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  • Name: Daria Kananoja ( Darya Kananuha )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Activity: Winner of the show «the Bachelor» season 3
  • Marital status: Not married

    Daria Kanawha: biography

    Daria Kananoja is a versatile personality. Despite her young age, she also has varied interests and intelligence, and won the hearts of viewers with her charm on TV show «the Bachelor-3». Kazan beauty was younger than all of his rivals, however it has demonstrated extraordinary endurance and stability of character.

    Dasha was born on may 9, 1992 in Kazan, capital of Tatarstan Republic. The girl grew up in a family of engineer (father) and a speech therapist (mother). Also the girl has a sister that she loves.

    It tells Daria Kanawha, parents put so much time and effort in the early development of the daughter: three years old girl went to a children’s group English as well as dancing and swimming. She believes that such a model of correct behavior in relations with the child, and even wants to open a school of early development for children.

    After graduation, Kananura entered the faculty of «management» in Kazan Federal University. A few years later she received full independence by getting a job as an art Director in a restaurant.

    Daria Kaneohe: «The Bachelor»

    In 2015, Daria made a decision that changed her life: she decided to take part in

  • show «the Bachelor-3». The interview remotely via Skype, in person in Moscow, was effortlessly beautiful: she quickly coped with excitement and has conquered the selection Commission openness and charm. As recognized by a desperate girl, one of the relatives, except my sister, didn’t know that she goes on the TV show «the Bachelor-3». Parents found out about it when their daughter had already departed for the Canary Islands. For Dasha, who loves extreme adventure, «the Bachelor» was a kind of challenge, and Kanawha was sure that he would return home within a week. To this end, she even asked bosses not to fire her from work, limiting weekly day off.

    However, it was not so as the girl expected. Timur Batrutdinov — «star of» the bachelor, this season pass — so won the heart of Dasha Kaneohe that she decided whatever was to achieve reciprocity. To do this she had to bypass the other participants — as many as twenty-four adorable candidates.

    On the project the girl quickly realized that the opponent can not be trusted. Dasha closed from the other participants that created a human hermit, «canny», but it helped with the privilege to escape the web of gossip and intrigue. In advancing to the finals of an ambitious Kaneohe needed help the ex-girlfriend of Timur, Alina am hiding — in the end, the girls became friends.

    Daria Kanawha was not a favorite show from the point of view of the viewers. The main contender for the role of the beloved Batrutdinova until the last moment remained Rzhaksinsky Galya, with whom she has an uneasy relationship to the armed neutrality. But in this project, the final choice was a bachelor, and, despite the disappointment of fans, all the others, he chose Dasha.

    In order to remain in the project, she had to leave, and besides — write a diploma in the course of participation in the reality show. But the winner seems perfectly happy and has no regrets.

    At the moment Dasha Kananoja not involved in any other TV show, and who knows how its destiny will turn on. Show «the Bachelor» just ended, and now the girl needs time to fully settle in Moscow, where she had moved to the beloved. Daria said it plans to find work in the specialty after graduation.

    Daria Kanawha: personal life

    For the first time, Dasha fell in love with in tenth grade a friend of the cheerful and resourceful. The star reports that it was a teenage love, which quickly faded. About other Hobbies, she says.

    After the project «the Bachelor-3» on Kaneohe began to appear alleged «facts from his personal life according to the authoritative media,» where the girl was thought to have an affair with a married businessman. However, no substantial evidence the online edition could not provide. There are also rumors that the continuation of the romance between Cananachas and Batrutdinova it’s just fiction, but Daria denies such statements. The girl says that she is ready to marry Timur and wants to have children, and demonstrates social networks for a diamond ring given to her lover. When and where will the wedding remains unknown, and the couple has not yet given comment about this.

    Daria Kanawha: photo

    Alano Kanawha

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