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  • Name: Daria Mikhailova ( Mikhailova Daria )
  • Date of birth: 22 February 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: theater and film actress, theatre Director, teacher
  • Marital status: widow

    Daria Mikhailova: biography

    Daria Mikhailova – Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, started her star way back in my childhood years. Fans of cinema are familiar with her from such films as «new detective», «before the war», «Seraphim polubes and other inhabitants of the earth» and many others.

    Daria was born in 1965 in Moscow in an artistic family. Her father Dmitry Mikhailov was an actor and Director of Central television. Mother Natalia Filippova performed at the theater «Benefis». When she was little, her parents divorced, father in 1977 emigrated to the United States, was the Director of a small theater, but five years died suddenly.

    When Dasha was in third grade, in their school came representatives of the film Studio «Mosfilm» to find the girls for extras. Mikhailova and they liked it so much that she immediately booked the lead. And it was not an isolated case of shooting Daria a movie in school time. Therefore, no wonder that before the prom she’s already decided on the University and were preparing for entrance exams VGIK.

    Daria Mikhailova has successfully passed all the necessary competitive tours, had the final interview with the course leader Sergei Bondarchuk, which was intended to weed out literally two people. But at the sight of the great wizard, the girl suddenly panic, and his speech it had stopped being among those cultural, who was removed from the list.

    In the end, Mikhailov enrolled in drama school named after Boris Shchukin and studied for five years with Tatiana Kirillovna Koptevo which was famous maternal attitude to their students. First job Daria became the Vakhtangov Theatre, then, was the legendary «Contemporary» Galina Volchek and centre theatre «School of modern play». By the way, Daria Mikhaylova dabbled in directing: it has put performance «Case №…» based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky «the Brothers Karamazov».

    Now the actress conveys his knowledge to the younger generation as a native teacher of Theatrical school of B. V. Schukin.


    The first film, which hit 10-year-old Daria Mikhailova, was a children’s tape, «Blue portrait». Then followed a melodrama «Declaration of love» detective «Abduction «Savoy», a film about the cadet «Flew in the Martian autumn night», historical painting «Smoke of the Fatherland», crime drama «Night incident» and the romance «Valentine».

    The greatest success of the period of childhood film career Mikhailova became a war film «Starfall» and romance «before the war». The important role played by Daria and lyrical film «It was last summer,» a psychological drama «the Island» social film «good Luck, gentlemen,» kinonovell family «Sketch on the monitor,» production drama «Heaven and earth».

    Participated Darya and in creating colorful television series Sergey Zhigunov’s «Queen Margot», appearing there in the image of Genevieve, beloved of the count de MUI. In the new century, which were very much distinguished melodrama «Theatre Blues» adventurous detective «Adjutants of love», a love story on the background of the policy is «the Kiss not for the press», the historical drama «the Case of Gastronome № 1» and the hilarious Comedy «new year’s detective».

    Also removed a lot actress and melodramatic films. Recent projects in this genre worth noting is the TV series «Native krovinochka», «Older sister» and «Two fates», in which she appeared in the second season and didn’t disappear until the very end, performing the main role of Anna Voloshin.

    Personal life

    The first man Daria Mikhailova was a famous actor Maxim Sukhanov, the star of «offend Women is not recommended» and «children of the Arbat» where it appears in the image of Joseph Stalin. Daria and Maxim were married in 1985 and lived together for about six years. In this marriage the couple had a daughter Vasilisa Sukhanova, which now began to appear a lot of new series.

    In 1998, when Daria Mikhailova as the Director staged his show «Delo № …», she was looking for a contractor in the role of Dmitri Karamazov. In the end the choice fell on the actor Vladislav Galkin, who while working in Mikhailova slowly began a romantic relationship. In the autumn of the same year, the lovers got married.

    It should be noted that spouses often played together on the same stage and on the set, it all began with the melodrama «Sketch on the monitor,» where they played husband and wife. Mikhailov and Galkin lived in happiness and harmony for more than 11 years, and then decided to try to live separately. The official divorce was scheduled for the spring of 2010, but a few weeks before this procedure, Vladislav Galkin died in his apartment.


    • 1979 — Flew in the Martian autumn night
    • 1982 — before the war
    • 1983 — Seraphim polubes and other inhabitants of the earth
    • 1988 — It was last summer
    • 1992 — best of Luck to you, gentlemen!
    • 2001 — Sketch on the monitor
    • 2003 — Theater Blues
    • 2008 — Kiss not for the press
    • 2010 — new detective
    • 2013 — Native krovinochka


    Daria Mikhailova

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