth: 23 March 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Daria Egorova: biography

    Young actress Darya Egorov is already being called a rising star of the Russian cinema. In the movie she came not so long ago and since then it regularly appears on the screen. Her name is in promising projects, but the Daria like a Comedy, is able to resonate in the soul of each spectator.

    Egorova was born in an ordinary Moscow family in the spring of 1990. Her father worked as a racing driver, and her mother is an interior designer, which the girl grew up in a fairly creative environment. All of your ideas and sketches first, she was brought to the apartment: in the room of a young actress was a pink wall and on the ceiling hung a stylish disco ball made from the globe. Already in childhood Dasha was of rather visionary and engaged in Amateur: she wrote the script of the productions, which later played in front of family with her younger sister.

    Training was given Egorova hard, but the parents did not scold her for bad grades. On the contrary, they proposed to change the school to an institution with an experimental theater class. The girl liked the idea, but since the new school was very far from home, for a while she lived with grandma and grandpa, come home on the weekends. It was there that she first thought about becoming an actress, aided by the numerous performances, competitions and performances. She also attended the drama club in Peredelkino, where he studied popular actor Alexei Chadov.

    When it came time to go to the University she filed documents at the Higher drama school named Shchukin and was accepted on my first try, becoming the youngest student on the course. The day of the exam on the street it was raining, messed up his carefully styled hair of the future actress and erosion mascara. In this form it appeared before the Commission and read a monologue from «Uncle Vanya». The teachers laughed out loud and asked Daria to sing. Egorova performed a song from the movie «the Man from Boulevard des Capucines», what finally conquered the admissions office.

    Students Shchukin school is strictly forbidden to act in films while studying, and Egorova could only afford shooting of an advertising campaign clothing «Lapland», presented a winter collection. Daria also participated in the filming of several clips that made her a star of the school. No less successful was graduation performances, where she participated in 2010-2011, providing her critical acclaim.


    For the first time on television Darya Egorova debuted in a small role in the TV series «Law and order» in 2006. In 2008 they offered to replace the actress Maria Kozhevnikov in the TV series «Univer». But, on reflection, the young artist came to the conclusion that you will not be able to fully match its predecessor, and refused the role.

    At the end of the school Egorov began to actively act in films. Her first painting after a long break became a musical melodrama «Maiden hunt», where she appeared in the role of a provincial girl tricked in «Moulin Rouge». In a few years she took part in the filming of a dozen TV series, playing supporting characters, and a full heroes of the first plan.

    In 2014 she played in the TV series «love blossoms in Spring». The role of Spring she received through participation in the trial: first, has successfully passed the stage of Dating, and then play with a partner, who was later selected by Daria. The shooting took place in Bakhchisaray, captivated the artist for its incredible beauty and Eastern atmosphere. Most of the stunts in the series Egorova executed without the doubler, as, for example, the scene with the fall from the train.

    To date, Daria wants to move away from his role as kind and understanding girl. Even in the movie «Spring love blossoms» and she said, in a very interesting, unusual for her role of bitchy ladies, which should appear in a future draft of the Director Vsevolod Aravin.

    Personal life

    First love Daria was the actor Vasily Stepanov, the star of the film «Inhabited island». Young people met in College. Then Basil was just a year ahead of his lady. Egorova had a crush on, but when their relationship began to develop, Stepanov decided to break up with her, since she believed that in the future may break her heart and thus tried to avoid this. The actress was very upset by it and even lost a few pounds. They met again closer to Valentine’s Day.

    The actors have to live together first with parents Yegorova, who liked the chosen one daughter. Later an acquaintance they rented a luxury apartment. The first problems in the relationship came after the premiere of «Inhabited island», as Basil began to chase the groupies, often threatened to Daria. The actor weighed down by fame, he refused to promising projects that had a negative impact on the relations. Egorova and then decided to leave. For a long time they had not seen, the actress was busy filming and helped his mother cope with a serious illness. Stepanov tried to return the favorite, but the actress decided not to renew the relationship.

    At the moment the heart of Daria Egorova freely.


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    Daria Egorova

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