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  • Name: Daria Rudenok ( Darya Rudenok )
  • Date of birth: 15 June 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Daria Rudenok: biography

    Young actress Darya Rudenok has already managed to play on the theatrical stage, acting in several film projects. Its most well-known works at the moment are the role of the youth in action TV series «urban jungle» and the melodrama «Serious relationship».

    Photo Of Daria Rudenok
    Photo Dasha Rudenok | VK

    Daria was born in Moscow on 15 June 1996. She literally from the cradle impressed the parents with their desire for creative development, so they recorded the girl in the famous children’s ensemble «Neposedy». Later in the biography of Daria Rudenok there are such a Studio as a «Creative centre école» and «Republic KIDS». It should be noted that the small Dasha, not just engaged in these circles of children’s creativity, and struggled hard to achieve the best result, and her aspirations were seen by experienced teachers. As a reward, she was given the opportunity to perform on stage, including starring in a children’s play-the musical «dream école».

    Darina Rudenok
    Photo Dasha Rudenok | VK

    In addition, 12 years, Daria started acting in movies, having before graduation to appear in shots of several films. But after finishing the 9th grade entered is not in the acting profession. After consulting with his parents, Daria decided to learn more «earthy» profession and only then to try to become an actress after finishing the rear in the form of a diploma. So she applied to private school Intercollege, after which he received his degree «interior Designer».

    Darina Rudenok
    Photo Dasha Rudenok | VK

    But then Daria Rudenok biography abruptly changed, deciding to link their fate with film. She plans to pursue higher education at the faculty of actor’s skill and to achieve great heights in their chosen field of activity.


    For the first time on the big screen Dasha Rudenok appeared when she was only 12 years old. She played one of the classmates Gleb and Svetlana and Golubev in the second part, a romantic Comedy «Love-carrots». Two years later, the girl again took part in creating the humorous paintings, she appeared in the episode the Christmas almanac Timur Bekmambetov «Christmas Tree».

    Daria Rudenok in the film
    The role of classmates in the movie «Love-carrot 2» | Official group

    Then in the filmography of Daria Rudenok added a youth sitcom «Zaitsev+1», where the main role glittering Michael Galustyan and Natalia Kosteneva, and teenage romance «Serious relationship» in which a young performer plays the best friend character actress Taisiya Vilkova.

    Daria Rudenok in the film
    In the role of Natasha in the movie «a Serious relationship» | Official group

    The following movies Daria Rudenok become criminal melodrama «the Golden cage» with Irina Antonenko and Dmitry Isaev in the foreground, and in addition, best known for her role – «modern Cinderella» named Irina, who lives with an evil stepmother, a detective from the youth television series «urban jungle». Together with Dasha was Aristarchus of wines, Igor Ogurtsov, Daniel Vakhrushev, Elizaveta Kononova and many other stars of the new acting generation.

    Daria Rudenok in the film
    In the role of Irina in the film «urban jungle» | Official group

    Today Daria Rudenok continues to act in films. In November 2016, the screens out a melodramatic mini-series «Broken hearts», and in the following year, the actress finishes work on such films as a historical family Saga «Bunches of grapes» and the sci-Fi drama «Gravity.»

    Personal life

    Of course, many fans of the aspiring actress to wonder, what personal life Daria Rudenok. A young girl not yet married, but about the romantic adventures of Dasha does not like to propagate and prefers to remain silent of such issues and to refrain from comments private aspects of life. However, according to information from social networks, Rudenok for some time met with Denis, Suladze, who holds the office of smm-Manager at TV channel TNT. But the novel is Daria with her partner on the blockbuster «the Law of the stone jungle» by Igor Ogurtsovym was an invention of fans of the series want to see your favorite heroes together in real life.

    Darina Rudenok I. Denis Suladze
    Denis, Suladze | Instagram

    Private life of Daria Rudenok is not limited only to romantic adventures. The girl is fond of drawing, and it is she is fine. Also, the actress is trying not to forget skills learned in College, therefore sometimes comes up with various options of interior design. So far only as a hobby, but who knows, maybe one day it will make a name for himself not only as an artist but as a woman who designed modular office interiors.


    • 2008 — Lyubov-Morkov 2
    • 2010 — Christmas Tree
    • 2012 — Zaitsev + 1
    • 2014 — Serious relationship
    • 2015 — the Law concrete jungle
    • 2016 — Golden cage
    • 2016 — Broken hearts
    • 2017 — grapes
    • 2017 — Attraction


    Darina Rudenok

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