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  • Name: Daria Kalmykova ( Kalmykova Dariya )
  • Date of birth: 4 March 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Daria Kalmykova: biography

    Daria Kalmykova — Russian theater and film actress, known to television viewers for such films as «the Teacher in law», «Mom getting married», «holiday romance» and many others. She was born and raised in Moscow, in the family of direct relevance both to the theatrical stage and cinema.

    Her father Konstantin Melik-Avagyan – Director, headed at one time the famous documentary film Studio. Mother Natalia Kalmykova – a professional theater critic. Maternal grandparents Dashi were actors – is people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Kalmykov and his wife Galina Suvorova. Paternal grandfather is famous film Director Grigoriy Melik-Avakyan.

    Despite this incredibly creative environment, but she did not immediately want to be an actress. Like many children, she had dreams more understandable to her profession – doctor, vet, teacher. Only once in figure skating and speaking at the first competition, the girl felt what it’s like to be in the public eye, and she liked it. Gradually came the dream of the stage.

    School Kalmykov graduated in absentia in 16 years filed documents in theatrical high schools of Moscow. I wonder what her after the first round took to schepkinskoe school, but the stubborn girl continued to pass the exams, as was determined to get to the coveted the School-Studio of MKHAT. In the end she succeeded, and she studied until 2003 on the course of Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikina.

    Then the talented actress has embraced the theatre-Studio of Oleg Tabakov, Kalmykov but not limited to only one scene, so it often comes out in the performances of the art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov.


    In the movie, Daria Kalmykova became a star at age 18. Her first movies – romance «don’t leave me, love» and the musical «the Cricket behind the fireplace» on the book by Charles Dickens, in which she played the main role. Then followed a romantic story «Looking for a bride without a dowry,» the adventure movie «the Secret «Cleft palate», a historical drama «the sins of the fathers» and the ironic detective «Diamonds for dessert».

    More popular the actress gave the Thriller «the Teacher in law», the popularity of which inspired the filmmakers to shoot two new part – «Teacher-in-law. Continued» and «Teacher-in-law. Fight». In another Thriller, «Bros», the actress played the twin sisters Svetlana and Oksana Palladium. This series came out a few seasons.

    Also among the successful works Kalmykova it is worth noting melodrama «Sand rain», a biography «Yeltsin. Three days in August,» family history «Give my wife in good hands,» romantic picture «the Princess of Khrushchev» and the Comedy «Old new house».

    In recent years, Daria Kalmykova took the leading roles and appears regularly in films as a key character. With the most popular films of recent years should be called the melodramatic «Mama Luba», the Comedy «holiday romance» and the psychological drama about a former ballerina’s Pointe shoes for buns». Currently the actress is working in three new films in the next sequel to «the Teacher in law», the melodrama «the Stepmother» and the romantic fantasy film «I was there». All these pictures should be out in 2016.

    Personal life

    While training in the theater-Studio of MKHAT Daria Kalmykova met actor Alexander Moss. He was older than her by almost 20 years teaching at this University. Moreover, Mokhov was married, but it did not deter him from courting a attractive student. In 2003 Mokhov and Kalmykov were married, and soon they had a son Makar.

    After living together for less than 10 years, the couple decided some time to live separately, but in the end still broke up, though, and kept a very good relationship. However, one Daria was not too long. In 2015, she’d been courted by producer Nikolai Sergeyev and now they are together.


    • 2001 — Cricket.
    • 2004 — About love in any weather
    • 2004 — a Mourner or new detective
    • 2007 — Master in law
    • 2011 — Yeltsin.Three days in August
    • 2012 — Mom is getting married
    • 2012 — I’ll Give my wife in good hands
    • 2013 — the New old house
    • 2014 — holiday romance
    • 2015 — Pointe shoes for buns


    Darina Kalmikova

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